Love yourself for a life you can't start over.
Love yourself for a life you can't start over.
When you start to love yourself, the world will begin to love you.

the canoe once said in time will remember:

"the most wonderful and cruel thing in life is the same, that is, you can't start all over again."

time flies, and before we can embrace the morning, we are already holding the dusk.

run away half my life, experienced ups and downs, but also saw the rising sun, accustomed to the joys and sorrows of life, life is still simple and full. But looking back on the past, it is inevitable to have some regrets.

when I was young, I only focused on chasing vigorous feelings. In the quarrel, I was the only one who got hurt in the end.

when he was middle-aged, he only made staggered preparations to change cups, but finally made few bosom friends and almost broke his body.

over 50 years old, I want to give myself some time to travel all over the world, only to find that I am tired.

in the end, we found out that we had outperformed the years, but lost ourselves.

We remember all the love and hatred, but only forget that we are the protagonists of life.

Life is not easy, it is better to be happy than to please others. If you can't start over, please love yourself.


Don't wronge yourself no matter how sad you are.

once there was a lady who was always unhappy, so she went to the temple to seek the advice of the abbot: "Abbot, you always tell me to love yourself, but how can I love you?"

the abbot asked her, "what do you hate about yourself?"

the lady said, "I am ugly, I am weak, I am stupid, I am stupid." I am nothing, living is just a burden to others. "

the abbot pointed to the door and said, "Please go out and talk to the little girl standing at the door: you are ugly, you are weak, you are stupid, you are stupid." You are nothing, living is just a burden to others. "

the lady felt so cruel that she could not bear to shake her head.

"in fact, you have already done such a cruel thing."

seeing that the lady looked confused, the abbot told her meaningfully, "you are doing this to yourself every day."

if you don't want to break other people's hearts, please don't break your own heart first; if you want to be loved by others, please learn to love yourself first.

in this world, there is no job that is not aggrieved, no social interaction without breath, no feelings that will not be hurt. But grievances will always get through, and losses will always survive.

sometimes, instead of being humble and nostalgic, it is better to let go and live your life; instead of pleasing others, you should please yourself and lead a poetic life.

Life is hard. Maybe you can become very sweet by adding a few spoonfuls of sugar. Life is no more than 30,000 days. Remember to love yourself well.


No matter how busy you are, don't lose your health

what is the most important thing in a person's life?

some people say it is wealth, some people say fame and wealth, some people say it is emotion. It's true that these are important, but without health, it's all in the mirror.

Buddha said: "three thousand prosperous, flick the finger for a moment, a hundred years later, but a handful of yellow sand."

No matter whether we are rich or poor, we will eventually return to dust, and we may not have to be rich all our lives. It is enough to have a good meal, a good sleep and a healthy body and mind.

No matter how busy you are at work, don't forget to go out more and keep fit; no matter how much you socialize, don't forget the most down-to-earth firewood, rice, oil and salt, a vegetable and a meal; no matter how tired you are from overtime, you'd rather stay up all night.

to keep healthy, you need not only good living habits, but also an open-minded attitude towards life.

I like what Feng Zikai said very much:

"when the heart is small, all the little things are big; when the heart is big, all the big things are small; if you look down on the vicissitudes of the world, your heart is safe and sound."

there is nothing to worry about in the world. When you put aside your harshness on yourself, ignore other people's prejudices against you, and bid farewell to ineffective socialization, it will be easy.

half of my life is over, please be good to your health, don't stumble on your health in the second half of your life, and live up to your efforts in the first half.


No matter how sorry you are, you should cherish the present

Tang Ying, who was called "Southern Tang and Northern Land" with Lu Xiaoman, was once a leader in the famous world at that time.

her family is well-off and is proficient in Kunqu opera, dance, piano and landscape painting.

she often pays attention to the exquisite design when shopping, and tells the tailor to do the same, which can always lead the trend at that time.

she appeared with Lu Xiaoman in the Central Grand Theater, performing passages from the Kunqu Opera "Peony Pavilion" and making headlines.

she once performed the English version of Beijing Opera "Wang Baoyi" at the Carlton Grand Theater, which opened the way for singing Beijing Opera in English.

is such a talented and almost perfect woman who has experienced a failed marriage.

she once married Li Zufa, a member of the wealthy business family, but because the man was introverted and did not want to see her appear in public in social circles, the two divorced when their son was six years old.

after the divorce, she was not discouraged, but constantly enriched herself, eventually married Rong Xianlin, the nephew of "the father of Chinese students", and continued to be her beauty on the other side of the ocean.

those imperfections in life are mosquito blood on the wall to others, but when they come to Tang Ying, they become cinnabar moles in their hearts.

this wisdom is called accepting the imperfections of life.

Tagore once said:

"if you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars."

Life will inevitably have its ups and downs, and the years will always turn from summer to cold, whether you get it or you lose it.Please look away, look down, and don't let today's regrets repeat tomorrow.

in this world, there are no people and things that can't be put down, only those who can't go back to the beginning, no love and hate that can't be thrown away, and only oneself who can't get out.

Life is full of flavors. When you taste the bitterness and spiciness, please still cherish the present and live a steaming day.


Please love yourself for the rest of your life

there is a passage in the book "the Road few people take":

"Love in the real sense is not only loving yourself, but also loving others. Love can make self and others feel progress. He who does not love himself will never love others. "

the rest of life is short, do not wronge yourself, can seek perfection; do not underestimate yourself, you will live comfortably; do not indulge yourself, you will reap true happiness.

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only by loving yourself well can you have a deeper understanding of the gentle side of life, spread kindness and tolerance more frankly, and become more capable of protecting the people you love.

there is no dress rehearsal in life, this life can not start all over again, please cherish the following days.

remember that when you are good enough to meet the beauty of the world, you deserve to be loved and loved.

believe that when you start loving yourself, the world will begin to love you.