More than 30 college students in Dalian were collectively diagnosed and secretly photographed at the scene. This scene is so easy to cry.
More than 30 college students in Dalian were collectively diagnosed and secretly photographed at the scene. This scene is so easy to cry.
Pay tribute to every hard-working, serious, struggling and struggling woman around you!

A few days ago, the epidemic spread.

31 provinces, autonomous regions and cities continue to have new local cases, with 257 confirmed cases in Heilongjiang alone.

when the epidemic prevention encounters a drop in temperature, many cities once entered a state of tension.

on November 11, more than 30 college students were collectively infected in Dalian.

behind all this, what is hidden is the warm-hearted efforts of one medical staff after another and volunteers.

just two days ago, one

# female epidemic prevention personnel carry dozens of jin of epidemic prevention equipment corridor eliminate virus #

quickly went viral!

in the video, a young girl, carrying heavy equipment, is seriously eliminate virus on the corridor floor by floor.

you know, the weight of 50 jin and the eliminate virus task on the 33rd floor, even for adult men, may be prohibitive.

but this skinny shoulder unexpectedly carried it down without a word! At one point, the video follower even said, "I can't keep up with it."

these young girls do this kind of work every day. In their eyes, this is only a common thing!

take off this protective suit, whose daughter, princess and mother are they?

I still remember that at the time of the outbreak in Wuhan, the China Women's Daily mentioned that there were about 19800 health care workers in Wuhan, of whom about 14000 were nurses, and 90 per cent of them were women.

in the epidemic prevention war, countless Chinese women choose to stand up, race against time, and rob people with death!

Today, let's talk to you about how powerful these deadly women are!

can you imagine that the 73-year-old grandmother only slept three hours a day at the time of COVID-19 's outbreak, fighting at the front all the time?

she is Li Lanjuan, an academician of artificial liver in China.

when the epidemic broke out in Wuhan, Li Lanjuan led a team and rushed to the front to fight the epidemic.

and took the lead in predicting the epidemic situation, and put forward the closure of Wuhan, so as to prevent the epidemic from developing in a worse direction.

in fact, this is not the first time Li Lanjuan's boldness and professional prediction of the current situation.

as early as 2008, during the outbreak of SARS, Li Lanjuan, combined with the actual situation and relying on her own professionalism, decisively put forward isolation requirements.

in order to formulate a better plan to deal with the epidemic in Wuhan, Li Lanjuan did not stop for a moment, let alone her personal safety.

she chose the first to enter the "red zone", the most dangerous area of the epidemic, to check the condition of the patient.

she led the team to carry out research day and night, and finally got major research results in the fight against the virus: Arbidol and dalunavir could effectively restrain novel coronavirus.

the wrinkles brought by the indentation make the old woman with white sideburns show the vicissitudes of life, but her firm smiling eyes bring hope to countless desperate people in the cold winter.

Mr. Lu Xun once said:

"since ancient times, there have been people who work hard, those who work hard, those who ask for their lives for the people, and those who sacrifice their lives to pursue the law. This is the backbone of China. "

at the time of the outbreak of the epidemic, like Li Lanjuan, there are many women who are at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic and have made outstanding contributions to the fight against the epidemic.

when the epidemic came, Hu Xiaohong, a "hard-core female contractor" who did not hesitate to invest in Huoshenshan Hospital's construction, let the world witness what China's speed is.

Academician Chen Wei, who dared to test seedlings, moved us by saying, "I'll try first, and if I'm all right in half an hour, you'll play again."


they put down their small homes for everyone's sake, and their own safety for the sake of more lives.

it is precisely because of them that we feel more fortunate to be in China.

Please remember her name Tu Youyou again.

China's first winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

is also the first native Chinese scientist to win the Nobel Prize in science.

2019, Tu Youyou led her research and development team to proudly announce to the world that a new generation of artemisinin antimalarial combination has once again defeated the drug-resistant malaria parasite!

many people may not know how terrible the malaria epidemic was.

the route of malaria transmission is fast and simple. As long as you don't pay attention to mosquito bites, it is possible to bring malaria to the human body. Once malaria forms brain malaria in the brain, it will become very troublesome and even cause symptoms of brain death.

when everyone was in fear of malaria and the search for ways was fruitless, Tu Youyou came forward.

she visited day and night and sorted out a pamphlet on the treatment of malaria.

this pamphlet, written by her word by word, has 640 prescriptions.

and in this, it contains the well-known life-saving medicine Artemisia annua.

you know, the extraction of Artemisia annua is very difficult, and the efficiency is also very difficult to reach 100%. Tu Youyou did not give up, trying every means to carry out research, testing, and even testing drugs.

fortunately, artemisinin has no toxic side effects, and larger clinical trials have been carried out since then.

in October 1971, Tu Youyou found 100% effect on malaria in the sample No. 191 of Artemisia annua extract.The inhibition rate!

then, artemisinin was spread all over the world, saving countless malaria patients for the benefit of all mankind.

