Please be a happy fool for the rest of your life
Please be a happy fool for the rest of your life
Be open to life, and life will be gentle to you.

Carnegie said in the weakness of Human Nature:

"many troubles in life come from blindly keeping up with others and forgetting to enjoy our own life."

Life is too short to be affected by meaningless things that affect our enjoyment of happiness.

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Please be a happy fool for the rest of your life.

there is a kind of tiredness called thinking too much

thinking too much is a kind of suffering and torture, a self-directed and self-acting disaster.

I once saw a user on Zhihu who shared the trouble that he thought too much.

he is sensitive and paranoid, and he often magnifies other people's words and deeds easily.

for example, when three people are together, they will care very much that the other two people have said two more words;

when there is no reply in the group, he will be very embarrassed and wonder if other people don't like him and whether he has done something wrong.

when you find that no one else is there in the dormitory, you will think that everyone else will eat together but don't call him.

if a friend doesn't reply to a message, it's natural to wonder if the other person is prejudiced against him, but in fact the friend is just busy.

because of these "wishful thinking", he fell into internal friction, emotionally unstable and worried about gain and loss.

once people like to think too much, they will be unhappy.

not only wastes time, but also causes serious consumption to one's own spirit.

Don't think too much about it and become the main theme of your life.

Don't think too much and suffer from wishful thinking.

Don't pretend to be too much in your heart. Wishful thinking will affect you.

take an open look at life, and life will be gentle to you.

instead of letting yourself feel tired from the bottom of your heart, let yourself live simply and happily.

good mood,

start from letting go of the past

if you can't let go of the past, you can't start a new life.

through the dark days, facing the sun after facing it calmly.

Yan Youyun, a socialite from old Shanghai, was 112 years old. she had experienced great winds and waves, but she remained optimistic.

once, a thief broke into her house and stole many of her precious things.

many people went to comfort her, but she said:

"all bad things can happen, which is the least serious." I just lost my belongings and everything else that was important was unharmed-my life, my health and my family. "

in her old age, Yan Youyun of Aimei experienced a long period of tooth inlaying and grinding, but when the driver slammed on the brakes in a taxi, her teeth fell out.

her daughter was sad and sorry, but she said, "it's all right, it's all right. It turns out that this tooth has fallen out on its own. Maybe it doesn't want to install it yet."

Yan Youyun often says that the translation of "present moment" in English is "present", while "present" means "gift" in English. Therefore, every moment is a gift from God, so you must enjoy it.

when asked by the media about the secret of longevity, she shared: "Don't be sad about the past, always look forward."

Life is short, there is no need to worry too much with life, life can not regret, in fact, you can turn a corner.

putting down is not only a kind of mentality, but also another kind of heaven and earth.

sad only for a while, let it go and be open-minded for a lifetime.

be content and be a happy fool

Balzac said:

"Life is made up of different changes, cycles of pain and joy. The blue sky that will never change exists only in the heart, and it is an extravagant hope to ask for real life. "

cherish life, contentment is the true meaning of life.

there is a hotel in Los Angeles where three children do their daily homework, which is to write thank-you letters.

the content of the thank-you letter is actually very simple: "the wildflowers by the roadside are so beautiful", "the pizza I ate yesterday is delicious", "my mother told me a very interesting story yesterday".

they write more about gratitude and love for one vegetable, one vegetable, one flower and one grass, and the little things in life.

they appreciate the hard work of their parents, the help of their partners, the cleanliness of the sanitation workers, and the love and company of their brothers and sisters.

they are grateful for many small details that we ignore and things we take for granted.

Life is like a mirror, you smile at it, it smiles at you; you cry to it, it cries to you.

in life, always remember the things you are grateful for, and don't dwell on the things that make you unhappy.

as Daniel Defoe wrote in Robinson Crusoe, "We always feel lacking and dissatisfied because we lack gratitude for what we have got."

if people live too seriously and soberly, they will be very depressed, it is better to be confused and happier.

cherish what you have;

know how to give what you get;

let go of what is lost;

only in this way can we live happily.

as Helen Keller said, "I find life so beautiful."

there is nothing in the world, but mediocre peopleSelf-distraction.

Life is simple, not burdened by the secular world, but can protect its innocence, let nature take its course, and cross himself to the other shore where he wants to go.

, for the rest of your life, may you be a happy fool, be grateful, be bearish in the past, let go of your troubles, and enjoy every moment!