People can be refined, but not Yin (good text in depth)
People can be refined, but not Yin (good text in depth)
May you and I be kind to others and do things worthy of our hearts.


as the old saying goes:

"essence is wisdom, while Yin is evil."

when you are alive, you can be shrewd and protect yourself, but don't do anything insidious and hurt others.

to set others up is to set yourself up

have read such a story.

in ancient times, there was a laundryman in the capital whose shop business was very good, while his neighbor was a Potter, but his business was very depressed.

the Potter thinks that the laundryman's shop has affected the fengshui of his shop, so he has the intention of harming people.

he asked to see the king, saying that the laundryman had ancestral skills and could wash black elephants into white ones.

the king was very happy because there were only black elephants in this country, and the white elephant was regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness and a sign of prosperity, so he ordered the laundryman to wash the black elephant into a white elephant.

the laundryman dared not resist the order. When he got home, he kept sighing.

his wife asked him why and gave him an idea.

the next day, the laundryman went to the king and said, "my laundry basin is too small for an elephant. Please order your Majesty to build a pottery basin that can hold an elephant."

so the king ordered the Potter to make a pottery basin that could hold an elephant within three days.

now the Potter was dumbfounded, for it was impossible at all.

the Potter thought he was so smart that he could suppress the laundryman by saying a few words, but he didn't expect that his intelligence was mistaken by his intelligence and cost him his life.

there is a good saying that heaven can still violate its iniquity, but it is impossible to live for its own iniquity.

those who have evil thoughts and always want to plan against others tend to count on themselves in the end.

it's like when you have one finger pointing at someone else, the other three fingers must be pointing at yourself.

be kind and warm. The world will treat you as you treat the world.

three points of shrewdness and seven points of kindness

Zuo Zongtang said: "to be a man, shrewdness is not as good as kindness."

small shrewdness can make people profit for a while, while being kind can make people go further.

Lin Zhengjia, a builder, was very business-savvy, shrewd and capable when he was young, which was well known to everyone in the industry.

but oddly enough, he has been working hard for several years, but his career is still not improving.

he can't figure out why he can't always succeed.

until one day, he read a passage in the newspaper and seemed to understand the secret of success in an instant.

later, he used 10,000 yuan as the start-up capital to return to the mall.

from grocery stores to cement factories, from contractors to builders, partners flocked to have a smooth journey.

once, when he gave a speech at the university, a student asked: how did you change from 10,000 yuan to a business tycoon?

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Lin Zhengjia answered with a smile, because I always insisted on getting two points less.

the students are in a fog.

it turns out that he saw an article interviewing Richard Li in the newspaper that year.

the reporter asked Li Zekai: "what on earth did your father Li Ka-shing teach you the secret of making money?"

Li Zekai said:

my father never told me how to make money, but only taught me how to be a man and do things.

my father told me that if you cooperate with others, if you get seven reasonable points and eight points, then we Li family can get six points.

shrewdness and kindness are never antagonistic, and kindness is the highest state of shrewdness.

people who are too shrewd will only lose the overall situation because of small profits.

A kind-hearted person who treats people sincerely and acts upright seems to have suffered losses, but it is actually a kind of foresight that surpasses ordinary people.

A Dream of Red Mansions says: everyone who is an individual should be kind.

people who are not as smart as honest and honest in calculation are often able to achieve great things.

it's a little bitter, so you have to go through it by yourself

there is a good saying: "A man can be fine, but not Yin."

the most taboo in dealing with people and things is insidious.

most people who are too shady come to a bad end.

for example, Mrs. Wang, Jia Baoyu's mother in A Dream of Red Mansions.

in order to ensure her status, she looks like a good old man, but in fact she is resourceful.

first introduced her brother's daughter Wang Xifeng to her husband's nephew as his wife, and promoted Wang Xifeng to be in charge of the economic power of Jia Fu.

it is self-interest for parents and nieces to be in charge of the house, not only saving their own labor, but also avoiding the loss of real power.

in order to keep her niece firmly on the throne of Lady Jia, she colluded with Aunt Xue and tried every means to break up Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu, which was selfish.

forced the servant girl Jin Kui to death without mercy, but wept, and said that she had always regarded Jin Kui as her own daughter, which was vicious.

Mrs. Wang appears to eat fast and recite the Buddha, but she is actually a snake and scorpion.

for such people, the end is naturally very sad.

only ended up betraying their relatives.In the end, she cultivated Tan Chun, who gradually disagreed with her in terms of values. Her son Jia Baoyu also became a monk because of Lin Daiyu's death.

and she herself eventually died of a serious illness in depression.

some people do not hesitate to hurt others for their own interests and do whatever it takes to achieve their ends.

such people seem to benefit, but the fact is that the benefits they gain are often temporary and will eventually dissipate.

people often say: "insidiousness is the road to the abyss of danger."

all the bad things a person does are actually laying a layer of hidden thunder for his future life. A little spark at any time may detonate his whole life.

in this life, no matter what you do, the most important thing is to live up to your conscience.

when people are kind and feel at ease, the road of life will become better and wider.

I especially like what the writer Shen Hanguang once said:

if you do a good deed, you will be calm in your heart; if you do a bad deed, you will feel ashamed.

We may not achieve much in our lives, but we must ask for peace of mind.

Life is full of calculation, and most of the people who are not good enough will not have a good life.

only those who are virtuous can have the last laugh.

, for the rest of my life, may you and I be kind to others and do things worthy of our hearts, with sunshine in our eyes and magnanimous laughter.