Keep your mouth shut, settle down, and you win.
Keep your mouth shut, settle down, and you win.
Settle down, find the right direction to work hard, and you can win your own future.


Life should be like a white lotus, blooming quietly without too many words.

in this prosperous world, walking your own way and getting to the place you want to go is the winner.

Life is always faced with a lot of choices, meet a lot of people, produce a lot of stories, and change the course of our lives.

get along with others, learn to speak, and keep your heart in order to better control your life.

Wittgenstein said:

"whatever can be said can be explained clearly; what cannot be talked about should remain silent."

when people reach middle age, they have the ability to keep their mouths shut and calm down.

get along with people, a lot of things can not be explained through language, no matter how clear logic, no matter how clear words are not convincing.

sometimes you need to prove yourself with realistic actions, which can be more powerful than any other words.

when you reach middle age, shut up and calm down, and you will win.

learning to keep your mouth shut is a kind of self-cultivation

when you reach middle age, grasp the sense of proportion of speech, so that you can get more people's recognition.

if you get along with each other and learn to keep your mouth shut, you will be able to control the "sense of division".

feelings with a sense of proportion can flow for a long time.

when people reach middle age, they must be careful not to speak too much in terms of language.

if it really causes unnecessary misunderstandings, it should be explained clearly in time, and the adverse consequences should not be allowed to expand.

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language can help you solve problems or create unnecessary problems.

those who make good use of language can speak.

know how to speak when it's time to speak; keep your mouth shut and keep silent when you shouldn't.

people who can't control their mouths and those who complain are often unlikable.

because complainers are unwilling to bear hardships because they can't keep their mouth shut and act too poorly.

at the same time, people who are not good at keeping their mouths under control are bound to bring out misfortune, hurting others as well as themselves.

people who can't keep their mouth shut are also easy to hurt their feelings.

interacting with others and controlling yourself is not only an ability, but also a kind of self-cultivation.

when people reach middle age, they learn to keep their mouth shut, which can better maintain their feelings, maintain their contacts, and be recognized and appreciated by others, so it is easier to bring warmth to more people and achieve their own career.

it's an ability to settle down.

there is always something wrong in life, so you should treat your life calmly.

if you don't worry, you can gain something.

if you are too impatient and impetuous, it is often difficult to achieve anything.

the harvest in life must go through the sprouting of spring and the growth of summer before there will be numerous fruits in autumn.

one can have ambition, but not only ideals without action and perseverance.

on the way of life, calm down and there will be a future.

people who can't settle down are like those who want to eat the fruit as soon as they sow the seed, hoping that they can pull up the seedlings at the sprout and encourage them. Without patience, they will not be able to make continuous efforts to run their business.

in this world, there is no luck falling from the sky, no matter what you do, you have to make corresponding efforts.

sometimes, it is not that opportunity does not choose you, but that you are unwilling to settle down to do a good job, unwilling to seize the opportunity in front of you.

if you want to be fruitful in doing something, you have to make unremitting efforts.

if you grit your teeth and stick to it when others can't, then you can also reap success that others can't get.

being able to calm down is an ability.

calm down can make you stronger and reap more fruits.

people are reliable only when they are middle-aged and silently rely on themselves.

during a trip in this world, many people hope to make achievements in a certain area and become the best talents in the field.

when people reach middle age, in fact, no one can be relied on and can only rely on themselves.

on the road of life, everyone we meet will only accompany us for a while.

even parents are close friends.

throughout his life, there will always be a period of life, you need to rely on yourself to get through it, to live alone.

so don't pin your hopes on others and don't rely on others to live. In the world, everyone should have their own track of life.

Nietzsche wrote in the other side of good and Evil:

"the so-called noble soul is in awe of itself."

people are reliable when they reach middle age and rely on themselves silently.

A person, with a goal and an ideal, must take action and perseverance before he can succeed.

everyone's success depends on himself.

in this world, you will eventually understand how lucky you will be as hard as you work.

on the way of life, calm down, strengthen yourself, rely on yourself, the future can be expected.

when you reach middle age, learn to rely on yourself, so that you will no longer be afraid of the future storms.

when people reach middle age, calm down and learn to rely on themselves, the road of life will become easier and easier.

Lu Kun said:

"only after it is quietOnly then can we think, and only the still water can reflect a complete and real image. "

there are bitterness and sweetness in life. If you want to develop in a sweet way, you must settle down.

watch your mouth, don't complain, focus on something, and there will be unexpected rewards after days of persistence.

A person can become a winner in life only when he is middle-aged, strong himself, shut up, calm down, and move forward.

Don't let too many people influence you. It's better to waste your breath than to calm down and work hard.

it is much more powerful to use practical actions to prove your true strength than to refute and explain something to yourself.

walk through your every day seriously, live up to your time, make yourself more and more powerful, and be able to prop up your dreams in order to get the best gift from fate.

learn to keep your mouth shut, calm down, and you win.

when you reach middle age, keep your mouth shut, don't complain, and shape your future with a positive attitude.

settle down, find the right direction to work hard, and you can win your own future.