Tu Youyou also won the Nobel Prize for this.

but the octogenarian Tu Youyou did not stop, conquering the drug resistance of artemisinin and her breakthrough discovery that artemisinin can treat lupus erythematosus, giving more people new hope.

this is our true goddess, and this is the star we should all follow.

some people, who do not admire fame and wealth, are not afraid of age, but spend their whole lives silently propping up half the sky for this era with bravery and tenacity.

is them, let us more firmly believe that no matter what age, women can stand in their own field, braving the wind and waves, glowing!

not long ago, in the expectation of many people, the Shenzhou 13 astronaut successfully got out of the module.

one of the most anticipated is China's first female astronaut out of the cabin, Wang Yaping.

since then, there has been a touch of beautiful scenery among the female astronauts on the spacewalk.

Wang Yaping's space dream originated in high school at the age of 17.

Wang Yaping, who was taking the college entrance examination, encountered the recruitment of the seventh batch of female pilots in our country.

she seized the opportunity decisively. After entering the flight academy, Wang Yaping carried out weight-bearing, training, and parachuting according to the standards of male pilots without a moment's rest.

also participated in many disaster relief activities, such as the Wenchuan earthquake, the Beijing Olympic Games to reduce clouds and rain, and military combat readiness exercises.

in the assessment again and again, constantly breaking through their own physical potential.

under the water of more than 10 meters, wearing a 20-kilogram spacesuit, he continued to train for 6 hours.

the water pressure and resistance made her suffer a lot. After coming out of the water, she was often unable to carry a bowl and could not hold her chopsticks.

the heavy consumption made her lose weight day by day.

but no matter how hard and tired she is, she never stops, because she knows that "the space environment will not change because of the arrival of women, nor will it lower the threshold because it is a woman."

now, with her dream, she has rushed to space, leaving gentle footprints in space, driving China's space industry to take a big step forward.

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everyone knows Zhang Guimei!

this is an excellent teacher who has devoted his whole life to education, left life to the students, and used up his body until the fuel runs out.

whenever I mention it, it makes my uncle's heart tremble.

when Zhang Guimei founded Huaping Girls' High School, she was deeply touched by the tragedy of women who had not gone to school and were ignorant in the mountains.

she decided to change all this, but it was impossible to start a free girls' high school at that time.

she raised money everywhere, crossed the mountains, visited one family after another, went door to door to do ideological work for her parents, and cut her mouth to persuade her children to go to school.

someone asked her, "how much can you get back from those girls scattered in so many mountains?"

Zhang Guimei's answer is, "I can find one. In my class, no student can drop out."

Zhang Guimei worked hard for this high school, and Zhang Guimei couldn't sleep day and night for this group of children.

those girls who come out of the mountains have become one excellent talent after another.

Su Min is a doctor now.

Chen Fayu is now a policeman.

Zhou Yuncui is now a teacher.

more and more girls are practicing the oath of women's high, "I was born a mountain rather than a stream, and I want to look down on the mediocre ravines at the top of the peaks." I was born to be a hero, not a scumbag. I stand on the shoulders of great men and despise humble cowards. "

warmth is passing on. This female teacher, who has exhausted her life's hard work, has cured many people and warmed countless hearts.

but her body is deteriorating in this consumption, but in her heart, "as long as you still have one breath, you must stand on the podium and give all you have, and there will be no regrets about your death!"

after reading so many stories about outstanding women, Uncle can't help feeling!

this signals the power of women.

once upon a time, the words weakness, attachment and obedience were crowned on women's prefixes.

but counting carefully, in fact, many women are admiring the world and admiring you and me through their own strength.

she may be a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to society, but she is also every ordinary you and me in life:

due to the accidental loss of the child, she created "Baby Home to find the Subnet" at her own expense to help her mother Zhang Baoyan, who abandoned the lost and begged children to return home.

in the severe period of the epidemic, the blogger @ Liang Yustacey, who launched the "Sisters War epidemic reassuring Action" to solve the physiological problems of female health care workers;

Su Min, who bravely lives for himself, drives away, escapes from marriage, and embarks on the road of finding himself.


they are us in ordinary life, but they use their strength to do extraordinary things.

Women have always been independent, independent, strong and brave;

femaleThe power of sex is also infinite, warm, healing and loving.

, pay tribute to every hard-working, serious, struggling and struggling woman around us!