If you can't get over it, go to the roof at 3: 00 in the morning.
If you can't get over it, go to the roof at 3: 00 in the morning.
May the road ahead be bright, everything can be expected, the days will be clean, and your eyes will be raised to meet tenderness.


A few days ago, he was eating with a friend in the restaurant downstairs of the company when he suddenly said:

I was stunned by a sentence.

afraid that I would think too much, he first explained:

it's not a big deal, it's just a little bit stressful at work. I just want to get some air, so I carry a few cans of beer and sit there drinking alone. Guess what I see?

I was a little curious and joked, "is there anyone else who runs to the roof in the middle of the night like you?"

but he shook his head and said:

the 18 floors of the opposite building are brightly lit, which is an excellent company in the industry.

I didn't expect that someone was still busy so late, and I immediately felt that my grievances at work had disappeared.

it's not that I don't work hard enough, but people who are better than me are still working hard!

A meal gives me mixed tastes.

Yes, there is no easy word in the adult world! How much sweat is there behind those dreams?

you envy a programmer who earns more than 10,000 a month, but you don't know that his enthusiasm for life has been eroded by 996 for many years, and a good night's sleep has become an extravagant hope.

you envy the teacher who has winter and summer vacations every year. You don't know that he will be the first to go to the classroom every day and have 24 classes a week. When he meets a rebellious child, his heart is more tired than his body.

you envy the successful company director, but he knows clearly that he has come to the end of the industry and dreams of getting rid of his arms and friends to start a business, but how to repay the mortgage and support his wife, son and mother.

those people you once envied, do not realize that they also envy you!

you know, work is never meant to be enjoyed.

what it really means is the capital for you to settle down and the courage to wake up in the middle of the night without fear.

in life, there is no job that is not hard, no one's workplace is unaggrieved.

when you can't get over it, go to the roof of the company and look at those who are still fighting for their dreams. They pursue courage and determination to make progress.


there is a topic on Zhihu:

Why do so many men spend three or five minutes or more alone in the car after work?

someone below said:

it will only get worse when I go back. My wife complains endlessly, the child cries endlessly, and the few minutes in the car are all mine.

I do not know when, two people's flowers before the moon, gradually become a person's secret withering.

after the love period when you beat me, you ushered in the marriage life of pushing open the door.

every glossy back is covered with chicken feathers. When you worry that you don't have shoes, maybe others don't have feet.

the trivial things you encounter in your marriage happen to others all the time.

after reading a group of cartoons, one person committed suicide and jumped from the 11th floor.

saw the loving couple on the 10th floor quarreling;

saw the wife on the ninth floor still waiting for her husband to come back at the window.

saw the confusion of new parents on the eighth floor;

saw the couple on the seventh floor make the kitchen full of smoke and fire;

saw the girl on the sixth floor break up with her boyfriend again;


at the end of the cartoon, the protagonist sends out the last emotion of his life:

before I jumped, I thought I was the unluckiest person in the world, but now I know that everyone has an unknown dilemma.

No one can guarantee that life is always as smooth as a fish in the water, but there must be too much tenderness and honey in the deep feelings of those who work together.

emotion is like wine. Only through careful management and baptism over the years can it be perfumed for longer.

when you can't get over it, go to the roof of the community. Under the hot windows, it used to be your main battlefield.

Open the door, you are still the strong, confident husband, father and son you can rely on.


there is a parable in the Buddhist sutra:

A young man saw a shiny gold nugget in the water on the shore. He was very happy and jumped into the water to get it.

but no matter how he fished it, he couldn't get it. After exhaustion, he was still in vain, and he was really not reconciled to it.

at this time, the father came out to look for him, saw his son soaked all over, and asked, "what on earth is going on?"

the son replied, "I clearly saw gold nuggets in the water, but I couldn't get it no matter how I got it."

my father looked at the calm water, then looked up at the tree and said, "the nugget is not in the water, but in the tree!"

it turns out that what is in the water is not gold nuggets, but the shadow of sunlight through the leaves.

the Buddha said that life is empty.

you pursue fame and wealth, and you work hard for it, all of which are in your heart.

Life is already doing subtraction, so why insist on things that don't belong to you?

Tagore said: if you shed tears when you miss the sun, you will also miss the stars.

the heart is a container. If there are too many troubles, there is no room for happiness. Put it aside, it's no big deal.

what is exhausting, not from afarThe mountain is dangerous, but a grain of sand in the shoe;

what makes people decadent is not the uncertainty of the future, but the disillusionment of inner hopes;

what makes people miserable is not the trivialities of life, but the lack of openness and insight.

if you look down on everything and open your heart a little bit, life will be much happier.

No matter how you live, some people are warmer than you, and there are others who are more miserable than you.

as the saying goes, prepare for the worst and do your best.

you know, things are not a foregone conclusion, the result can be more beautiful than you expected!


in retrospect, who has no story on the road of life? Who can go with the wind all the time?

if you are tired and don't understand, go to the roof at three o'clock in the morning.

the starlight can only be seen when it is dark.

you will find that under the starry night, the sleeping city is so quiet;

you will see that in the cold night, in the dots of lights, there are still many people running around and working for life;

you will see that in the most painful places, those hopes are still there, but fortunately, fate is still in your own hands.

people always have to live some happy and meaningful days in order to melt the anguish and grievances at the tip of their hearts.

May you have a bright road ahead, everything can be expected, the days are clean, and your eyes are raised to meet tenderness.




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