It turns out that this is called "the law of unworthiness"!
It turns out that this is called "the law of unworthiness"!
May you cook morning tea in spring, watch lotus in summer, harvest fallen leaves in autumn and enjoy snow in winter.

at the "complaining meeting", Li Xia's sentence "the world is not worth it" has countless fans.

many people use this as their motto and shout that the world is not worth it.

but he explained it later,

"the world is not worth it, it is not worth any feelings for it, nor is it worth you not to pay any feelings for it." Just don't care about it, don't compete with it. Either skip it or act and don't pester it. "

Yes, it is rare to come to the world, naturally it is to have a good life, why add to your own jams for some trifles?

learn the law that it is not worth it


, in order to live a relaxed and comfortable life for a long time.


unnecessary arguments are not worth distinguishing

share a short story.

A rich man was on holiday on the beach and saw a poor fisherman leisurely basking in the sun.

he couldn't help asking him, "Why don't you go fishing?" It's a fine day today. Catch more fish and make more money. "

fisherman: "I'm back already." Besides, why do you need so much money? "

millionaire: "you can buy more boats, catch more fish, and live in a big house like me in the future. You don't have to do anything and lie on the beach and bask in the sun."

the fisherman laughed, "aren't I basking in the sun here now?"

smile after reading: everyone's position is different, their cognition is of course different, and there is no high or low right or wrong.

instead of wasting your breath talking with a duck, learn to be silent properly.

instead of wasting time arguing with others, spend your energy on something valuable.

singer Yao Bina once said:

"one must keep an open mind. Don't argue with people who are not worth it and things that are not worth it!

I think so!

if you are right, you do not have to argue, and if you are wrong, you are not qualified to argue.

the mountain has the height of the mountain and the water has the depth of the water, so why bother each other?

the world will not favor one over the other, and there is no need to win or lose.

every time Yang Jiang sees Qian Zhongshu helping her kitten to fight with her neighbor's cat, she will gently stop it:

"Don't fight, don't argue, hurt the peace!"

as she once said:

I don't argue with anyone, and I disdain to argue with anyone.

people, don't fight over everything right or wrong. The most worthwhile thing in life is your own attitude towards life.

the world of mortals is troubled, only if there is no dispute, can we be free in the world.


A distant relationship is not worth nostalgia

Zhang ailing once said that she had only cried twice in her life, and one of them was for her good friend Yan Ying.

Yan Ying was a friend whom Zhang ailing met by chance when she was a student at HKU.

like many sisters, the two go shopping, travel, watch movies, talk and share secrets.

during the summer vacation, Yan Ying went back to Shanghai without waiting for Zhang ailing. Zhang ailing cried bitterly for this.

in the most difficult time, Zhang ailing turned to her for help. Instead of coming forward, Yan Ying went to the bottom of the well to show off her favorable situation.

from then on, Zhang ailing was discouraged and no longer contacted her.

it is said that time knows people, but it is difficult to know the heart, but unfortunately, time flies for a long time, and there is probably no return.

the weather is always cloudy and sunny, let alone people?

some people are destined to be passers-by, and it won't help to retain them.

those feelings that can be taken away are not worth nostalgia.

as Yishu wrote in the Story of the Rose, what is lost has never really belonged to you, and there is no need to regret it.

in the first half of our lives, we have been "picking up" things, trying to invite more people to our lives. In the second half of our lives, please subtract more from our lives.

stop acting like a child, holding on to something and refusing to put it down. Only by "giving up" can you get a better reward.

Don't be nostalgic about anything or anyone. How can people who turn around step by step walk far away?

instead of spending time and energy on people who are not worth it, take advantage of the truth at the moment.

those who really accompany you deserve your love.


meaningless trifles, not worth getting angry

as the old saying goes: people compete for breath, Buddha competes for a furnace of incense.

when you are alive, you can stand up for yourself, but don't get angry.

it is the stupidest act to punish yourself with the faults of others.

an old woman was often angry about trifles. One day she went to an eminent monk for advice.

after hearing this, the eminent monk led her to a meditation room and left behind.

the woman was so angry that she scolded for a long time, but the eminent monk ignored it.

then the woman finally became silent, and the eminent monk came to the door and asked her, "are you still angry?"

the woman said, "I am only angry for myself. Why should I come here to suffer?"

the eminent monk left without saying a word.

after a while, the eminent monk asked, "are you still angry?"

the woman said, "I'm not angry anymore."


"there's nothing I can do about being angry!" The eminent monk left again.

when the eminent monk came to the door for the third time, the woman told him, "I'm not angry anymore, because it's not worth it."

but being angry will not solve any problem. You are angry with yourself, and others will not be aggrieved for you.

people who are often angry look fine at first glance, but in fact they seem to have experienced a "big earthquake" and are in danger in many places.

Weibo netizens

@ kidney beans and rain beans

once said that my aunt's unscrupulous relatives refused to borrow money and were scolded, so they had no place to complain and could only sulk.

I did not expect to go to the hospital for examination two months later and found that there was a big lump in the breast, but fortunately it was benign.

it turns out that many diseases are really caused by anger.

Life is so precious, you'd better do something that you think is meaningful. It's really wasteful to be angry.

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learn from the song "Don't be angry":

lose your temper over trifles, there's no need to think back.

I'm not angry when others are angry, and there's no one to replace me when I get sick.

as long as you take a light view of everything, there is nothing to be angry about.

the world is not worth it, so let's be happy.


the future is not worth worrying about

there is a saying in Zuo Zhuan: be vigilant, be prepared for thinking, and be prepared for danger.

do not realize that too much thinking will ruin your life in many cases.

there was a philosopher who was penniless and wandering about. Once he came to a remote village. The people there live in great poverty.

seeing a stranger coming, the villagers were curious and gathered around him.

they found that the philosopher was very happy although he was poor, so the villagers asked him for advice on how to be happy.

Yes, it's really not worth worrying about an uncertain future and ignoring the happiness in front of you.

imagine that even if what you worry about does happen, the worst-case scenario is to start all over again.

Why waste time and energy worrying about unknown situations?

preparing in advance can reduce the chances of danger, but living in the present is also an attitude towards life.

nine times out of ten things in the world are not satisfactory. It is better to live every day with joy than to cry and laugh for a day.

there is nothing in mind, there is nothing in mind, and there is often joy in some things.

the past can not be changed, the future need not worry, the important thing is to grasp the present.


Today you let go of things that others can't let go, and tomorrow, you can have things that others can't have.

as the lyrics say:

"Life is only a few years, don't stop until you get drunk, don't worry about it."... "

instead of making a big fight to make life heart-wrenching, it is better to lay down the burden and live a wise and free and easy life.

May it be worth cooking morning tea in spring, watching lotus in summer, harvesting fallen leaves in autumn and enjoying snow in winter.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

two or three stories fm.