Please collect the most correct way of life for yourself.
Please collect the most correct way of life for yourself.
To be a simple person, to live a simple and unique life.

an uncle


@ Kaka Prancil

shared his 9-day experience of sudden cerebral hemorrhage and loss of contact.

I suddenly felt a deep fear.

after recovering, he said:

I stayed up until more than 1 o'clock for a long time, and got up early to work the next day. At the weekend, I didn't get up until after 12:00, only had two meals and didn't go to bed until after 2 or 3 o'clock in the evening.

the doctor said that my blood vessels are too fragile, inelastic and lack of exercise for a long time.

presumably this netizen's experience is the daily life of most of us, but the adult world is never so easy, and life is fair to everyone.

while staying up the longest night, apply the most expensive mask; collect health guides, work overtime desperately, get drunk every night, and put wolfberry in the cup.

in front of life, what is more valuable and worth our efforts?

how on earth should we spend our lives in the face of irrevocable and irrevocable life?

Zhou Guoping gave an answer in the book I like Life as it is.

in fact, when you see what life is like and become who you really are, everything is relieved!


you only have one life, so don't live too hard

readers often ask me:

Uncle, why do you think a person has so much trouble? if you don't think about what you can't get, will you be happier?

Zhou Guoping gives this explanation in his book:

in fact, it is not because of thinking that there is trouble, there is pain, but because of pain, so thinking, resulting in trouble.

Yes, people who are prone to annoyance do not deliberately provoke troubles themselves, but problems come to you, and you can't hide.

similarly, for those who like to think about life problems, do you ask them pain?

of course he suffers!

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but the pain comes first. If you don't think about it, the pain is still there. In that case, why not face it.

A Zen master brought his students around to visit, but the students sighed all the way, because he always recalled the unhappy things of the past.

one day, they went on a boat trip, and when they reached the shore, the Zen master said, "you carry this boat on your body, and we will continue on our way."

the student was surprised. "Master, the river is coming too. How tired will it be if I carry a boat on my back?"

the Zen master said:

"everything in the past is like this boat. Since you know you are tired, why are you still unwilling to let go?"

every resume is important to life, but the past is the past, so why move on with it? "

the students suddenly realized that they were no longer listless all the way from then on.

nine times out of ten there are unpleasant things in life. Instead of living in entanglement, it is better to grasp the present and calmly let go and stride forward.

learn to let go, is a kind of free and easy, but also a kind of relief, it will let you live in the present with the most optimistic state of mind.

learn to let go, then every day will be comfortable and happy.

"people have only one life and one heart. Take good care of the only life and settle down their hearts. This is a good life and a good life."

so, seize the moment, do not leave yourself any regrets, be a simple person, live a simple life, live a unique life.

you will find that the way life is, is everyone who makes a choice.


Love yourself is the winner in life

two days ago, my friend Lao Luo sent me Wechat in the middle of the night:

"it seems that I am really going to be old. My body is becoming more and more unable to keep up. In those days, I played games with your boy all night, and during the day, I was full of blood. Now I feel uncomfortable staying up all night after working overtime."

I said, "when you're old, you can't treat yourself like a kid. Not to mention your age, even young people may not be able to stay up late every day. Don't think of yourself as Superman."

Lao Luo smiled bitterly: "it is said that there is no easy word in the adult world. Look who is not desperately pushing forward in this world, for fear that as soon as you stop, someone will pass you. If you want plum blossoms, you have to go through a chilling experience!"

I sighed helplessly, ah, turning around like a top, for family, for children, for parents, but always forgot to stop and listen to their own heart.

Life passes in the twinkling of an eye, and many things are gone before we can recover.

whenever I come to the end of my life, I suddenly realize that I am the only one I am sorry for most in this life.

as soon as "the world is so big, I want to see it" was released, it sparked a heated discussion on the whole network. the reason is that such an idea has uncovered the tangled hearts of many people who want to but cannot.

since there is only one life, why not know yourself soberly, settle your heart, and love yourself for once!

everyone knows the truth, but it is difficult to know and love yourself, which is not an easy task.

Watchman Rorschach diary says such an example:

A man went to the doctor and said he was suffering from depression.

the doctor told him it was simple. The most famous comedian is in town. Go and find him. He can cheer you up.

he suddenly began to cry, "butIt's the doctor. I'm the comedian. "

all my life, I have been busy amusing others, but I have only failed myself.

as Zhou Guoping said:

"everyone has only one chance to survive, and no one can feel life for you.

if you are really aware of this, you will understand that the most important thing to live in the world is to live your own characteristics and taste. "

this journey of life may be bumpy or smooth. No matter what awaits you, you must have a love for yourself.

the best way to grow up is to learn to be kind to yourself.


Don't walk so fast that you forget to enjoy

many people say that I can hardly support myself, so I can't even talk about the spiritual world.

this is true, but when one lives in the world, one must know what he wants.

since it is doomed that the ultimate result of life is death, it is better to expand the width of life.

after all, life is a process, not a result.

in order to increase circulation, the person in charge of a publishing house launched a "painting campaign", requiring applicants to show their works with a vivid picture with the theme of "what will you do if the end of the world comes?" with a prize of $100000.

in the following days, the publishing house received works from all over the country, and each candidate gave full play to his imagination.

unexpectedly, the last winner was a sketch of a disabled girl who showed people a harmonious family.

the wife is washing dishes in the kitchen, the husband is sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper, and the two little boys are sitting on the floor fiddling with the building blocks.

some people may think that we can see such an ordinary family at any time, but who can be so calm in the face of the end of the world?

in fact, when you can calmly face the end of the world, you have achieved the highest pursuit of life-to enjoy life in mediocrity.

many people are pursuing a non-ordinary life, but they do not realize that those who really understand the meaning of life are those who know how to enjoy life.

We are always used to looking forward, but ignore the most important scenery around us, and go so far in a hurry that we forget why we started in the first place.

"I only want to keep the true nature of life, an innocence that can quietly listen to other lives and make other lives willing to listen quietly



for the rest of your life, abandon your worries and anxieties, constantly cultivate and refine yourself, so that you will like what your life looks like.

May we all keep a fearless heart forever, stride forward, live up to our time, and live up to our lives.

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