Learn in a second! You can also do "suspension in a bottle."
Learn in a second! You can also do "suspension in a bottle."
Ingenious use of Refractive Index experiment

(first in the fruit shell)

the small toy in the bottle seems to be suspended in the air. You can also create this magical effect with simple props.

Water absorbent beads have many different names on the market: big Bubble, Water Baby, SpongeBob, Crystal Flower Mud. In short, this is a gel ball made of super absorbent resin, which can absorb hundreds of times its own mass of water.

the water content of the gel ball after water absorption and expansion is so high that its refractive index becomes very close to that of water, which can achieve the effect of "invisibility" in water. Therefore, it can also be used as an invisible bracket for fixing small toys to create the effect of suspension in the bottle.

Safety Tip: these gel balls are non-toxic, but they may also cause asphyxiation due to water absorption, so please do not let children play with them. (don't pour it into the sewer, of course)

add: if you've actually done this experiment, you'll find that the invisibility effect is not perfect. You can still see the outline of the ball carefully (it's okay if you don't look carefully), and it works better with a simple solid color background (such as the pure black background in the video).

theoretically, in addition to small balls, fine-grained sodium polyacrylate should also be able to be "invisible" in water. I also tried it a little bit. However, this operation feels much worse than using a gel ball, and it is very easy to have bubbles, so you don't have to try it yourself.

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PS: I wanted to use the twisted egg of the free goddess when shooting the video, but one of her arms suddenly disappeared mysteriously.