Li Jiaqi was exposed to fake academic qualifications? I saw the most disgusting scene behind me.
Li Jiaqi was exposed to fake academic qualifications? I saw the most disgusting scene behind me.
How far a person can go depends on how big your pattern is.

during the Singles' Day holiday, a profile of candidates for deputies to the National people's Congress went viral.

in the public information, it is shown that Li Jiaqi's education is actually a "high school".

aren't you studying at 211 Nanchang University?

Don't you still send blessings to Nanchang University as an alumnus?

Why do you only have a high school degree now?

then the news of "Li Jiaqi's academic fraud" quickly rushed to the top of the hot search.

for a moment, it seemed that many people were waiting to see his jokes.

in response, Li Jiaqi's team responded:

"Li Jiaqi did study at Nanchang University and left early because of his job. Previously, the highest degree we filled in was the high school diploma."

Nanchang University also issued an article to clarify for him:

"Li Jiaqi is a full-time undergraduate student majoring in dance in Nanchang University in 2011. He lived in the school for nearly 4 years and left school early for work reasons."

it is clear that things are here.

that is to say, Li Jiaqi's high school education is true, and it is also true that he once studied in Nanchang University.

it's just that when Li Jiaqi was an intern at L'Or é al, she found her own advantages, so she chose a career between education and career, and left school without waiting for graduation.

he must not have thought that this decision would become a reason for him to be attacked after he became famous.

although the criticism surrounding Li Jiaqi has never stopped in recent years, it is still very touching to see that a picture has caused a massive crusade.

I quite agree with what Mr. Lu Xun said:

"many people can't see others lead a good life. If they don't have it, they will hate it."

the root of libel is often envy.

in life, many people are not satisfied with their current situation, resulting in malicious attacks on others, and they prefer to see the misfortunes of others rather than strive to pursue their own happiness.

so, the better Li Jiaqi is, the more they look forward to the moment when Li Jiaqi turns over.

this incident reminds me of a scene that happened when Li Jiaqi bought a luxury house.

No sooner had the news gone viral than there was a lot of ridicule in the comment area.

"it's easy to make money now."

"he is an actor, why should he buy such a nice house?"

"every lipstick you buy has become the soul under the brick of the inner ring line."

these words feel sour no matter how they look at them.

they are jealous of Li Jiaqi's income and achievements, but they never thought that behind these splendor, there are countless bitterness and efforts.

he can broadcast 389 live broadcasts 365 days a year, basically all year round.

in order to show better results to customers, he personally tried 380 different lipsticks in 5 hours and never complained even when his lips were broken.

he suffered from severe bronchitis after talking for a long time, and he usually carried life-saving drugs with him during the live broadcast.


what's wrong with working so hard and spending his own money to buy a house in Shanghai, even if the house is bigger and the decoration is more luxurious?

those who show off with the banner of morality seem to be upholding justice, but in fact they are just jealous that Li Jiaqi is better off than himself.

coincidentally, there is Yue Yunpeng who has a similar experience.

once, Yue Yunpeng's wife Zheng Min shared the news of a family trip on Weibo.

it was originally just an ordinary family photo, but it attracted a lot of bad voices.

some people say, "Yue Yunpeng is depraved and corrupt."

someone personally attacked Zheng Min: "you are much older than your husband."

as Keigo Higano wrote in his book malice:

"I hate that you have realized my dream first, I hate your superior life, I hate that you have a bright future, and I also hate my own cowardice. I hate that I am not lucky enough.

I give you all my hatred for myself, and I use it all to hate you. "

there are always some people in this world who can't see that others are good, especially those who are better off than themselves.

when you see a colleague's promotion and raise, he makes a strange satire that others rely on luck;

seeing that girls drive luxury goods for luxury cars, they do not hesitate to conclude that they are protected.

they are used to speculating on others by their own ideas, describing other people's success as luck, and blaming their own failures on the environment.

once they find that someone is recognized by everyone, they will try their best to pull others down from high places.

such people will only narrow the road.

there is a saying in "Houlang":

"only the weak are accustomed to ridicule and negation; those with a strong heart are never stingy with praise and encouragement."

jealousy doesn't make people better, only when they appreciate it.

people who are really good know how to appreciate the excellence of others and turn each other's excellence into their own motivation.

Apple is undoubtedly Huawei's biggest competitor in the Chinese mobile phone market.

but Ren Zhengfei, founder of HuaweiBut has spoken for Apple many times, he has always stressed: Apple's ecological construction is very excellent.

"they let us meet international competitors on our doorstep and know what is advanced in the world.

their marketing methods, professional accomplishment, and business ethics have all inspired us. "

for Huawei, Apple is not only a strong competitor, but also an excellent learning object.

in recent years, Huawei has been constantly improving itself.

Research and development of Hayes chip, development of OS Hongmeng mobile phone system, efforts to develop 5G technology.

from the beginning of obscurity to the current tech giant, Huawei is now so strong that it scares the world.

likes such a sentence very much: "admitting the excellence of others is the beginning of one's own progress."

when you can see the excellence of others, you will find your own shortcomings, and then constantly break through the boundaries of your abilities by learning from each other's strengths to make up for your weaknesses.

finally, I'd like to share a story with you:

French writer Stendhal wrote the world masterpiece "Bama Monastery" in just 52 days.

after Balzac finished reading the book, he said to others unabashedly:

"I was almost jealous. Yes, I couldn't help feeling jealous."

although Balzac admitted that he was jealous of Stendhal's talent, he wrote that Stendhal Research strongly recommended the Bama Monastery.

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later, he wrote to Stendhal to congratulate him and used it as a motivation to improve his writing.

you see, narrow-minded people look forward to the unhappiness of others all day long, while those who live a thorough life know how to think of good people.

the world is so big that there are always people who are better than you, and there are always people who live the life you aspire to.

instead of being jealous of other people's happiness and racking their brains to bring them down, it's better to learn from other people's strengths and strengths and think about how to improve yourself and make yourself as good as each other.

teacher Wu Jun once said:

"how far a person can go depends on how big your pattern is."

the most important thing in a person's life is not what others have, but what they can control.

putting aside superfluous jealousy, learning to appreciate the excellence of others and constantly improving yourself in self-reflection is the best practice in life.

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