It is better to change than complain.
It is better to change than complain.
Happiness is here and now.

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Uncle likes a word very much: if life is only like seeing for the first time, what is the sad autumn wind?

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whenever I read it, I am filled with emotion. It is easy to love someone, but difficult to love for a lifetime.

Family, friendship or love, no matter how sweet they are at first, will face the lack of ups and downs in the waste of time.

the world is changeable and everything is changing.

the flowers blossom and fail, the trees die and the grass withered; there is the end of time, and some people are cool with tea.

like the cheese in your hand, it is sweet and delicious when you have it, but you forget that there will be a day when the cheese is finished.

instead of indulging in the old cheese that no longer exists, stride away in search of new cheese.

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the only constant in the world is change

people have birth, old age, sickness and death, the moon has a round absence, and the four seasons have changed.

as Spencer Johnson once said, "the only constant is change itself."

the four elves, the protagonists in who moved my Cheese, thought they could stick to their own cheese all their lives and build a happy life, but the cheese was gone.

like a story, nothing in this world is immutable.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, the four seasons seem to be immutable, but they change rapidly.

the same river is motionless at first glance, but it is changing every moment, so it is impossible for people to step into the same river.

and how to treat change correctly is a required course for every adult.

in the story, cheese represents a kind of material enjoyment, while in real life, cheese means power, wealth, a peaceful and prosperous spiritual world.

everyone wants to pursue a stable life, but forgets that the seemingly calm life will be full of huge waves.

as the saying goes, "born in distress, die in peace".

No matter how reluctant you are to give up the existing cheese, time will take it away mercilessly.

only when you face the changes in your life, will you not lose your way and regret the lost cheese!


Don't be comfortable, keep your inertia in captivity

Neil Donner said: "Life begins at the end of the comfort zone."

although many people are young but their hearts are old, they just repeat their lives monotonously every day. The first line at three o'clock is safe, but the change always takes you by surprise.

remember the news that tollbooths stopped charging at the beginning of the year?

news was released, most people applauded, but the toll collectors working at the toll booths were not happy because they were about to lose their jobs.

"I'm 36 now, and I'm slower to learn than those in my 20s, and it's inconvenient."

"now I don't know anything. I'll charge for it. We spend all our youth here."

the comments made by netizens below hit the nail on the head: either they won't, or they are lazy!

I think so!

"most people die in their twenties and thirties, because after this age, they are just their own shadows, and then spend the rest of their lives imitating themselves, day after day, more mechanically. More ostentatious repetition of what they have done in their lifetime."

it is said that the best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, followed by now.

people always try to jump out of their comfort zone. If you don't change, you won't be able to catch up with the ever-changing.

in the story, the cheese is gone, sniff and Scurry accept the change, they try one channel after another, and finally find their dream of fresh cheese.

Hem and Haw, still holding the fluke that the cheese is still there, went to the cheese pile to wait every day, but they didn't even see the shadow of the cheese.

Life is like a long-distance race, each stage will set a hurdle, do you try your best to cross it or stop this life?

I believe many people will have similar confusion. If you can get through if you cross the past, why are you afraid to move forward and make a change?

probably spent too much time in the comfort zone!

fear of ourselves and worries about the future are all stumbling blocks to our progress.

people in this life, some people muddle through life, some people live a vigorous life, different choices, the outcome is naturally different.

after being at ease for a long time, it is easy to lose yourself and forget the first heart.

the world is unpredictable. Learn to be vigilant and plan ahead, and you will find new "cheese" in the changes.


instead of sticking to the rules, it's better to take a different approach

Su Shi had ups and downs in his life.

within a few years, relatives died one after another, and their official career plummeted.

Su Shi also had a dead heart when he received the edict of relegation, but he accepted this change:

was demoted to Huangzhou, he opened up wasteland and named it "Dongpo", a song "Bamboo staff and awn shoes beat horses, who is afraid?" A haze of misty rain will lead a lifetime. " Sing out the heroism of life;

when he was demoted to Huizhou, he actively managed the local area, saying, "eat three hundred lychees a day."People from Lingnan. " Show more delicate and true feelings;

when he was demoted to Hainan, he opened a context on his own, leaving behind the masterpiece of "Nine deaths in the South, I do not hate, and I will be crowned all my life".

he once spent the night in the palace, accompanied by the son of Heaven, got drunk in the busy city, and kept company with the rough men.

after repeated relegation in life, Su Shi did not give up, but chose to find himself in the deep pool.

Feng Zikai said:

"if you love, life is lovely everywhere; if you hate, life is hateful everywhere. It is not the world that chooses you, but you choose the world. Since there is no pure land, it is better to purify your heart; since you have not been able to get what you want, you might as well be relieved. "

Yes, life is not a long corridor, all the way to the end, we often run into a dead end and there is no way out. As long as we bravely make a choice, there will always be a door open for you.

at the end of the story, Haw watched his energy run out, and he decided to put on his tracksuit and running shoes to resume his journey of exploration.

"although I don't want to go back to the labyrinth, I know the cheese is not coming back, so it's time to go looking for new cheese."

when he stepped into the labyrinth, Haw could not help but feel a trace of fear, but he knew that if he had the chance, he would certainly leave his comfort zone early and adapt to the change as soon as possible, and things would be much easier.

in the days that followed, Haw found a small amount of cheese, and Haw no longer thought about what he would lose, but what he had gained.

as he was running down a passage he had never been to before, a new pile of cheese appeared around the corner.

and hem, he refused Haw's new cheese, and he kept waiting for his cheese to come back.

if you insist on sitting back and waiting for death, you will have no choice but to be arrested!

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "if you are poor, you will change; if you change, you will change; if you change, you will be familiar with it for a long time."

fear is a human instinct. The process of change is long and painful, but you will never take a turn for the better if you don't try.

as the saying in the book, "better late than never", when you overcome your fear and walk through the darkness, you will usher in the dawn.

Life goes on, and cheese will go when it comes. Don't forget to smell your cheese often and you will know when it starts to go bad. "

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