Never overdraw yourself.
Never overdraw yourself.
If you overdraw one more point today, your future luck will be weaker.

some people have made statistics that according to the average life expectancy of 76 years, human life is less than 30,000 days.

people's life seems long, but in fact it is short. They seem to have a lot, but few really belong to themselves.

the more you go back, the more you understand that no matter how lucky or lucky you are, you can't afford to overdraw at will.

every time you squander, you are paying for your future.

Don't overdraft relationship

someone on the Internet asked:

how does the relationship between people fade?

there are people below who have summed up eight delusions of interpersonal relationships:

Don't think that you have a close relationship with your friends, and your friends' things are yours.

Don't think that just because you have a close relationship with your friends, you can let your friends pay for you.

Don't think that just because you have a close relationship with your friends, you can invade your friends' personal space.

Don't think that just because you have a strong relationship with your friends, you can stick with your friends every day.

Don't think that just because you have a close relationship with your friends, you don't pay attention to etiquette.

Don't think that just because you have a close relationship with your friends, you can borrow money at will.

Don't think that just because you have a close relationship with your friend, you can let her (him) decide your affairs.

Don't think that just because you have a strong relationship with your friends, you can live on your friends for the rest of your life.

very often, because we feel that the relationship is strong, we become unscrupulous and take all our efforts for granted, but in fact, there is a "relationship account" between people.

if you take the initiative to do more, you will have more balance in your account, but if you have been waiting and asking passively, you will be overdrawing the other person's feelings.

all relationships have a quota and cannot afford to be squandered willfully, and this relationship ends when the balance becomes zero.

blindly consuming the good of others will only lead to the other person's complete disappointment and abandonment.

only pay can get paid, only sincerity can get sincerity.

A good relationship should be a tree you planted together.

you don't have to take care of it every day. When you are free, you will water it and weed it.

when you are happy, it will blossom and bear fruit for you; when you are sad, it will provide you with support and shelter from the wind and rain.

you don't have to get in touch with each other all the time, but you miss each other; you don't have to be around, but you live in your heart.

Don't overdraft credit

Mencius said:

"A car cannot walk without a shaft, and a man cannot stand without faith."

people can't move an inch without faith.

the writer Li Siyuan once told a story.

Lao Wang and Lao Zhang were originally very good friends.

five years ago, Lao Wang wanted to open a shop and do decoration business, so he borrowed 50,000 yuan from Lao Zhang and promised to pay it off in two years at the most.

Lao Zhang withdrew his savings for many years without saying a word. out of trust, he did not let Lao Wang make an IOU.

two years later, Lao Wang made a small profit in business and bought a car and a house, but did not mention the repayment.

Lao Zhang came to urge him.

unexpectedly, as soon as Lao Wang heard about the repayment, he pushed three blocks and four, and even deliberately disappeared, and later even blocked the phone.

the two families quarreled like enemies. In the end, Lao Wang didn't pay back the money, and Lao Zhang suffered a dumb loss because he had no evidence.

when the people in the village knew about it, they all scolded Lao Wang for being unkind.

two years later, when the village was demolished, many families needed to decorate their new houses, but even if Lao Wang's decoration price was tens of thousands cheaper than others, no one was willing to look for him.

perhaps a person can use his own credit to obtain certain benefits at the beginning, but all the benefits gained by selling trust will eventually pay a heavy price.

betraying the trust of others will cut off your own back.

Franklin once said:

"if you stumble, you may immediately get back on your feet, but if you break your promise, you will never be able to get it back."

the biggest bankruptcy in life is the overdraft of credit.

Don't overdraw your feelings

have read a sentence:

"A good relationship must be equal, giving regardless of return, and most of the final harvest is a chill."

not long ago, the divorce of the famous table tennis player Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie caused a heated discussion.

as a talented girl in table tennis, she did not hesitate to let go of her dream of being a world champion for her family and left Japan to go to Taipei to become a full-time mother.

in order to suit Jiang Hongjie's Taipei taste, she practiced her cooking skills and made several tricks for each meal.

like a babysitter at home, she waits for Jiang Hongjie to come back every day, undresses him, and even kneels down to take off his shoes.

can be so heart-to-heart to pay, but never in exchange for each other's treasure.

during pregnancy, Fukuhara Ai once wanted to drink two kinds of fruit juices, but Jiang Hongjie disagreed and asked her to buy only one.

Ai Fukuhara wants to buy a book to record the growth of children, and Jiang Hongjie also opposes it.

in this one-way relationship, she consumed all her enthusiasm, but never got a response from the other person.

it was not until I was discouraged that I woke up:

feelings humble to the dust never blossom into happiness.

Gulong once said:

"if one loves too much, it is often a tragedy."

not all desperate people can get the love of each other.Pay.

too much love is doomed to be a disaster.

Don't overdraw the blessing

there is a couplet in A Dream of Red Mansions:

upper couplet: forget to withdraw your hand after you

Lower couplet: there is no way to turn back

knowing gratitude and not being grateful, at the expense of others, at the expense of public interests, seems to covet the immediate interests, in fact, it is an overdraft of their own long-term blessings.

Jia Yucun was promoted in his early years, but soon he was removed from office for being greedy for favoritism. Later, with the help of Jia Zheng, he became a magistrate, and he was sentenced to the Hulu case for profit, lost his black hat and was sent to prison.

Wang Xifeng was in a high and powerful position, but she lost her life because she was greedy for petty gain.

the four families in A Dream of Red Mansions were originally rich, but they were finally trapped by desire and ended up falling apart.

cleverness is misled by cleverness. if you are greedy for small gains, you will often make a big stumble.

Caigen Tan says:

"do not seek unjust blessings, do not be greedy for gains for no reason."

all things in the world have cause and effect, and there is a certain fate for good or evil in life.

the benefits gained by overdraft will eventually be returned in another form.

Don't overdraw the bottom line

Thomas Macaulay once said:

"when no one knows the truth, what a man does best shows his character."

A person's bottom line is measured by what he does when there is no one.

Lu Yuanying, a minister of the Tang Dynasty, was in a high position, and people often came to seek visits in order to seek official positions.

he made it a rule that the newcomer could accompany him in a game of go, and if he beat him, he could be offered a job.

on one occasion, a talented young man came to visit and the two had the same interests and like-minded. In the chat, Lu Yuanying had quietly drawn up a position for him in his mind.

after leisure tea and dinner, the two men played chess. In the middle of the game, Lu Yuanying suddenly received an emergency document and had to pause halfway.

the young man took the opportunity to secretly move a chess piece.

when Lu Yuanying came back, he saw the change in the chess game and did not expose it face to face.

the last talented man won the game of chess as he wanted, but lost a chance.

Goethe once said:

"it doesn't matter whether you are born noble or humble, but you must have the way to be a man."

everyone should have their own way of life.

look up to the sky, be ashamed of others, and be worthy of your heart.

in the midst of the troubles of the world, we should abide by our own principles and bottom line, and only by doing what we should not do can we make a difference.

"Fan Sixun" has a saying:

"Life is self-reliant, and happiness is self-seeking."

all blessings in life seem unpredictable, but in fact they all have cause and effect.

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if you overdraw one point more today, your future fortune will be weaker.

, may you and I make ends meet and never live an overdrawn life.