Learn to be a happy person for the rest of your life
Learn to be a happy person for the rest of your life
Happiness is here and now.

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an uncle

two days ago, my friend sent me a video:

his wife sat spoiled on the sofa, watching his five-year-old son riding a Trojan horse, "driving" and clapping happily with his son's laughter from time to time.

he said with emotion, isn't that what simple happiness is? don't always fall in love with your work.

I smiled and said hello.

used to think that a happy life is inseparable from the support of external materials.

but as you get older, you will find that you have to take care of your illness, share your happiness, and pour out your sadness.

working late into the night, there is still a light in the lights of the city, which is the most secure happiness at the bottom of my heart.

Happiness is not far away, it is hidden in our ordinary life.

this is mentioned in the "philosophy of Happiness Book" that Uncle wants to share with you this week.

in fact, happiness is not difficult. If you can extract the ability to live a happy life from the complicated daily trivialities, your days can also blossom brilliantly.


please others and please yourself first

have seen such an interesting epitaph:

Please listen to me, my friends who have passed by. I was in a hurry as you are now.

and you will eventually rest here like me, so please prepare yourselves.

start by being yourself, doing what you like to make yourself happy and keep your family warm.

Yes, along the way, we tried our best to please others and yearn for recognition, but in the end it backfired.

No matter how good you are, there are people who criticize your shortcomings; no matter how successful you are, there are still people who don't like you.

We envy other people's lives and follow in other people's footsteps, but ignore the brilliance of our own lives.

do not realize that knowing how to please yourself is the most correct way to open your life.

nothing to go to bed early, no one is worth staying up late to accompany, it is much better to wake up naturally than to be woken up by the buzzing of the alarm clock.

set aside some time every day to exercise, the more energetic you will be, and even a 10-minute walk can help improve your mood.

learn to break away, regularly clean up the excess sundries, life learn to do subtraction, happiness can do addition.

to please yourself a little bit every day is like making a little progress every day. Only by making yourself better first can you influence more people to get better.

in the Book of philosophy of Happiness, the author wrote:

one of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make others happy; one of the best ways to make others happy is to make yourself happy first. "

the highest way of life is to love yourself. Only when one loves himself first can one love the world.


manage your marriage with your heart

A couple of men and women when they take off their wedding dress and enter the ordinary life where pots and pans play, the real marriage life begins.

gradually, there was more blame, the quarrel began, and he longed for something in return for his efforts.

even the white plaid shirt can not wear the young elegant and handsome, in the face of all kinds of unhappiness in life, a little bit of accumulation in the heart.

it is true that contradictions are inevitable, but the right way to quarrel will contribute to your relationship.

Marriage is like cooking. If you can't stand the stir-frying of firewood, rice, oil and salt, how can you bring out a pot of delicious food?

and Jimmy, like most people, hates being nagged about himself, and when Gretchen became more and more nagging, her relationship with Jimmy began to plummet.

No one can put up with your "ear violence" all the time, not even your lover!

"when I tried to observe and appreciate what Jimmy did and learned not to eat half a pound of chocolate beans when I was hungry, our relationship went back to the beginning."

for people who know how to run a marriage, three yuan worth of tofu can taste delicious, while those marriages that don't want to work hard also have a chewy taste.

next time, when you want to lose your temper, remember, "Don't treat the other person as an emotional trash can", a crisis that can be resolved by a hug, why not!

as Pierre Levidi said: "there is no love in the world, only the expression of love."

the real tragedy is that two people love each other but cannot run a marriage.


be a good parent

parents want their children to be obedient, sensible and polite, but as they get older, they have their own ideas, so the "generation gap" appears, and "rebellion" begins to move.

you may be furious that your child refuses to wear autumn clothes, long johns, but you mean to care about him;

you may be furious when you get a failed test paper, because your expectation is too urgent;

you may fight because your child is naughty and troublesome, but you don't see tears on his stubborn face.

I would like to ask, are you really listening to your child? Do you really understand what he means? Are you used to interrupting children's talk?

Children are also a thoughtful life, learn to listen to their inner voices, youTo find a way to communicate with children.

the child broke a bowl.

A mother said, "

Click and choose your dreaming and favorite garments.

Oh, what's wrong with you, so careless!


the child feels very scared and aggrieved that he is not as important as a bowl.

another mother said, "is the baby all right? is it all right? are you hurt anywhere?" .

the child will feel very warm. If the mother cares so much about herself, she will certainly pay more attention to it in the future.

as new parents, we have too much confusion, but the child is also the first time to be our child.

if you don't understand what he said, please hear him out. Maybe your "son, don't worry, take your time" will bring his heart closer to you.

there are no perfect people and things in this world, just like a child who doesn't get a score of 100, but it's good to think about 80.

when you can't change your child, try to change yourself. It's a tiring day, but it goes by in the blink of an eye, doesn't it?


always be grateful

Russian writer Chekhov said:

"if you have a thorn in your hand, you should be happy, but fortunately it's not in your eye."

I don't understand, but I think it's awesome.

there are many kinds of happiness, but when misfortune comes, it gets worse and worse.

maybe one second you are complaining about your immutable life, and the next a phone call can break your quiet life.

so stop complaining about life, when you face the tribulations of life with a grateful heart, you will live more thoroughly.

author Gretchen recorded such a thing in the Book of philosophy of Happiness:

one day, husband Jimmy made an appointment with a private doctor. after examining his liver, he never told his wife the results.

the husband replied absent-mindedly, "nothing has changed, the result is the same as before."

Yes, no result is the best result.

it took half a lifetime to realize that the more you have, the happier you are.

the rich are not necessarily happier than the farmers of ordinary families, and the dignitaries who dominate the workplace are not necessarily happier than the street vendors.

God is fair to everyone. If you are luckier than others, please remember to be more grateful.

smile more when you have nothing to do, treat people with tolerance and see the world with gratitude.

instead of worrying about the unknown future and regretting the past, it's better to focus on the present and manage your life carefully.

as the author firmly believes: happiness is here and now.

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