New blue: chemists turn red beets into blue dyes
New blue: chemists turn red beets into blue dyes
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in nature, blue pigment is not easy to find. The shiny blue of bird feathers and butterfly scales comes from special microstructure and there is no pigment to extract, while blue-purple like blueberries comes from anthocyanins, which are unstable and fade easily.

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this time, chemists have modified the molecular structure of betaine to produce a new blue pigment. As mentioned in the previous push, the color of organic matter comes from the "conjugated structure" of unsaturated bonds in the molecule, and changing the bonding structure of the molecule can change the photon energy absorbed by the electron transition. in this way, the color of the display will change.

here, the researchers first extracted the red pigment from the beet and then turned it into a blue substance through the following two-step reaction (they call the blue molecule "BeetBlue").

next, the researchers tested the safety and dyeing properties of the blue pigment. Beet blue shows no toxicity in zebrafish embryos and human cells, and can dye hair, cotton fiber, silk, yogurt, maltodextrin and other things with beautiful blue. It is stable in acidic environment, and the synthesis process is relatively simple and fast.

looks good, but I don't quite understand the need for blue yogurt.