Jack Ma one sentence dominate hot search: must be careful of this group of women!
Jack Ma one sentence dominate hot search: must be careful of this group of women!
This is the most advanced charm of a woman!

how can a woman spend her life in order to live up to her time?

faced with this question, everyone will have their own answer.

maybe there is a marriage, both children and a happy family;

maybe gallop in the workplace, a person lives into a team;


but the uncle thinks that no matter what kind of life you choose, you can't lose your unique "female power." Because, that is the foundation for women to gain a foothold in society and live out of themselves.

so, what exactly is "female power"?

Tonight, an uncle attended the 2019 Global Conference of Women entrepreneurs. Like the previous two sessions, there were many well-known women at the conference, such as Melinda Gates, Guo Jingjing, Lu Yan and so on.

what impressed my uncle most was a group of grass-roots women.

they are engaged in a mundane job, wholesale vegetables, selling cakes, delivering couriers.

in the stereotyped perception of most people, it seems that their lives will never be "successful" and "beautiful".

however, they are not afraid of difficulties, do not yield, and rewrite the script of fate by virtue of their own strength.

I believe that after listening to their stories, you will be inspired.


there is a kind of woman who dares to arm wrestle with fate

@ vegetable Sister Fan, 37, retail and wholesale vegetables

"I am better than Ma Yun in many places, such as peeling more than 1000 jin of Zizania caduciflora with my bare hands all night.

even if I count the vegetable stall, I am also the most beautiful and neat color match in the whole vegetable market. Jack Ma should not be able to do so. "

Sister vegetable Fan proudly said this at the Women's Entrepreneurship Conference.

vegetable Sister Fan, whose real name is Yang Fan, is a Sichuan girl with inherent self-confidence and pungency. But for a long time, fate did not treat her favourably.

at the age of 14, Yang Fan went to Guangzhou to work. He has been deceived, cheated and robbed, and his life is shaky. Then I got married when I was older.

she thought that marriage could give her shelter, but unexpectedly, she brought more wind and rain to herself.

three failed divorces finally made her understand:

A woman can only rely on herself.

after the divorce, 33-year-old Yang Fan moved to Hangzhou and started a vegetable business.

selling vegetables sounds easy, but it's not easy for her, empty-handed.

lack of funds and lack of experience make it difficult for her to sell vegetables, but perhaps it is the unique "ruthlessness" that gives her the courage to grit her teeth and rush forward.

A person rides a tricycle to pick up goods ten kilometers away;

get up at 12:00 in the morning and peel off Zizania caduciflora until four or five o'clock to do business.

hands are festering with cold in winter, and they even want to chop them off when they itch;


if anyone else, not to mention the success of starting a business, even financial independence may be very difficult to achieve, but Sister Fan has spent three years of efforts to live the life that was about to wither.

even many stall owners who have been in business for ten years are not as good as her.

in addition to being industrious, it is also because her brain is very active.

the net ensemble "Qifa Shuo" has a special program, and Sister Fan is also invited to participate.

the debate topic of that issue was "can a loan of 50,000 yuan improve the business performance of an enterprise?" most debaters said that it was useless. Because if an enterprise needs to borrow 50,000 yuan to survive, it may not be able to save it.

but Sister Fan crushed the whole audience with her real and simple life experience.

she said, "I am an enterprise alone. There are many enterprises like me in China. Fifty thousand yuan is very useful to us."

it snowed a year ago, and I saw that others were hoarding goods. As a result, it snowed for a week, the highways were closed, and all the vegetables in the store were thrown on their hands. They lost tens of thousands of yuan, and even lost the capital to restock.

when she was desperate, she applied for a loan of 50,000 yuan on Alipay's online merchant bank. It is precisely this amount of money that enables the turnover of funds, and it is only then that I slowly tide over the difficulties.

in fact, the road of life is always like this, and it will not be plain sailing.

if you want to live a good life, you need not only down-to-earth efforts, but also the courage to arm arm wrestling with fate.

Sister Fan now earns NT $10,000 to NT $20,000 a month by selling vegetables, which is more than enough to support herself.

she says that it is the most down-to-earth time to hear the sound of the collection code to the account every day.

and in the face of the future, she still has expectations. "I sell vegetables well, and I want to open another fruit store," she said. "next time you can call me Sister Fruit and vegetable Fan."

everyone wants a better life, but not everyone gets what they want, because fate only favors those who are brave and persistent.


there is a kind of woman who never gives up on herself

@ the mother of Haima, the hostess of the fairy tale garden, the gardener

"Ma Yunbao's flowers are sold on my Taobao shop to get bad reviews."

at the scene of the conference, Haima and Jack Ma discussed flower arrangement enthusiastically.

after the game, Hai Ma jokingly said: "Ma Yun's bouquet of flowers sold in my Taobao shop, is to get a bad rating."

that's a very good thing.Interesting, everyone has his or her own area of expertise.

even if we are as ordinary as you and I, if we can cultivate and grow deeply in our own life, it will be extraordinary in the ordinary.

