Open-minded (good text in depth)
Open-minded (good text in depth)
Life is only in your heart, not in the eyes of others.

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an uncle

A reader once asked Uncle a question: what on earth are you after all your life?

she said that there was a kindergarten on her doorstep. Every time she passed by, she envied those children from the bottom of her heart. She was carefree and happy.

unlike her, life is filled with all kinds of stress, leaving nothing but troubles in her mind.

many people seem to have such doubts, desperately chasing happiness, but pushing happiness farther and farther away.

in fact, life has been in a trance for decades, a cup of warm tea, a paper roll, you can be happy.

Today, my uncle wants to share this book "empty Valley Orchid" with book friends. The way of life described in the book is "only smelling flowers, not talking about joys and sorrows, drinking tea and reading, and being free" is exactly what many people yearn for.

I believe that after reading this article, you will find that the life of Anjolanson is not far away from you.


not stuck in things, not tired of living

there is a Zen master in a monk who has always liked orchids.

the monks he presides over are full of all kinds of orchids.

one day, when the Zen master was going out to give a lecture, he told his disciples to take good care of the orchids before leaving.

but a storm at night withered all the orchids, leaving only one place in a mess.

A few days later, the Zen master returned to the temple.

the disciples told the Zen master the story and were ready to be punished, but the Zen master did not blame him:

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"I have always loved orchids. Because orchids are noble and fragrant, I am willing to plant them to beautify monasteries."

but the flowers eventually wither, but now they just disappear because of an accident. How can I cling to the things I love and never give up? Isn't that against my original intention? "

after a few words, the disciples laid down their burden one after another.

this is also the penetration of the Zen master.

A person's ideal state of life does not depend on the perfection of external things.

A person who is gorgeous and rich in the inner world can enjoy and like something calmly; in the same way, he will not be too persistent when he needs to let go.

in the vast world, there are too many brilliant things to list, and there are so many things that people are fascinated and hard to give up.

only by following your heart, not staying in things, and learning to travel light, can you reap true calmness and happiness.


Don't be trapped in the heart, live a comfortable life

it is common for people to pursue fame and fortune all their lives. But if you attach too much importance to pursuit, you will worry about gain and loss, and finally make yourself physically and mentally exhausted.

I have heard such a story: there is a rich man who wants to get the greatest happiness in the world.

so, carrying his gold and silver treasure, he embarked on the pace of going far away, but he could not find it after a few months.

later, while climbing the mountain, he met a woodcutter carrying a large bundle of firewood and grass. The woodcutter hummed a folk song and looked very happy.

he didn't understand. It was clear that he was the rich man, so he went to ask the woodcutter why he wasn't the one who was happy.

the woodcutter put down the firewood and said, "if you can put down what you have, you can be happy!"

the millionaire is thoughtful: he carries so much jewelry every day that he is willing to rest at ease even when he sleeps in his arms. He really only cares about

is worried.

so he began to help the poor. Slowly, he enjoyed the fullness of charity and became happier and happier.

as said in "the Orchid of the empty Valley":

"for people in the city, they are exposed to the waves of red and dust and face countless desires every day.

if you can maintain the tenacity of self-cultivation, follow morality and conscience, clean and kind, and turn it into a fragrant and simple orchid in your heart.

even if you don't stay in a secluded valley, you can set aside a clean world. "

wanting to be happy is actually very simple. As long as you jump out of the temptation of fame and fortune and practice a place of shallow time in your heart, you can have the pleasure of "wandering between heaven and earth and feeling complacent".

Let the heart be indifferent, take a look at the flowers, birds, insects and fish in the mountains, the moon and stars, to find a little bit of poetry in the vast expanse of life, contented and happy.


Don't mess with others, live calmly

No one in the world can make everyone like it, and no one can be understood by everyone.

most of the time, we are unhappy because we care too much about the opinions of others.

my friend understands that he has been studying painting recently, and he always hopes that he can draw a painting that everyone admires.

after days of painstaking creation, he put his "perfect" paintings on display at the novice exchange, with a postscript:

"if you think there is something wrong with this painting, please mark it in the space next to it."

as a result, the blank space is filled with marks.

he went home dejected, angry and aggrieved.

when the wife at home knew what had happened that day, she looked at the gray face and beckoned him to eat watermelon.

Dabai walked over gloomily and took only a perfunctory bite.

the wife said:

"you can be the largest and sweetest watermelon in the world, but at the same time remember that there are always people in the world who hate watermelons."

after a few days, my wife accompanied me.He took the painting out for communication, but changed the comment next to it to read: "Please mark where you think it is most beautiful."

the paper that was originally covered with criticism marks has turned into praise. Dabai finally understood what his wife meant.

in this world, everyone has different preferences and different attitudes towards life.

you don't have to live in the eyes of others and carefully play a satisfying role.

as the old saying goes, "if the whole world is famous without persuasion, the whole world will not add to it."

means that if the whole world thinks that I am doing well, I will not be complacent; if the whole world says that I am not doing well, I will not be depressed.

in fact, the most rare thing in one's life is to live out one's own joys and sorrows.

remember: life is only in your heart, not in the eyes of others.

May you not be stuck in things, hearts and people for the rest of your life.

May you understand that the world is your own and has nothing to do with others.

May you be calm and happy, free and easy and wanton.

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