People who are really good know how to improve their "shielding power".
People who are really good know how to improve their "shielding power".
There is no need to force everyone to understand, go their own way, life will suddenly become clear.

once read a scientific research report: a person receives 34 gigabytes of information every day, which is the amount of information that a person can process in a lifetime.

that is to say, we are overloaded with information every day. If we do not have enough shielding power to filter out useless information, they will accumulate in the brain and affect our normal lives.

the same is true of people getting along with others in life.

not everyone is worth our time and energy to argue.

when we improve our shielding power and block out those spam messages, we can devote our limited energy to self-improvement.

the level of a person's shielding power also determines the height of life.

care about other people's opinions and mess up your own life

shielding power refers to a person's ability to exclude negative information and block secondary and invalid information.

if cognition is not anchored in a certain range, the horizontal expansion of knowledge and vision will become a dissipative expansion at any time.

in this Internet era of information explosion, a person's ability to shield and delete information is becoming more and more important.

in our life, we often encounter questions from others and hear some gossip.

are these questions and gossip not a kind of junk information?

Smart people know how to block other people's comments and opinions.

Zhou Guoping said:

"I never care what other people think of me, because I know what's going on with myself. If a person is not sure about himself, it's easy to care about what others think."

if we always care about other people's opinions and take other people's words to heart, our lives will be a mess.

there is a well-known public case.

A samurai came to the temple and asked Master Bai Yin for advice: "Please tell me, is there really hell and heaven?"

Master Bai Yin asked him, "what do you do?"

after hearing this, Bai Yin smiled and said, "which host doesn't have a skull and asks you to be a bodyguard like a beggar and a sloppy, rat-headed man!"

the samurai drew his sword from his waist and chopped it at the Zen master's neck.

Master Bai Yin Zen sat steadily on the futon and said calmly, "this is hell!"

the samurai was startled, and then, if he realized anything, he quickly discarded his sword, folded his hands and kowtowed to the Zen master.

Master Bai Yin smiled and said, "this is heaven!"

long mouth on others, other people's malicious slander, we can not stop, but we have the ability to block.

Haruki Murakami said in the Norwegian Forest:

only by blocking the junk information of the outside world, can we live in our own world and listen to the voice of the soul.

improve your shielding ability to make life easier.

only by blocking others can you be yourself

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Sanmao wrote in his prose "simplicity":

"We refuse to explore our own values. we attach too much importance to the participation of others in our lives and pay too much attention to the comments of others."

Life belongs to you, and you don't have to pay attention to the whispers of others.

only when you know how to block the opinions of others can you be yourself and control your life.

Lin Qingxuan once said:

"I want to blossom in order to complete my solemn life as a flower. No matter what you think of me, I will blossom!"

blocking the opinions of others is a kind of love for yourself.

only by loving yourself can we find the ultimate beauty in a dull life.

in Zhuangzi, there is a man named Shi Chengqi, a scholar who thinks he is knowledgeable. When he heard that others often praised Laozi's wisdom, he walked across mountains and rivers for more than a hundred days just to see him.

when he went to a lot of trouble to get to Laozi's house, he saw the house as messy as a rat hole.

so he said to Laozi angrily:

"I often hear people praise you as a saint of great wisdom. You have come such a long way to visit you, only to find that you don't even clean the house. It's too bad."

Shi Chengqi then left angrily. I just saw him off with a smile on his face.

the next day Shi Chengqi felt that he was wrong and what he said went a little too far, so he came back to apologize to me.

then Laozi said calmly:

"what does it matter if you call me a cow, a horse and a mouse? If you say I'm a cow, am I?

instead of caring carefully about the opinions of others, it is better to follow your heart and be yourself.

Zhuangzi once said:

"if you praise the world without persuasion, the whole world will not add to it."

the whole world thinks that I am doing well, and I am not more diligent; the whole world says that I am not doing well, and I am not depressed.

when we can shield ourselves from outside interference and love ourselves, our life will be as beautiful and moving as the flowers that are about to bloom; like the clouds in the sky and the running water on the earth.

instead of pretending to be yourself and pandering to others, it is better to follow your heart and fulfill yourself.

focus on your life before you can succeed

the ancients said:

"it is difficult to cook a meal for a hundred people in a clever kitchen, but it is difficult for one person to cook a meal for a thousand people."

when people are alive, it is difficult to adjust their mouths, and we cannot satisfy everyone.

No one can do everything, and there is nothing that cannot be discussed.

Han Han wrote in "Writing to everyone":

"try my best to create all kinds of things to people who care about me, and never explain what it is to people who hate me."

A person's life lasts no more than 30,000 days. Instead of spending time explaining to others, it is better to quietly improve yourself and let time verify for yourself. "

most of the time, we just need to be ourselves and have a clear conscience.

Qian Zhongshu's novel Fortress besieged has been adapted into a TV series, which has become popular all over the country.

many people come to see Qian Zhongshu's elegant demeanor.

but Qian Zhongshu does not like to socialize, nor does he want to take part in social activities.

No matter who the visitor is, he always shuts the door.

Qian Zhongshu never celebrates his birthday either. on his 80th birthday, the telephone at home keeps ringing, and bachelors, relatives, friends, and government organizations all want to celebrate his birthday.

he has already said so:

"you don't have to spend some vague money, find some bad people and say something innocuous."

some people are dissatisfied with Qian Zhongshu's practice of giving thanks to guests behind closed doors.

some people deliberately slander and say:

"Qian Zhongshu is so proud that he pretends to be arrogant and is a hypocrite fishing for fame."

Qian Zhongshu laughed off the gossip in the face of the outside world.

instead of wasting your life arguing with others, focus on your life and spend your time on what you want to do.

Lincoln once said:

"anyone who is determined to achieve something will never waste his time in private arguments."

it is precisely because of Qian Zhongshu's shielding power that he has more energy to create new works.

only by blocking others from time to time can you keep your life clean.

Bi Shumin told us in "lie Clover"

"only by seeking the truth of life and being true to yourself can we shine brilliantly in the ordinary."

in this bittersweet world, we don't have enough energy to solve all the trifles we encounter.

people with strong hearts will block spam, filter out external interference, and focus on their own lives.

you don't have to force everyone to understand, go your own way, and life will suddenly become clear.

May you and I both know how to block the interference of others and enjoy a wonderful journey of our own on the way of life.