If you figure it out, you'll never be angry again.
If you figure it out, you'll never be angry again.
How can everything be satisfactory, but be worthy of your heart.

as the saying goes: flowers are watered to death, fish are supported to death, people are angry to death!

when everyone is alive, everyone has his own temper more or less. whenever he is unhappy, the fire of nameless anger will quickly occupy the brain, and anger is completely out of control.

but no matter how angry you are, you are the one who gets hurt in the end.

Life already has a lot of troubles, so the most important thing is to adjust your mindset and learn to enjoy the present.


not being angry with others is self-cultivation

in ancient times, there was a man named Aiba. Every time he had an argument with someone, he quickly ran home, ran three laps around his house and land, and then sat on the edge of the field to catch his breath.

because Abba works very hard, his house is getting bigger and bigger and his land is getting more and more.

and when he gets angry, he runs three times around the house and the land, even if he is breathless and sweaty.

Sun Tzu asked him, "Grandpa, can you tell me the secret of running around the house and the land three times when you are angry?"

Abba said to his grandson:


when I was young, when I quarreled and got angry, I ran around the house three times, thinking-my house was so small and there was so little land, how could I have free time to get angry with others! When I think of this, most of my anger goes away, so I have plenty of time to work hard. "

Sun Tzu was even more confused: "Grandpa!" At your age and the richest man in town, why are you running around the house and the land? "

Abba smiled and said:

"I still get angry. When I run, I think-- my house is so big and there is so much land, so why bother with people?" As soon as I think of it, all my anger goes away! "

spend your time angry with others to do meaningful things, make yourself so busy that you don't have time to be angry, and make yourself stronger. This is the great wisdom of life!

when I look back later, I realize that they are just boring little things. where is it worth wasting our time to get angry?

it is undeniable that everyone knows the truth, but how many people can do it!

Don't resent the bus you missed in the morning, even if it caused you to be late and have your full attendance deducted.

Don't be so angry that your order doesn't arrive on time, even if he doesn't get you to eat on time.

Don't be annoyed by the boss of the fruit stand who just said "this is very expensive" to you several times, even if it makes you feel embarrassed.


when you are alive, don't waste your time on meaningless things, and don't always talk about "not fighting for the breath of steamed bread".

people with real self-cultivation will swallow this tone, because if they are angry with people who are not worth it, they are not self-cultivated enough.

someone asked Yu Guangzhong: Li ao bothers you every day, but you don't respond. Why?

I meditated for a moment and replied, "scolding me every day shows that he can't live without me, but I don't care, which proves that I can live without him."

in the face of other people's provocations, Yu is not only not angry, but also humorous and not easily angry, which is not only a man's self-cultivation, but also a wise way to deal with the world.


not getting angry with your lover is wisdom

everyone has the experience of getting angry about all kinds of things in life, especially between husband and wife.

however, there is no perfect partner in this world. There are only two fifty points that make up a couple of one hundred points.

when you have an argument with your lover, don't be aggressive, turn a blind eye once in a while and leave a step for your relationship.

have seen such a story:

A famous psychologist and his wife reconcile conflicts through NG.

once, when he came home from work, he was very tired. as soon as he entered the door, he found his house in a mess and couldn't help complaining.

"you've been at home all day. Why is the house still in such a mess? why haven't you tidied up?"

my wife, who was writing an article, raised her head and said angrily, "I have my own business at home, and a lot of things are yours. Why don't you organize them yourself?"

just like this, you quarreled with me one by one. Suddenly, the husband stopped and said, "it's not right, NG. Let's do it again."

then he put on his clothes, picked up his bag, went out of the house and rearranged his mood. When he opened the door again, he smiled and said, "Honey, I'm back. How are you today?"

the wife immediately replied, "I'm fine, honey. How are you today?"

A family conflict is thus resolved.

teeth and tongues will stumble sometimes, and it is inevitable for two couples to get angry with each other.

but be angry. Don't forget to stop by the market to buy today's food when you come back.

Don't always haggle over everything in marriage. You have to fight for you to lose and I win. You should remember that there can be no winning or losing in family life.

next time, when your lover makes you angry, please calm down and say:

I chose it! I chose it! I chose it!

deserve it! You asked for it! You asked for it!

learn not to be angry, learn to relax, no matter how big things are between husband and wife, will become a thing of the past.

the best marriage is not a lifetime without anger or quarrel, but a lifetime after a quarrel.


if you don't get angry with yourself, you are transparent

Kant said, "to be angry is to punish yourself for other people's mistakes."

there was a colleague in the company who was very angry. Maybe he was smiling and chatting with you one minute, and then the atmosphere froze the next.

some people say, "people like you will never make it to the second episode of the palace fight drama."

although this is a bit of an exaggeration, it is the truth.

after all, no boss likes employees who come to work with a straight face every day;

No friend will put up with your inexplicable negative energy all the time;

people, if you want to be a little bit happier, you must learn to hold down a big temper.

sober people are too serious, worry everywhere, angry and easily hurt, while confused people, see thoroughly, care less, but can find the great taste of life.

someone asked the eminent monk, "is there anything you need to do to practice?"

the eminent monk said, "eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy."

the man asked, "this is the case with most people. Is this what master's kung fu is like?"

the eminent monk replied, "it's not the same." Others refuse to eat well when they should eat, but they have to think about it in every way; they should not sleep peacefully when they should sleep, and they still have to worry about everything. So I'm different from them. "

eat when you should eat and sleep when you sleep. This is life and wisdom.

A lot of unpleasantness in life is because you have a problem with yourself and ask for trouble.

you know, days are for progress, not for anger.

from now on, don't dwell on bad things, don't be angry with people who are not worth it, and make your life a little more expensive, okay?

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if you don't get angry, you win

Life is a process of subtraction.

the days are getting shorter and shorter, and there are fewer and fewer people who can talk to each other.

therefore, each of us should learn to control our emotions and be responsible for ourselves.

be grateful and do more good deeds

We are always used to getting, but forget to be grateful.

in this world, nothing is taken for granted! No one is born to be nice to anyone.

be kind to others, be generous, and often help others with gratitude. Not only do you have no time to be angry, but you can also improve your self-cultivation.

smile often and reflect on things more often

as the saying goes: when people are angry, their IQ is zero, and it is easy to do things that they regret.

when you want to be angry, take a deep breath for 1 minute, then smile in the mirror, think about everything from other people's point of view, and reflect on your shortcomings.

when you see yourself smiling and think about the little things like chicken feathers, the bad mood will naturally leave you.

Don't be bored when you are aggrieved, confide in someone you trust

if you are aggrieved, don't pretend to be in your heart, it will always be more comfortable to say it.

instead of being depressed and hurting people and hurting the body, it is better to pour out the bitterness in the heart to the bosom person.

when you spit out all your unhappiness, your mind will naturally be as clear as opening a door.

to be angry is nothing more than to fight for a high or low level, to win or lose, but to fight over and over again, and no one is the final winner.

how can everything be satisfactory in this life, but be worthy of your heart?

people, it's enough to be alive! There is no leisure to be elegant to get angry!


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.