Most of the men who have this habit at dinner have bad character and are not worthy of deep acquaintance.
Most of the men who have this habit at dinner have bad character and are not worthy of deep acquaintance.
The upbringing at dinner is a person's best business card.

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there is a saying in Historical Records: "the king regards the people as the heaven, and the people regard food as the heaven."

Diet has been a major event in people's livelihood since ancient times.

our life revolves around eating, which can not only fill the stomach, but also make people relax and show who they really are.

so it is not difficult to find out what kind of character and character a man has is often obvious at the dinner table.

how to treat food, how to treat people around you, and even how to use cutlery can expose character and self-cultivation.

eat only for yourself

don't know how to think of others

two days ago, my cousin made a blind date and had a meal with her blind date.

the blind date did not ask her what flavor she liked before dinner, but took her directly to the Sichuan restaurant, and she is not very good at spicy food.

when ordering, she didn't ask her advice, but took care of her own place. After serving the food, she only cared about eating by herself, turning chopsticks around in the bowl, and pouring drinks only for herself.

when my cousin came back, she told the presenter that this person was not worth dating.

as the saying goes, it is hard to tune.

everyone's tastes are different, so when eating, they will integrate everyone's opinions and then make choices to take care of the people they eat with as much as possible.

A man with a really good character will know how to take care of other people at the table when eating, and will first ask each other for advice and choose food.

but if a man has a bad character, he doesn't know how to ask for other people's advice at all, but orders his own favorite food. This kind of man is very selfish.

on the surface, it is just a meal, but in essence it implies respect, empathy and the degree of attention given to each other, or EQ.

how to weigh the taste of two people needs to be very careful and careful, which shows a man's demeanor and character.

Men who "eat too badly" stay away from

in life, one porridge, one rice, one bowl of chopsticks, although it is a small matter, it can reflect the pattern of a person.

as the ancients said, "stand and sit", and add "eat and eat". The so-called phase is education.

A few days ago, my colleague's boyfriend went to her house for dinner.

colleagues come back to complain to us:

"I think my boyfriend's performance let me down.

first of all, he picks up food only for himself, and everything is piled up in the bowl, regardless of the feelings of others.

second, lack of etiquette, eat no appearance, and then even directly use it, but also unscrupulously hiccups in front of us.

I really can't imagine our future life. I don't have the confidence to go on with him anymore. "

most of the time, a person's character is hidden in his every move to eat.

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Men who are loud, spit, picky and gobble up at dinner are mostly selfish and uneducated in their lives.

A man who eats a lover not only has a proper eating behavior, but also knows how to take care of other people's feelings.

upbringing at dinner is a person's best business card.

A man who doesn't respect the waiter

it's not worth dating

some people say that a man's attitude towards a waiter before marriage is his attitude towards his wife after marriage.

Douban has a netizen Shu Dong who went to the restaurant with his fiance to have a very unpleasant meal.

when the fiance was picky about the restaurant service, making a fuss about nothing, and the food was a little slow, he and the waiter in the store were furious.

netizens advised him not to take it too seriously, but he said that customers are God, and that if they do wrong, they should be taught a lesson.

what the fiance did made netizens doubt his character.

Yes, the quality of a person depends on his attitude towards a waiter.

A person who will dictate to the service staff at the dinner table and regard the waiter as the one who serves him must have no better manners.

it can be seen that in daily life, he not only divides people into three, six or nine grades, but also has a very different attitude towards strangers and acquaintances.

just like etiquette master William Hansen said:

"A good observer can know your parents' living background and your educational background in just one meal."

whether or not to respect the waiter is an expression of a man's true humanity.

Men who do not know how to respect waiters are mostly bad characters and are not worthy of deep acquaintance at all.

it is said that details can be seen in the hearts of the people, and people's character is usually reflected in some subtle things.

if you want to know a man's character and see how he behaves at the dinner table, you can judge whether the person is worth dating or not.