People who are too kind-hearted are hardly rewarded.
People who are too kind-hearted are hardly rewarded.
When there is a limit to everything, it is a disaster to go too far.

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since childhood, we have been taught to be kind.

come forward to help those who are in trouble;

when you meet someone who falls down, give him a hand.

but the cruelest part of life is that there is no good reward for good intentions.

how many people try their best to fulfill others, and in the end they will only end up being blamed and hurt.

being too kind is sometimes a disaster.

good intentions may not be rewarded.

in life, not everyone knows how to return the favor.

you think your kindness and tolerance can be exchanged for each other's guilt and gratitude.

do not know that blindly paying to please will only feed those who have no conscience.

just like the fable I saw earlier, it is unforgettable for a long time.

A beggar went to a house to beg. The master gave the beggar ten yuan, and the beggar left gratefully.

the next day the beggar came to beg again, and the master still gave him ten yuan.

in this way, it lasted for more than half a year.

one day half a year later, the beggar went to the family to beg as usual, but the master gave only five yuan.

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unexpectedly, the beggar's face suddenly changed and asked, "you used to give me ten yuan a day, but now you only give me five yuan?"

the owner said painfully, "I recently had a serious illness. It takes a lot of money to see a doctor, and I don't have much money."

the beggar was furious and slapped him in the face: "how dare you take my money to see a doctor?"

in life, such things are even more common.

Ms. Zhou Cuilan from Huai'an, Jiangsu Province, found 1700 yuan in cash on her way to selling bean cakes.

, an unexpected scene happened:

Zhou Jiwei insisted that he had lost 8200 yuan and asked Zhou Cuilan to return another 6500 yuan.

also took her to court along with another witness.

at the moment of receiving the subpoena, Zhou Cuilan said aggrieved: "it is said that good people have good rewards, why do I have to suffer all this?"


I think it's just human nature. Sometimes the nicer you are to a person, the less that person takes you seriously.

the heart is so soft that it is squeezed as a soft persimmon.

be kind-hearted and be regarded as absent-minded.

he is talkative and is treated as having no temper.


this is the truth of the old saying, "A man is good at being bullied, a horse is good at being ridden."

therefore, we need to be kind, but we should not squander our goodness.

otherwise, you will only be gnawed away by life.

be too kind and end up hurting yourself

in life, we often meet this kind of people:

every time someone asks him for help, he agrees; every time someone makes him angry, he forgives as soon as he apologizes.

every time I ask for his opinion, he always says "whatever" or "whatever".

for a long time, in the eyes of others, that person has really become a very talkative, no bottom line, obedient person.

in Maugham's novel the Moon and sixpence, there is such a man, he is an unfashionable painter-Dirk Stroff.

when he was laughed at by the arrogant Charles, he not only was not angry, but also helped to bring the sick Charles home and leave it to his wife to take care of him.

when he learned that his wife was cheating on Charles, instead of being angry, he gave up his house to his wife and her rival, and said with shame, "I can't expect her to love me as much as I love her." I can't blame her. "

when his wife was abandoned by Charles, he went to see her non-stop, washing, cooking and waiting on her daily life.

in Maugham's own words: "everyone looks down on him because he is too easy to bully."

when people are alive, if they are too kind, they are weak.

as said in the "wonderful work":

"kindness is precious, but it has no teeth, and that is weakness."

this is the darkness of human nature and the indifference of the human heart.

therefore, do not allow your boundless kindness to raise a group of bloodthirsty white-eyed wolves.

blindly ingratiating, it will only make people think that you are easy to bully.

Mencius has a cloud:

"A gentleman has something to do and something not to do. Know that they can do it, know that they can not do it, but do not do it. "

roses will not be ravaged at will only with thorns.

the same is true of being a man.

being a prickly person is the gentlest rule in the adult world.

kindness should be given to the right person

"born to be a human being, please be kind" is still a sentence that I still regard as the truth.

but I am more convinced that there should be a limit to everything and enough is enough.

it's the same with kindness. It must have its own principles and bottom line..

those who are good to you should be treated with your heart, and those who are not good to you should stay away as soon as possible.

I remember that at a classmate reunion, Xiao Yun came to dinner in plain clothes.

at this time, a classmate said to her strangely, "I have never bought cheap clothes. Can I put on clothes for tens of yuan?"

someone else might have chosen to laugh it off, but Xiao Yun didn't do it. She went back directly and deleted this classmate's Wechat when she got home.

this reminds me of the question I once saw on Zhihu: since when did you decide to stop being kind?

one of the highly praised answers says:

"I never decided to stop being kind, just decided not to be kind to everyone."

I think so.

Why should I be righteous if you are ruthless to me; if you plan for me, why should I go on?

to be a man, you have to turn your face when it's time to turn your face.

to learn to reject others is to be kind to yourself; to be moderate and kind-hearted is to win respect.

Don't embarrass yourself in order to please others at any time.

because the road knows the lack of horsepower, the hearts of the people are not old after seeing people for a long time.

later you will know that there are really few things in life that are worthy of our kindness, politeness, upbringing and pattern.

therefore, spend less time on people and things that have nothing to do with life.

kindness can be exchanged for gratitude only when it is given to the right person; only when the heart is given to the right person, it is not called wrong payment.

the rest of your life is not long, be sure to add edge to your kindness.

to be a man, you need to have principles, and kindness must have a bottom line.

as the saying goes, there is a limit to everything, but if you go too far, it is a disaster.

Don't want your good intentions to be wasted, you must have a scale in your heart before you do good.

measure your own ability, but also value the character of others.

only in this way can we always be kind to others and love ourselves better in this unkind world.

, may you and I have kindness in our hearts and sharp weapons in our hands.

good news, I believe there is always a voice that warms you.