Learn to let go too soon for the rest of your life.
Learn to let go too soon for the rest of your life.
May you strive to be loved all your life, have what you want, and let go of what you can't get.

Life is a long journey, life comes and goes, and the days to come are not long.

the end of life is not at the end of the landscape, nor the day of success, but the moment when the burden is laid down.

the rest of our lives are short, and only by lightening the burden can we move forward quickly; if we look at the feud and hatred, the wind will be clear and the moon will be bright along the way.

on the way forward, when you learn to let go, you will live at ease.


to let go is to learn to let go of the past

A man who is always frowning goes to the temple to complain to the abbot, saying that many old events are unforgettable and unforgettable.

the abbot handed him a teacup, and the man graciously picked up the teapot and poured water for the abbot, and continued to complain, "there are some people and things I can't let go!"

the abbot replied, "you see, there is nothing that cannot be put down." If it really hurts, you will naturally let it go. "

that teacup is like our heart, there is only so much it can hold. If we don't let go of our obsession, we are the only ones who suffer.

A spoonful of sugar in water will not be too sweet, but a spoonful of mustard will be very spicy. We rarely enjoy a harvest for a whole year, but we may lose depression for the rest of our lives because of a fight.

the reason why we are unhappy is that we can't get rid of the shackles in our hearts and learn to let go.

sometimes, it is only a thought to advance and retreat, and a step away from love and hate.

bullish on right and wrong, can withstand the ups and downs of the journey, can meet the weather after the rain; put down the gains and losses, missed this journey of landscape, can still encounter different scenery in the next journey.

everything comes and goes. Can not hold the sand, lift it, the past, let it go with the wind, do not let your heart burden forward.


to let go is to learn to say goodbye to the wrong love

there is a line in "Divine carving chivalrous Men":

"what is love in the world? it directly teaches people the promise of life and death."

this sentence Lu unparalleled, she never married for the sake of Yang Guo, whom she loved deeply.

Guo Xiang couldn't help reading it. She had already approved Yang Guo, only to find that Yang Guo only loved Xiao Longnu and finally became a monk at the age of 40.

Li Mo-Yu sang all his life, did not forget Lu Zhanyuan until his parting, and was finally buried in the fire of burning love flowers.

and Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu finally returned to the hidden world hand in hand and became the envy of the world.

fall in love with someone, maybe it's enough to look back once, but to forget someone, you have to gamble on the rest of your life.

if Li Moyu and others learn to let go and know how to say goodbye to the wrong love, it may be a different ending.

put it down and feel at ease. After all, the best kung fu is time.

in 1998, Li Zongsheng married Lin Yilian, who had been in love for three years. But it is easier to fall in love than to stay together, and for various reasons, their marriage came to an end in 2004.

Ten years after the divorce, Li Zongsheng sang "when Love is a thing of the past" with Lin Yilian at the concert.

as the lyrics say:

"Don't mention the past /life has been full of ups and downs /even if memories can't be erased /love and hate are still in my heart /really want to break the past /let tomorrow continue /you won't bother to ask for my news …..."

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if you can't help each other, you might as well forget each other. Only by letting go of love and hatred can we feel the vastness of heaven and earth.

those who leave, don't miss it any longer; if you have a broken relationship, don't be attached to each other; if you can't keep your heart, don't force it.

the real relief is that you don't feel sorry when you look back on those days, and you can cherish it when you are reunited with your old friend.

since we live in the moment, we cherish it when we meet it, and try to let it go when we miss it.


to let go is to learn to shake hands and

once a little gardener was stung by a bee while watering and hurriedly grabbed the net to catch the bee.

when the presbyopia saw this, he dissuaded him from saying:

"when a bee bites you, you hate it; if you hurt it, it hates you." When will vengeance go on? But you are human, so you don't have to argue with a bee. "

the little gardener was silent and bowed his head.

the gardener added:

"this person, like planting flowers, has three ways to deal with hatred:

the first is to hold a grudge, allowing the seeds of hatred to take root and sprout in your heart, and in the end it is yourself who gets hurt.

the second is to forget hatred. Although the soil has been renovated, there are still traces of planting.

the third is the wisest, which is to take the initiative to reconcile with the enemy and give the flowers to each other, which not only unties the knot, but also leaves fragrance. "

as the old gardener said, we all need to be indifferent and magnanimous as small as every plant and tree to be human and do things.

as open-minded as Wang Wei, being derogated, he can still pronounce the everlasting phrase "the lonely smoke in the desert is straight, and the long river sets the yen".

chic such as Su Shi, demoted to Huangzhou, but said with a smile, "Bamboo stick and awn shoes are better than horses, who is afraid?" A haze of misty rain can lead a lifetime ";

bold and unrestrained as Li Bai, his official career is frustrated, but he knows that "you should have fun when you are happy in life, and don't let the golden cup of jade show the sky to the bright moon."

Life is short, don't worry about gains and losses, don't take hatred seriously.

when you are in trouble, sing to wine and have fun in time; grief and indignationWhen, love is very casual, the past is cleared of zero.

if you put it down, your heart will not hurt so much; if you let go, you will not be so tired.

the real relief is not to be swayed by emotions, not to be bound by suffering, but to shake hands and make peace with life.

when you really let go, even if you are drifting all your life, you can overlook the vicissitudes of life and keep one side at ease and peace.


learn to let it go too soon for the rest of your life

Life is so short that we rush into the rivers and lakes before our hearts are clear, but it is so long that we have come back young after a thousand sails.

the rest of life is too fast, open, do not embarrass yourself, in order to live leisurely.

as Feng Zikai said:

"not confused in the heart, not trapped in love. Don't fear the future, don't think about the past. So, all right! "

throw the past to the years, give your mind to time, and one day, you will receive a surprise answer.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.




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