One person who can be disturbed at any time is enough.
One person who can be disturbed at any time is enough.
Meet slowly and cherish it.

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when I was sorting out the memo today, I turned to an excerpt from a long time ago:

"the best proof that a relationship can give you sense of security is that that person can disturb you at any time."

"but not everyone happens to be able to find someone who can disturb them at any time when they need it. They are more likely to swallow their thoughts back into their stomach and slowly digest them in the dead of night."

now I still note this state of mind, half of my life, companionship is always rare.

looking back at the finished road, when we are the most difficult and want to be comforted, we all grit our teeth and survive alone.

there are thousands of friends in the Wechat list, and there are many familiar or unfamiliar contact information in the mobile phone address book, but they often turn around when they want to talk, but eventually they just give up and choose to heal alone in silence.

some people cannot find, some words cannot be said, and human joys and sorrows have never been linked.

so it's like what I saw earlier:

"Don't disturb others with an instant abundant outpouring of desire. Everyone has their own moon, rising and falling alone, and no one can fully empathize with it." We occasionally have empathy, in order to store credibility, in order to overdraw your time next time. "

because companionship and understanding are rare, we should be more careful to cherish the person who is willing to give you time.

there are not many people who can be disturbed at any time. One is enough.

in front of ta, you can take off your disguise, take off your mask, and be who you really are.

whether you are elegant, embarrassed, omnipotent, or useless, TA will not dislike you.

for those words that you dare not say to outsiders, you can speak freely and unscrupulously in front of TA.

it may not be appropriate to respond to every sentence, but TA is always willing to listen to you, understand you, and be firmly on your side.

TA can understand if you blurt out what you don't mean, and TA can understand if you want to stop when you swallow it.

you can talk to TA when you wake up in the morning and find that you have run out of toothpaste. If you have insomnia and can't sleep at night, you can also send a Wechat to TA.

Love is easy to find, but bosom friends are hard to find.

what we want all our lives is actually nothing more than a stable life and a heart-to-heart encounter.

the world is so big that life and reality require you to be an adult, to be sensible, not to cry, not to be emotional, there is a person standing beside you, let you understand that you should not and do not have to be aggrieved and embarrass yourself, your happiness is the most important.

this is enough.

there is a line in the movie about Winter that says:

"it's useless for some people to see it 300 times, while for some people, it's enough to see it three times."

the length of acquaintance does not measure the depth of a relationship.

some people know each other all their lives and still look like strangers. And some people, only meet once, but can become a friend of life and death.

along the way, whom we meet and who we say goodbye to, it has always been people in the wind, not by you and me, many stories have not been reunited for a long time, and many people turn around and become strangers in the world.

"all people in the world are alike, and it is most difficult for anyone to understand your heart."

the more experience you have, the more you experience. What people fear most in this life is not to miss the person they want to love but can't love, but to miss the person who wants to be good to them but doesn't know how to cherish them.

so be sure to understand:

the people you can disturb at any time must know you very well, and those who are willing to be disturbed by you at any time really care about you. When you meet such people, you must cherish them.

, meet slowly and cherish it.

the sea of people is vast, don't lose the person who has been with you all the time, okay?

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