It turns out that this is "Duck's Law" (good text in depth)
It turns out that this is "Duck's Law" (good text in depth)
There are two words engraved on the back of all the glamour-self-discipline.

Yan Jiao

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recently, Dong Qing has been on the hot search again.

the reason is that in the recent "host contest", she commented on the words of the contestant Wang Jianning with strict logic and brilliant words, which impressed countless netizens.

especially the phrase "there is no winner after the gunshot" is even more enlightening.

in fact, Dong Qing's rich knowledge has long been known to all.

before the "Chinese Poetry Conference" was popular, Dong Qing, as the host, from the opening, crosstalk, comments and other links, it is not difficult to see that her poetry accumulation is no less than the prepared contestants.

when the guests at the scene mentioned Li he's "love is always old", she can easily pick up "the moon is as long as the moon does not hate".

when an 11-year-old contestant left the field regretfully, she quoted "Tonghua Wanli Danshan Road, Chubengqing in Lao Fengsheng" as an encouragement.

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with the talent of "Spring Rain in the South of the Yangtze River", Dong Qing has gained the love of countless netizens.

however, most of the time, we only see her brilliance on the stage, but we do not realize that behind this "erudite and calm" is ascetic-like self-discipline and day-to-day precipitation.

I remember in an interview, she said frankly: "

No matter how busy and tired I am at work every day, I keep reading an hour before going to bed every day.


and this self-discipline originated when Dong Qing was a child.

because of her father's guidance, she had to get up before dawn every day, then came back after running one kilometer, copied idioms and ancient poems, and recited them aloud.

A little older, I began to read ancient Chinese again.

even read a world famous book every three to five days.

such a stringent requirement, it is not that she has never been tired, but after crying, she silently chose to insist, and this persistence has been for decades.

it is precisely because of this self-discipline that we are fortunate to meet such a charming Dong Qing who is full of frown and smile and full of words and deeds.


in fact, this is also the truth that the Duck Law tells us.

I believe everyone has seen the scene of ducks swimming in the water.

at any time, they always look calm and leisurely, swimming up and down the water like a thousand pounds.

but as long as you change your perspective, you will understand that things are not what you think they are--

under the water, their duck paws move non-stop and never stop.

isn't it the same in life?

We always envy other people's wonderful lives, like hanging on, but there is no casual success, all the glamorous behind are engraved with two words-self-discipline.

Yang Liping is a famous dancer in China.

she has lived for the sake of art all her life, and in order to keep in shape, she has to strictly control her diet.

I remember that once a reporter went to interview Yang Liping and asked her about her diet: "

how much food do you eat every day?


she opened the lunch box and found only a piece of beef, an egg and half an apple in it.

you know, this is still in the case of her extremely high training intensity.

the other party was shocked and then asked: "

aren't you hungry? "

after hearing her say quietly, "

I've had enough calories. Don't you think I'm still dancing and not falling on the stage? "

between words, it seems that this is just a normal choice.

I think that a person's life will not be so bad if he can incorporate self-discipline into his habits without deliberately reminding him or suppressing his desires.

so, even now that Yang Liping is more than 60 years old, when her peers are no longer young and have inconvenient legs, she is still the gorgeous, bright and spiritual peacock.

of course this is Yang Liping's choice as a dancer.

We ordinary people do not have to regard "still young at the age of 60" as our goal in life, but we must also have our own persistence.


in real life, the status of many people is:

fishing for three days and drying the net for two days.

seeing someone else develop a waistcoat line, he ran excitedly to get a health card.

but after tasting the hardship and cruelty behind it, he unconsciously backed down.

it is true that self-discipline is not easy.

but not insisting on it will only make life worse and worse.

there is a variety show in Japan, which once recorded a 200 jin house girl dance.

she is still asleep when her boyfriend goes to work every morning.

sleep until noon, get up slowly and take out all kinds of high-calorie snacks:

Sweet bread, fried chicken, ice cream.

and then eat happily while playing games.

when I played until four or five o'clock in the afternoon, I was a little tired, got into bed again, and continued to sleep with my head covered.

under her lazy and undisciplined habits, she began to have acne all over her face and her figure became more and more bloated.

but the happiness gained through indulgence not only cannot conceal the truth.Positive pain will also make life worse and worse.

people who are not self-disciplined will not have a good life.

We all like to take shortcuts and stay in comfortable and comfortable places, which is a common fault of human beings.

but you can't expect to get everything you want by lying down.

A real and bright life needs to be watered with sweat and tears.

likes a passage by the writer Calvino very much--

"I have no confidence in anything that is easy, fast, instinctive, impromptu, or ambiguous. I believe in the power of being slow, peaceful, steady and calm. I do not believe that individual or collective liberation can be achieved without self-discipline and self-building and without hard work. "

people will not be pushed by life only if they exercise self-discipline.

living in a strange world, many things are easy to muddle through.

but we must not deceive ourselves.

from now on, go forward and take the initiative in life.

for example, settle down to finish reading a book and keep clocking in for a month.

when you form the habit of self-discipline, life will slowly get back on track.

every future is made up of a series of worthy present. Please believe that the better world you desire in your heart will come to you step by step through the steps under your feet.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.