Never eat rotten pears.
Never eat rotten pears.
For the rest of my life, cherish the people in front of me and live well every day.

Mo Yan once said such a thing:

once, he was talking to a classmate whose wife had just died.

while sorting out his wife's belongings, the classmate found a delicate and brand-new silk scarf.

he and his wife bought it in a famous brand store when they were traveling to New York.

his wife has been reluctant to use it and wants to wait for a special day.

unexpectedly, he never used it until his death, and even the high price tag on the silk scarf was still there.

speaking of this, the students were very sad and said with great sadness:

"Don't save good things for a special day. Every day you live is a special day."

in life, many people have had similar experiences:

I always want to keep the delicious food until the end, but either it is out of date or the taste is getting worse.

the clothes you like are always worn on important occasions. As a result, waiting is either out of date or inappropriate in size.

people who care about always want to be kind to them later, but they either miss it or lose it in the end.

after spending too much time and leaving many regrets, I suddenly realized that

Life is rapidly changing, and this second is always different from the next.

every moment that has not been cherished is a waste and disappointment of life.

like that beautiful scarf that has never been worn until death, once reluctant to wear it, but left behind is endless regret and sigh.

Don't save the best for last

read a story:

there was an old lady who was so frugal that she always ate a small piece of pears in a box of pears.

as a result, the next day, another good pear rotted a small piece.

the old lady continued to eat the rotten pear.

the pears continued to rot, and the old lady ate a box of rotten pears one after another.

keep the good ones, eat the rotten ones, eat the rotten ones, and finally eat the rotten ones all the time.

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how many people, it is in such a "reluctance", mistreated themselves, but also let good things lose their original value with the passage of time.

in Weibo

A netizen once said something.

my mother has lived in the country all her life. She has never been to a distant place or eaten seafood.

once she took her mother to the city to attend a banquet for a relative's housewarming.

Mom ate crabs for the first time at the banquet, full of praise, and kept secretly telling her how delicious it was after the meal.

later, the mother came to the city to help her with the children.

once she specially bought some big crabs. Her mother knew it was expensive and was reluctant to eat it.

in the end, it was broken.

looking at the broken crab, my mother kept sighing: "so much money, what a pity, I knew I wouldn't keep it."... "

A man's worst habit is that he would rather keep the good things until they go bad than enjoy them right away.

but forget that everything has its time limit, missed the right time, will only leave trouble and pity.

writer Ding Dingzhang said:

"if you make good use of it, until you make the best use of it, it is not extravagance and waste, but let good things nourish life and breed small luck. Is to harvest your own blessings in time.

in fact, happiness is like ice cream, held in your hand for a while. Eat it before it melts. "

Happiness is short and beautiful. Today's reluctance will only lead to tomorrow's unhappiness.

Why not have fun and live with your heart at this moment?

Don't wait until the end to cherish the person you care about

three years ago, the experience of a friend around me made me very worried.

my friend's mother died of breast cancer.

she said that before her mother left, she had not dripped water for several days and was almost unconscious.

but before closing his eyes, he suddenly struggled to open his mouth wide and desperately squeezed out two words: don't want to.

speaking of this, my friend burst into tears:

"she's trying to say she doesn't want to die. Unfortunately, in the end, there was nothing we could do.

before, she said she wanted to take a wedding photo, but she had never taken it in her life. And said he was going back to his mother's house. The place where she was born has not been back since her illness.

at that time, I always said I would take her when I had time, but unfortunately, I never had a chance again. If only she were still here. "

but there is no if in this world. What is unfinished in this life can only be a pity.

there is a saying:

there are two kinds of pain in the world, one is never to get it, and the other is to lose it and never come back.

Life comes and goes, some people, once did not cherish, there will be no chance in the future, some things, did not do at first, it will be too late.

those who do not express love in time, do not interpret it well as soon as possible, all become irreparable defects.

in the movie only Yun knows, Sui Dongfeng and Luo Yun are an extraordinarily loving couple.

they open restaurants together, enjoy the aurora, travel, play the piano and flute, and live a happy life that everyone envies.

Luo Yun likes whales, so Sui Dongfeng specially decorated the bedroom walls with whale patterns.

and promised to take her to see the real whale later.

it is a pity that the days are busy and time goes byBefore Sui Dongfeng had time to take Luo Yun to see the whales, Luo Yun's life had come to an end.

when a rare whale leaps up from the bottom of the sea, Sui Dongfeng can no longer hold back and burst into tears.

the day I fell in love, I thought it was forever;

prepared forever, not ready to see you again;

ready for a lifetime, but in an instant.

when I have it, I always feel that the days are still long

but I do not know that time does not live, things change, there is no time to come, only time is in a hurry.

full of mountains and rivers, why not cherish the people in front of you.

there is a saying in besieged Fortress:

"now, it's like making good clothes, reluctant to wear them, locked in a box.

after a year or two, I suddenly discovered the design and style of the dress. They are no longer fashionable, and they can only regret themselves. "

when ice is sold in season, cooking is fresh.

Don't wait for autumn frost to sigh that there is no fine taste of the red sinus green in early spring.

Don't wait for the twilight to regret not cherishing your youth.

time cannot afford to be wasted, and life cannot stand waiting.

Don't save the best for last, the only thing you can really grasp is this moment.

, for the rest of my life, cherish the people in front of me and live well every day.