People, apart from health, everything is floating clouds!
People, apart from health, everything is floating clouds!
Eat well, sleep well, and being healthy is more important than anything else.


Life has a period, health is priceless

A woman and her husband went home and found three old men with gray beards sitting at the door.

the couple looked at each other and said to them, "I don't know who you are, but you may be hungry. Please come with me and have something to eat."

so the husband and wife went into the house to discuss.

the wife said, "Let's let the wealth in, so that we can have endless gold and silver treasure!"

the husband disagreed: "Honey, my work has not been going well recently, so it would be better for us to invite success in!"

the daughter on the side was also listening. She suggested, "Why not invite health in?" In this way, our family is in good health, so we can live happily together! "

the husband touched his daughter's head, turned to his wife and said, "listen to your daughter and invite your health into the house."

the wife went out and asked, "dare you ask who is healthy?" Welcome in as a guest. "

get up in good health and walk into the house, and wealth and success also stand up and follow.

the wife asked Wealth and success in surprise: "I only invited health, why did you two come along?"

the two old men stroked their white beards:

"wherever our health goes, we will accompany him everywhere, because we can't do without him at all."

but if you don't invite him into the house, no matter who comes in, we will soon lose our lives and vitality. "

after reading, everyone suddenly realized that if anyone was invited to be rich or successful, even if the family had a short period of relief and surprise, without health, everything would soon be in vain.

in retrospect, what kind of choice would you make?

We have fought hard for wealth, annoyed others for harming ourselves, and paid for success, but failed to survive the hurdle of health in the end.

it is said that health is like the number 1. Wealth, career and family are all zeros. Only when one is stabilized will there be countless zeros behind, otherwise, there will be nothing at all.

before making a choice, God gave the family a chance. The clearer the mind is, the more important it is to discover the most important thing in the world.

remember: it is not because you are successful that you have wealth and health, but because you have health that you can achieve success and keep wealth.


the weight of happiness in life is your health

A man's life wakes up from crying and leaves with crying. It begins with joy and ends with sorrow.

instead of asking what death is, it is better to study how to live well.

there is a question on Zhihu: what is the most important thing when people reach middle age?

A high-praise answer has only five words:

Health is the most important.

indeed, health is the most important.

but it is such a simple truth that how many people will not pay attention to it until they have spoiled their body.

Li Bingbing, who made her debut 25 years ago, is a famous workaholic in the entertainment industry, relying on her own "Iron Man" spirit from a small county in the northeast to the international screen.

how hard does she fight?

"I spend 98% of my time at work, and the remaining 2% is left for brain emptying and rest."

it is said that she suffered from lumbar disc herniation due to too many martial arts scenes, and suffered from spontaneous pneumothorax during the filming of Di Renjie's Empire to Heaven. She needed to be hospitalized for observation and underwent closed thoracic drainage, but she rushed back to the crew after only two days in hospital.

this makes people want to remind her: model workers do not work too hard, health is the most important. In fact, the body is protesting against the illness again and again.

in 2015, while filming in Australia, Li Bingbing had a high fever for 16 consecutive days and collapsed so that she could not walk, but she had no choice but to hold her body and fly back to China all night for treatment.

when her condition stabilized a little bit, Li Bingbing immediately set off and returned to the crew to continue filming without giving herself any buffer time.

however, Li Bingbing, who has always been tenacious, finally recognized it when she appeared on Liang Wendao's talk show recently.

in the face of the host's question: "since when do you realize that you are middle-aged?"


she said:

"since that serious illness, I suddenly feel that my health is not as good as it used to be. It's easy to get tired, but I don't have the strength to endure as much as I used to. "

even if she is as tough as she is, she has to accept the fact: "I can't afford to abuse myself, and my body will really be scrapped."


as Zweig said in the Queen of decapitation:

she was too young to know that all the gifts given by fate had already been secretly priced.

you pursue a happy life, a successful career, and your parents are still alive. But forget that the basis of all this is to have a healthy body.

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body, is the capital of struggle, health, is the greatest wealth of our life.

if you work hard for the first half of your life, your body will pay back twice as much for the rest of your life.

people, there is no disease, nothing, no money, no lack of health!

to live healthily is the most important thing for life.All right, tell me.


Life and death are trifles, so don't embarrass yourself

Prosperity is three thousand, in an instant, a hundred years later, it is only a moment of yellow sand.

people who have been alive for decades, whether they are rich or down and out, are all fleeting in the blink of an eye. No matter how important the money is, they must have their lives to spend.

as you get older, you will find that after staying up late for a long time, you feel dizzy and tired, which is the dark circles under your eyes that you can't get rid of no matter how much sleep you get.

you will find that every change of season, you often have a sore back, blurred vision, a declining memory and a lack of energy to do anything.

We always work hard and make money desperately. In the end, when we don't make any money, people fall ill. No matter how much money we spend, we can't buy back the original parts of the body.

WeChat moments read a passage:

Don't expose your money. When you get to the hospital, it's worthless.

Don't share your work. If you fall down, countless people will do better than you.

Don't bask in your room. If you leave, you are making wedding clothes for others.

the only thing you can show off is your health!

I think so.

with health, wealth accumulates slowly; with health, success is more meaningful; with health, happiness is always accompanied.

Qiu Chen, a debater, said that his schedule was irregular, and it was even more common to stay up late to work. It was not until he was diagnosed with cancer that he began to give up his bad habits for many years. He insisted on getting up early every day, exercising, reading, and sitting still.

this is a person's understanding and change only after he really brushes past death.

so, don't hold on when you're tired, let go when it's time to let go, don't stay up late when you're sleepy, and develop regular sleep habits.

A hundred years of life is like an instant.

years give us not only dark wind and dust, Zhu Yan change, but also mountains and rivers, romance and snow.

May it be more important for you to eat well, sleep well and live a healthy life in your limited time.


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