People who are really blessed are very kind!
People who are really blessed are very kind!
Some people have flowers and trees that grow toward the sun.


there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen:

but do good deeds, don't ask about the future.

means that a person should just do more good deeds, do a good job in the present, and don't worry about future development.

in life, the accumulation of virtue and good deeds depends entirely on one's own heart.

for people with a good heart, blessings are on the way!


kindness is a lifelong practice

some people say that the greatest wealth in one's life is self-cultivation in the bones and rooted in the goodness of the heart.

so what is good?

is it Su Shi's "often save food for rats, pity moths without lighting lights"?

or is it Jin Yong's "do not deceive the heart and raise the head three feet to have a god"?

goodness is not a kind of learning, but an act.

Xue Kan once complained to Wang Yangming: "Why is it that between heaven and earth, evil is difficult to eradicate, and good is more difficult to cultivate?"

Wang Yangming persuaded him:

"good and evil are relative. When you are weeding, the grass is evil relative to the flowers, because it hinders the flowers from blooming.

but it nourishes the flower to some extent, so it is good again. "

look at the world with a soft heart, the world is beautiful, and the color of the world depends on the color of your heart.

perhaps some people say that blindly goodness is weakness. "A good man is bullied, and a good horse is ridden."

in fact, the kindness we advocate is to remind ourselves that "we must not harm others and guard against others."

as Zengzi once said: people are good and good, although the good fortune has not come, the misfortune is far away.

for a person who often does good deeds, although happiness has not yet come, he is far away from misfortune.

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always have a good heart, and you will reap good fruit in the end!

my father told me about his past.

at that time, he routinely checked the freezer in the factory, but when he finished his work, he was surprised to find that the door of the freezer was closed. It coincided with the weekend, and there were few people in the whole factory.

at that time, there was no mobile phone to contact, and my father tried to knock on the door, but there was no answer.

just when his father was desperate, the factory janitor opened the door and saved his father.

later, my father asked my uncle how he found himself.

Uncle explained: "I have worked in this place for most of my life, and hundreds of people come and go every day, but you are the only one who says hello to me every morning and greets me after work in the evening."

not many people go to work today. I heard your "morning master", but I didn't wait for you to say "see you tomorrow".

I went around the factory, and that's how I found you. "

if you give good to others, you will be blessed in the end.

the most effective good luck in the world is the blessing accumulated by bit by bit of kindness.

people do not have to do something earth-shaking, nor do they need to live a vigorous life, but they must be warm and kind.

Love has reincarnation. You never know where your goodness will affect who tomorrow.

when you find that walking on the road is so comfortable and calm that even the flowers and plants are full of fragrance, when you are in trouble, there will be more than one hand to give you a hand, this is the echo of goodness.

kindness may not change the world, but it can affect the fate of you and the people around you.

every step in the future, we should choose good deeds, because kindness is the best practice in life.


kindness is the best feng shui for a family

many people like to watch fengshui, they feel that the family is not prosperous enough, mostly because of bad fengshui.

but I don't know that it is not fengshui that nourishes people, but fengshui.

if the narrator is a house, then kindness is the foundation, the people are unkind, and the whole family will be uneasy.

the best family style is the kindness of the heart.

it is said that in the early years, Liu Bowen, a feng shui master, asked a hostess for water when he was on his way.

the hostess scooped a ladle of water, but sprinkled a handful of blighted grain husk in the water.

Liu Bowen was a little unhappy, but he was the only family in a few miles around, so he had to drink slowly while blowing.

after a short rest, the hostess learned that he would watch feng shui and asked him to help him choose a place. Thinking about what the hostess had just done, he pointed to a place.

more than ten years later, by coincidence, he passed here again, only to see that the rich children of that family were filial, which was very strange.

at this time, the hostess recognized that this was the master who gave her feng shui advice and hurriedly invited him into the house.

during the dinner, Liu Bowen asked about passing by to ask for water but was blighted by the grain. The hostess smiled and explained:

"at that time, I saw that you were in a hurry, and you were sweating. If you were allowed to quench your thirst, it would not only not quench your thirst, but also make you sick, so sprinkle some blighted grain to make you breathe slowly and drink slowly."

after listening to the hostess, Liu Bowen realized that he had misunderstood and sighed:

A good home does not need to look at fengshui, it is a treasure land of Fuxing everywhere!

that's true.

giving charity to others will benefit you eventually.

as the saying goes, "A family that accumulates goodness must have Yu Qing, and a family that is not good must have aftermath."

to a family, kindness is a street lamp in the dark. The previous generation is shining, and it is bound to illuminate the way forward for the next generation.

Zeng Guofan was influenced by his family when he was a child.Even after paying homage to the prime minister, he repeatedly warned future generations to take part in agricultural labor, not to bully others, and not to use handmaids to send slaves.

he once said: "for good is the happiest, for evil is the bitterest."

the reason why the Zeng family has so many talents is closely related to Zeng Guofan's good family style and rigorous tutoring.

as the old saying goes: good is the most precious, it can be used inexhaustible in a lifetime; if the heart is a good land, it will last a hundred years.

goodness is a seed, and where it takes root, everything will prosper.

there is Fukuda here, where is there no place to live?

A family that does good deeds and has a good heart, feng shui can never be bad.


if you are kind-hearted, incense will grow step by step

the writer Haruki Murakami once said this:

you should remember the people who hold umbrellas for you in the heavy rain, those who protect you from foreign things, those who hold you silently in the dark, those who make you laugh, those who cry with you, and those who say they miss you.

people who do good seem to have sacrificed their time and energy, but they are actually a kind of hidden foresight.

they have no distractions and live a stable life with a good heart, so life will be simpler and easier.

the Zen master saved a scorpion who fell into the water, but the scorpion stung his hand.

when the Zen master shot again, he was stung by a scorpion again.

later someone asked him: why did you save a scorpion when it stung you?

Zen master answer: stinging people is the nature of scorpions, while goodness is my nature, and my nature will not change because of his nature.

as the saying goes, thousands of blessings will be rewarded with one heart and one mind.

when you decorate your life with goodness, you reap beauty; when you roam the world with violence, you get public indignation.

"there is no way to happiness and misfortune, but people call themselves, and retribution for good and evil is like a shadow."

A kind-hearted person will be treated gently by the world.

the flowers of glory are exposed, and the grass of wealth is frosted.

A hundred years of life is like an instant, money and power are not brought in life, death is not taken away, only good conduct can make people feel at ease.

"Jian Lai" says: some people have flowers and trees that grow toward the sun.

in this life, may you be a good person in the world of mortals, asking only your heart, not your gains and losses, and fragrance all the way.


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