Hai Ma is the mother of two daughters. At the same time, she is also a gardener. She owns a garden covering an area of five acres-"Heidi and Noo's Garden", which is the fairy tale world she has created for her two daughters.

but such achievements did not come overnight.

Ten years ago, Haima was doing computer sales, but she was obsessed with growing flowers and hoped to have her own garden one day, so she opened a flower shop in her spare time.

however, the good times did not last long, and the flower shop closed down in less than a year. If you change someone else, you will feel that if you fail, you will fail. Go back to work.

and a woman is married and her daughter is born, shouldn't you take some of your mind back to the family?

but Haima "won't give up" and once again came to Chengdu Flower Market to engage in flower gardening.

Flower art is not only her hobby, but also the new world she has opened up for herself. In any case, she is not willing to give up.

Uncle thought of the fan messages he often received backstage, saying that he wanted to make a change in his life, but he was trapped in his family and children. He had a lot of troubles every day and had no world of his own.

has also met many people who consider continuing their studies or restarting their careers after getting married and having children, but are always persuaded by the voices around them to quit.

but there is a kind of women who know that they are not only a good wife and a good mother, but also themselves.

there is no doubt that Haima is such a person.

there is a saying that external restrictions actually start from your own heart.

that's true.

Women should not be bound by identity at any time.

only by constantly opening up and breaking through the boundary, can we find our own unique scenery after a thousand sails.


there is a kind of woman whose beauty is different

@ "Tang Dynasty Ladies" Aoluoga 39-year-old Chinese clothing designer

"I am a blockbuster model with many memes."

Ao Luojia, a 39-year-old girl from Chongqing, is a Chinese clothing designer.

but in addition to being a designer, she also humorously teased herself: I am a blockbuster model with a lot of emojis.

this is because of a group of "pictures of ladies in the Tang Dynasty" that became popular last year.

Oroga in the picture is dressed in a large-size Chinese suit with a peach blossom face and a plump figure. High hair bun, short broad eyebrows, cherry mouth, in front of a bowl of dumplings to refuse to welcome.

put on a pair of "temptation of dumplings" alive.

to the surprise of netizens, it turns out that fat girls can be so good-looking and elegant in Han clothes.

in fact, Oroga was not fat at first, but his weight soared all the way after she became pregnant and gave birth at the age of 36, and that number has remained high ever since.

after getting fat, Oroga felt the embarrassment of the fat girl buying clothes, so she came up with the idea of making "large-size Chinese clothes".

there are many friends around her to advise her that Hanfu must be a thin beauty to look good in it, and how can a fat girl sell it if she wears Hanfu? But Oroga thinks:

few fat girls wear Han clothes, mostly out of inferiority complex. She wants to tell everyone that beauty is pluralistic and that fat people have the right to pursue beauty.

but unfortunately, the idea of large-size Hanfu has not been accepted by everyone, and the business of Hanfu stores has not been good.

in order to clear the stock, Aroga decided to personally cos the ladies of the Tang Dynasty and take a group of photos of Han clothes.

This is the moment to upgrade your wardrobe and include a bit of element champagne wedding dresses. Our online shopping makes your shopping experience easy and happy.

on the one hand, it is to promote the true nature of large-size Hanfu; on the other hand, it is to take advantage of the festival to thank users for their support and make everyone happy. After this job, she quit.

however, unexpectedly, this group of photos became popular.

as a result, traffic in Taobao stores has increased sevenfold, and dozens of pieces of the same style of clothing have been sold, followed by endless interviews. Taobao even invited her to shoot commercials in New Power week.

in people's inherent impression, "fat" is the original sin, and the girl's "fat" is the sin of the crime.

but for her, the sound of the outside world is not enough to disturb her.

when others ridicule her fatness, she prefers to be fat; some people question her efforts, and she wants to make a name for herself.

after experiencing the ups and downs of life, the fat girl finally ushered in spring through her own efforts.


although the paths of life are different, most successful people are similar. At the scene of the conference, an uncle was also moved by many interesting details--

73-year-old Yang Guang is a resident model of Taobao clothing for the elderly. she laughs that she is a post-70s model, young and more and more beautiful.

Gu Yafen, a quiet-looking cake sister, said with a domineering look on her face when she compared the cake with Ma Yun: I'll give you five seconds

(total time is 15 seconds)


you will find that in this day and age, women are becoming more and more different.


they are not limited to "ego" and "comfort", but choose to be moreA strong person of strength;

they are independent, confident, persistent, optimistic, tolerant and empathetic. And use their own unique charm to influence this society and change the world.

No wonder Jack Ma has held a women's entrepreneurship conference for six years in a row

even came to the scene again and again and listened to the whole process.

give a speech with golden sentences.

I once watched a TED lecture, and I was impressed by a sentence in it:

"Women are not fragile flowers, but sparks of social change."

indeed, every woman is a spark, as long as they come together, they are destined to illuminate the whole world.

but unfortunately, in real life, many women often ignore their own strength. So my uncle wants to tell you that when we are born human beings, we all have the opportunity to change.

if they can, why can't we?