Now, you have a chance to play a game to save the coral.
Now, you have a chance to play a game to save the coral.
Or a chance to volunteer for NASA?

do you want to save the world by playing games? Now you have another choice. NASA has launched a game called NEMO-NET, which can participate in monitoring and protecting corals by painting on mobile phones and tablets.

specifically, what players need to do in this game is to identify corals from real 3D ocean images one after another, and mark different corals and other things with different color pens (the more accurate the outline, the better, you must first get more than 90% accuracy in the test before you can continue). People's marked images will be used to train the algorithm, and after the training, the computer can take over the human processing of a large amount of data around the world. These data can be used to monitor the health of corals.

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(brushes can be made translucent for more accurate coloring)

however, like other "purposeful scientific games", NEMO-NET as a game is actually quite monotonous, mainly rotating the angle of view, coloring a 3D object, and then winning some virtual badge awards. But listening to soothing sound effects and paying attention to painting is also a way to relieve stress.

if you are interested, you can learn more and download here (try the Apple Store in the lower country):

PS: people who do this kind of work seem to be called AI migrant workers (