People who love to eat are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.
People who love to eat are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.
May you have something to eat, be loved, have enough to drink and eat, and be happy.

you say "Yasha talks about eating"

an uncle

for us, "eating" is not only for satiety, but also an expression of a way of life, a feeling engraved in the bones.

when I was a child, I hid "private money" secretly from my parents for a few bags of snacks.

in order to eat delicious food, he couldn't wait to run home as soon as the school bell rang.

even if I just ate a few sweets with Fa Xiao, my heart is sweeter than honey.

when you grow up, you are busy at work and have more money, but fewer people insist on having a good meal.

I do not know when, we began to go in a hurry, and even stopped thinking about the fireworks in ordinary life.

Today, my uncle wants to bring back that feeling and taste the elegant house talk about eating by Mr. Liang Shiqiu, a master of literature.

May you and I pick up all the warmth of those three meals and four seasons.

as the old saying goes, there are seven things to do when you get up early, firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea. Eating has long been an integral part of our lives.

whether the family is happy or not and whether life is happy or not can be seen from one's attitude towards food.

in this fireworks world, love to eat, is a blessing, love to eat people, the most worthy of deep acquaintance.


people who like to eat have interest in life

A little exaggerated and interesting story was told in the book "Yashe talking about eating".

Tianjin's "Goubuli steamed stuffed bun" is particularly famous, and it is rumored that its soup is so juicy that it can easily flow to the back.

it is said that two strangers came to the shop to eat soup buns and sat face to face at the same table.

one of them bit down, and Tang in the steamed stuffed bun shot straight into the face of the guest opposite and sprayed the man with "flowers all over his face."

but the "troublemaker" was not aware of it and still bowed his head and ate warm steamed buns.

and the opposite guest continued to eat quietly in spite of his face.

when the waiter found out, he quickly twisted a hot towel to deliver it, but the guests next to him laughed and advised, "No, he still has two steamed buns to eat."

Life is originally full of triviality and length, but people who love to eat can always make life interesting and interesting.

when you get along with them, the food that seems to be motionless becomes lovely.

in many cases, people who can take every meal seriously are bound to take their lives seriously.

when you take eating as a kind of enjoyment, even pedestrians who pass by in a hurry can feel the heat of your life.

in this world, flowers with brocade or ordinary, as long as there is a heart that loves life, you can encounter those sporadic beauty.


people who love to eat have wisdom in life

Liang Shiqiu and Hu Shih get to know each other very well. they are not only partners in each other's work and companions in life, but also like-minded "dinner friends".

for a time, Hu Shih's family regarded Sunday as an "open family day", and Liang Shiqiu was a regular guest.

when Liang Shiqiu went to Hu Shi's house for the first time, Hu Shi's wife personally cooked and made his favorite "one-taste pot".

"A large iron pot, with a diameter of two or three feet, was brought up hot, and it was still boiling inside. A layer of chicken, a layer of duck, a layer of meat, a layer of oiled tofu, dotted with some egg dumplings, as well as radish, green vegetables, delicious. "

that dish is simmered in a slow fire and full of color and flavor, which Liang Shiqiu will never forget.

because of the food, people who share the same taste are closely linked together, and have warm memories ever since.

Zhang Xiaoxian and Cai Lan are also eaters. They once went to eight places in one night in order to have a satisfactory meal.

just sat down in the restaurant, the food was served, as soon as there was a "not delicious", Cai Lan immediately said:

"if it's not delicious, we won't eat it. Let's go somewhere else. Ni Kuang said that at our age, one meal is less than one meal."

because their lives are limited, they live up to every meal, whether it's the food on the table or the people they eat together.

Don't hesitate to spend time traveling eight places for the satisfaction of your friends.

if a floating life has a dream, a table, a hot meal, two or three bosom friends, enjoy the breeze of the moon, and drink together.

in this eating and drinking, even if what is eaten is light food, what is filled in the stomach is real happiness.

people who love to eat, know how to give, but also know how to cherish, be friends with them, will not treat their own stomach, will not be unkind to frank sincerity.


people who love to eat are magnanimous

has always liked Su Dongpo very much, not only because of his talent, but also because of his optimistic and open-minded attitude towards life.

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throughout his life, Dongpo has been demoted three times, all of which are barren lands. although he is in the backcountry, he has planted a paradise in his heart.

despite his ill-fated career and long road ahead, he hoes his fields and is complacent. He walks, eats and sings all the way.

Dongpo meat, Dongpo soup, Braised Dongpo Pork Hock with Brown Sauce, Dongpo tofu. The dishes he tinkered with are delicious and delicious, which have been handed down through the ages with his poems.

as soon as he was demoted to Huangzhou, he laughed it off and ate it: "the Yangtze River knows the beauty of fish around Guo, and the smell of bamboo shoots in the mountains."

the second demotion of Huizhou, his smile does not change.Continue to find delicious food: "if you eat 300 lychees a day, you will continue to be from Lingnan."

when he demoted Danzhou three times, he fell in love with the local people: "tomorrow the owner knows the sacrificial stove, and only the chicken fights with wine."

in every word, I can't see his pain at all, only his tenderness in the ups and downs of the years.

if a person's stomach is filled with delicious food and is cured early, there may be no room for resentment.

Su Shi's gourmet journey is like a self-cultivation, stir-frying and cooking is beating and sharpening, ups and downs and bitterness are all kinds of life.

he, whose heart is as broad as the sea, takes open-mindedness as the auxiliary material and bold and unrestrained as the seasoning, and eats out the taste, literary style and realm in the midst of hardship.

people who love to eat, know that the supreme taste of the world is Qinghuan, even if they are at a low ebb, they can open their hearts, send love to delicious food, and meet willows and flowers around the corner.


people who love to eat know the ritual of life

some people use time to live a taste, while others waste time, between the two, the difference is the sense of ritual.

Liang Shiqiu is a person who pays attention to the sense of rituality. in his heart, he always has an awe of delicious food.

on a winter night, when he hears the cry of a lamb peddler in a deep alley, he will immediately climb out of the quilt, and then wait for the peddler to cut him under the dim oil lamp at the door, then get back into bed and put the mutton into his mouth on the pillow.

on Laba Festival, just after midnight, he and his family moved out polished copper pots and began to boil pre-soaked grains such as millet, red beans, red dates, longan and so on. Everyone had a big bowl in Laba in the morning and drank it heartily.

when he returned from studying abroad, he missed his hometown so much that on the first day of his return, he walked to Chih Mei-chai and ordered three dishes of belly bursting in one breath. He had enough to drink and had enough to eat, and he lived a happy life, especially after more than 50 years.

for eating, Liang Shiqiu always cherishes a piety and a feeling. He not only likes to eat, but also knows how to eat and cook.

Quanjude roast duck, tile fish from Houdefu Restaurant, Sautéed Chicken Slices in Egg-White from Dongxing Building. He basically ate all over Beijing, and he even remembered which restaurant and which dish was the best.

he and his wife are also particularly affectionate. they mix firewood, rice, oil and salt in the kitchen, carefully cut up the sufferings of life on the chopping board, and patiently boil out the taste of happiness in a soup pot.

Liang Shiqiu once said:

"because of homesickness, I talk about delicacy for pleasure; I chew through the butcher's door for pleasure."

maybe life is so simple, with food to eat, people to love, enough to drink and enough to eat, and everyone is happy.

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