Not a single piece of work is not hard.
Not a single piece of work is not hard.
Floating life is like tea, sweet and bitter.


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are you tired? It's right to be tired

have you heard the story of three masons?

one day, three masons were building a wall. One of them came up to him and asked, what are you doing?

the first bricklayer said angrily, didn't you see? I'm working hard to build the wall!

the second person replied calmly, as you can see, we are building a tall building.

the third person was beaming and said, "Ah, we are creating a better life!"

Ten years later, the first man is still building walls and dealing with mud, the second becomes an engineer, and the third becomes the boss of both.

also started as a bricklayer, but achieved three different lives, which is why?

because each of them has a different attitude towards their work.

Destiny is in your own hands, and success or failure is often just a thought

, complaining will eventually make you accomplish nothing


Tagore said:

the sufferings you suffer today, the losses you suffer, the responsibilities you bear, the sins you bear, and the pain you endure will eventually turn into light and light your way.

everyone is eager to succeed, but it takes a lot of hard work to make a difference.

you know, not every job is satisfactory, and not every profession can eat hot pot lobster and get a high salary.

in this world, there are many people who work hard and endure hardship and tiredness in order to make a living.

you ask them if they are tired?

of course I'm tired!

there is a classic saying:

are you really tired? It's right to be tired, comfort is for the dead!

if you feel very hard, tell yourself that what is easy to go downhill is downhill, hold on, because you are going uphill, you will certainly make progress. "

I think so!

there is no job without hard work, and successful people never complain casually.

look at life with a heart that builds tall buildings, and look at life with a heart that creates a better life.

regard suffering as a spiritual practice of life, and you will eventually usher in your own glory.


in the adult world, there is no easy word

not long ago, he got together with his friends and talked about his work. He said that his achievements that he had not slept for days and nights were rejected face to face by his boss at the meeting, and he felt very humiliated.

what is even more "outrageous" is that the company only has 30 minutes for lunch, and no lunch break is allowed, which is so inhumane!

but considering that the company can include lunch, think about it.

I smiled: there is no such thing as "easy" in the adult world. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

all success comes from the time and sweat we put in, which is the blessing of tempering the soul.

because of more tribulations, you are acting recklessly in places you can't see.

in the Japanese TV series "We can't be Beasts", the heroine played by Xin Heng's knot is still asleep early in the morning and is chased by messages from her boss.

despite ten thousand reluctance, the next second, she went out neatly and appropriately.

at work, I was yelled at by my boss and cheated by colleagues, so I bowed awkwardly, apologized, and remedied.

her boss assigned her tasks that were not within the scope of her responsibilities, but her colleagues got into trouble and asked her to go to the other company to apologize instead.

at this moment of familiarity, these deja vu pictures are the true portrayal of our workplace.

work will not give you preferential treatment just because you are the "protagonist". There will be no less hardship than what you should do.

who doesn't get through the dark night of hardship and wake up to see the dawn of dawn?

when you can't hold up, you might as well think about it: the so-called years are quiet, but someone has carried the wind and rain for you.

at three o'clock in the morning, when most people are still asleep, sanitation workers have already started a day's work;

in the hospital, the doctor on duty started another life rally before Barra had a few dinners.

couriers and takeaways shuttling through the streets earn a profit of only a few yuan or even a few cents in the face of wind and rain.


there is no job that is not hard, no one's workplace is not aggrieved, since you are alive, you have to bear your share of responsibility.

"True heroism is to still love life after recognizing the truth of life."

Life is very tired, but you are not tired now, you will only be more tired in the future.

the pain you can cry out and the difficulty you cry out is that life gives you the strength to complain, and you should be thankful that it hasn't killed you all.

success and failure go together, tears and laughter are intertwined, this is a flesh-and-blood life.


floating life is like tea, sweet and bitter

someone once asked Liu Ruoying:

"Why do you always give people a feeling of being gentle and calm, not impatient? aren't you angry when you encounter problems in your life?"

Liu Ruoying smiled faintly: "that's because I know that no kind of job is unaggrieved."

you look forward to a high salary, but forget that you sacrificed your time with your family.

the young peddler wakes up the dawn of the city with the most simple shout from morning to night;

A successful boss can't sleep at night. He holds the life and death of the enterprise in his hand.

there are many things you can't imagine about the bitterness of life and the tiredness of work.

it's never easy to live, but Takeshi Kitano said, "although it's hard, I still choose that kind of hot life."

once read such a story:

A unhappy young man complained to a respected master:

"Life is always unhappy. Difficulties and setbacks surround me. Is that all I can do in my life?"

without saying a word, Master picked up the kettle on the table and made a cup of tea for the young man to taste.

the young man took a sip and said, "Master, this tea doesn't taste good at all."

Master smiled calmly, took another cup, pinch it and put the same tea in it.

then slowly inject boiling water into the cup, the tea floats up and down in the cup, and the tea overflows with a trace of fragrance.

after pouring water like this for six times, by the time the cup was full, the fragrance of tea had filled the whole room.

it turns out that the tea was made with warm water for the first time, and the tea just floated on the surface. Without rolling up and down, the fragrance of the tea could not come out.

and for the second time, after repeated brewing in boiling water, the tea leaves tumbled and floated over and over again, and finally emitted a mellow aroma.

We are like this pinch of tea, and our fate is this warm or hot pot of water. If you are fragrant tea, you should not yearn for warm water.

setbacks and tribulations are like boiling water. Only when we withstand the ups and downs of fate can we emit the fullest aroma of life.

the fragrance of plum blossoms comes from the cold winter, and it is an immutable truth that good tea needs boiling water.

so stop groaning about your work all day. The useless is emotion.

Please put away your glass heart, keep your feet on the ground, measure the road under your feet in the long years, and move forward tenaciously.

"there is nothing in the world that is not hard, and there is no place that is not complicated. If it is meant to be a part-time job, do it well. "

there is still a long way to go, life will occasionally skip the shadow, no matter what you have experienced, do not easily bow to fate, wait for you to get through the bitterness of life, to get the sweetness of the years.

if you live seriously, one day the flowers will bloom again, the migratory birds will turn back, live, wait for the moon to rise again, and one day, the spring solstice.




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