On the way to getting old, you must get better.
On the way to getting old, you must get better.
The past cannot be remonstrated, but those who come can still be pursued.


Buddha said: "three thousand prosperous, flick finger moment."

We always think that the years are long and the future can be expected, but life is like dust, and this seemingly long decades of time is just a flash.

looking back on the past, bitterness and bitterness, laughter, success or failure. Filled our lives.

it's just that no matter how tangled and reluctant to give up, those joys and sorrows in life will eventually pass away with the wind.

the past cannot be remonstrated, those who come can still be traced, abandon the regrets of the past, and on the way to getting old, we must get better.


take good care of yourself on the way to getting old

Schopenhauer wrote in the Wisdom of Life:

"the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade health for other things outside the body."

I think so.

too many people choose to gamble with their bodies in pursuit of fame and wealth, relying on their youth and recklessly consuming their health.

do not realize that all the gifts of fate have already marked the price secretly.

some people eat and drink and get fatty liver and high blood pressure at a young age.

some people are addicted to staying up late, feel dizzy during the day, and have a variety of mental illnesses.

some people are sedentary and lazy, and their body shape is getting worse and worse, with big bellies and swimming rings.

when we buy a car, we all know to maintain it regularly, but we choose to ignore it or even spoil it arbitrarily.

what is the most important thing in a person's life?

some people say it is wealth, some people say fame and wealth, some people say it is emotion.

these are really important, but without health, they are just glamorous.

there is no point in living in the world, enjoying fame and fortune in a high position, living in poverty and vagrancy, and without health.

A clever calculation, such as Zhuge Liang, would seriously overdraw his health because of "sleeping at night," and eventually fell on the road to the Northern Expedition.

Don't always use "too busy" as an excuse, often forget your body and overdraw your life.

without health, even if you have extraordinary talent, what can you do to realize your ambition?

the second half of life is about health.

Yang Jiang once wrote such a sentence in her letter: "in Zhong Shu's disease, I only want to live one year longer than him." Take care of people, men are not as good as women. I try my best to take care of myself. "

has a deep feeling.

Yes, the premise of loving others is to love yourself well, and taking good care of yourself is also the greatest responsibility to your family.

half of my life has passed. You must remember to take good care of yourself for the rest of your life. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, let alone bet on your health. Having a good body is the greatest happiness in this life.


on the way to getting old, know how to cherish

once read such a short story, the master asked the young monk, "which do you think is more important, the sun or the moon?"

the little monk thought for a long time and replied, "it's the moon, the moon is more important."


the young monk replied solemnly, "because the moon shines at night, that's when we need light most, and the day is bright enough, but the sun shines at that time."

after listening to this story, many people think that the little monk is too stupid, but isn't that true for many people in life? Often because of looking forward to the moon, and forget the sun in front of us.

dislike the food cooked by my parents is not delicious enough at home, dislike the nagging of my parents, after leaving home, no matter how much money I spend to buy the taste of my hometown and the concern of my parents.

in the face of a lover, I always feel that he will always be by his side and squander his lover's care willfully. After love leaves, no matter how much time and energy he spends, he can't get back a cold heart.

Life has no rehearsal, no playback, no chance to start all over again. Some people, some things, once missed, will last a lifetime.

there is a line in the movie "the afterlife":

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every time you say goodbye, you'd better try harder. One more word, maybe the last one, one more look, maybe the last one.

in the past, we always thought that the future would be long and that there would be a lot of time to waste.

after half a lifetime, we know that the most fleeting thing in this world is time, and what we cherish most is the people around us.

I remember reading such a passage in a book: "the only thing you can give in this life is companionship." And, right now, because people go, tea is cool, fate dies, and life never waits. "

Life is a journey full of parting, whether we like it or not, everyone will eventually say goodbye to us, and what we can do is to cherish every time we get together.

Don't break your lover's heart, and don't let life have regrets. The most precious thing in this world is not what you have lost, but what you have now.

on the way to getting old, may we all cherish the people in front of us, walk well under our feet, live every day seriously, love well and live hard.


on the way to getting old, let nature take its course

it is said in the Analects of Confucius: "there is no desire for speed; there is no small profit." Haste makes waste; if you see a small profit, great things will not be achieved. "

A good life should not be too entangled, let alone too hard. Life is moderate and obedient.That's good.

there is such a story in Greek mythology that Hercules is very powerful and has subdued many ferocious beasts and cunning monsters.

one day, when he was walking on the road, he suddenly tripped over a stone the size of an apple. he was so angry that he drew his sword and cut it. He didn't expect that the stone was getting bigger and bigger until it blocked the way of Hercules.

Athena, the goddess of wisdom, saw this and told Hercules:

"the more you cut, the bigger the stone will be. If you cut it down again, it will not only continue to grow, but will also come up with other ways to deal with you." If you ignore it, it will be very calm and will soon shrink to its original shape and lie there, motionless. "

Hercules took Athena's advice, stopped his foolishness, and put away his sword. Sure enough, the stone became smaller, and after a while, it shrank to its original size.

most of the time, our inner anxiety is just like that strange stone. The harder you resist, it will backfire.

but if you accept it, don't struggle with it, and let it come and go, the anxiety will go away.

as Zhuangzi said, "do not donate with heart, do not use people to help heaven."

do not attempt to change the laws of nature with our will, nor do we use manpower to change destiny. The best state of man is to let nature take its course.

Life is not satisfactory, nine times out of ten, only often with an ordinary heart, calmly to face life, in the face of setbacks, in the face of disasters, can realize the beauty of life.

there are flowers in spring and months in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter, to see the world with a clear heart, to live with joy, to develop feelings with a normal heart, and to remove obstacles with a soft heart.

that's enough.

for the rest of our lives, may we all see all the good scenery in the world, know all the lovers in the world, look down on the troubles in the world, and move on with a smile.

on the way to getting old, you must get better.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.


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