Please tell your children: when you get married, you must stay away from these four families!
Please tell your children: when you get married, you must stay away from these four families!
You don't have to be reluctant to love, but you have to be responsible for marriage.

Roman Roland said: "you don't have to be reluctant to love, but be responsible for marriage."

Love, talk about feelings, often romance, while marriage, seek life, often firewood, rice and salt.

how much love changed after marriage, and finally a beautiful relationship came to an abrupt end, leaving behind full of remorse and regret.

when young people enter marriage, they will inevitably go to their heads because of love, but when parents are faced with children who are about to start a family, they must tell them:

when you encounter the following four kinds of families, you must have less contact, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable!

families that are full of contradictions and do not live in harmony

as the saying goes, "it is difficult for honest officials to break household chores."

it is enough to see that the right and wrong of family disputes is really one of the most complex issues in the world.

and the emergence of various disputes, the first impact is family harmony.

Children who grow up in conflicts and family discord have been used to seeing chicken feathers in their marriage since childhood. They have been in an angry mood for a long time, have a bad temper and are indifferent to the things around them. How can they know how to love someone?

so, before you get married, be sure to know how each other's families get along.

if you can communicate calmly when you encounter different opinions, it shows that such a family must be full of tolerance and understanding.

when you are with such a person, he will give way to you everywhere when he is in love; after marriage, he will always care about you, there will be harmony and harmony between husband and wife, and life will prosper with each passing day.

as a saying goes, "everything is prosperous at home."

A harmonious family can always bring warmth and motivation to move forward, which is not only conducive to the development of both sides' careers and the improvement of their quality of life, but also provide a good environment for children to grow up.

therefore, before marriage, we must carefully consider: a harmonious family is bound to be prosperous, while a disharmonious family is bound to be full of contradictions.

unfaithful, unfilial, ungrateful family

Mencius said, 'only filial piety to your parents can solve your worries. "

for a family, the greatest blessing is not having a house, a car and a lot of money, but raising children who are filial and sensible.

Children who are filial to their parents respect their elders, be considerate of their parents, have good conduct, and can always be grateful.

"A hundred good filial piety comes first". Before you get married, you should go to each other's house to see how the person you are about to marry treats his parents.

as a saying goes, "your attitude towards your parents is your most real character."

people with poor character, when they do everything, they are self-centered, rely on their parents for survival, and even feel that their parents do not give him better material living conditions, so they treat him badly and are attached to their parents like a vampire every day.

when they marry people who are unfaithful and unfilial, they will only see their own suffering and tiredness, but they will never be grateful for each other's efforts in marriage and family.

Marriage is not the work of one person alone, but the cooperation and understanding of two people.

if a person does not even know how to be grateful to the parents who gave birth to him and raised him, no matter how long you spend with him and how much you give, you will end up with nothing.

therefore, before marriage, we must remember: ungrateful people, do not marry, do not marry.

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A family in which the elders are in charge

families whose elders have a strong desire to control, whether it is the children's work or life, they will intervene. Although they give the best to the children, they do not give the children the space to be free. This excessive love is a burden and will make the children miserable.

Zhou Guoping said:

"the sense of size is the standard of mature love, and it knows how to abide by the necessary distance between people."

although marriage is the union of two families, in the final analysis, it is husband and wife to live together.

for men, choosing between mother and wife has always been a headache, as long as one is not handled properly, it is easy to cause family conflicts.

but as long as he has the ability to distinguish right from wrong, he can solve the problem cleverly. The husband can neither fail to take responsibility, blindly listen to his mother, nor ignore his wife's feelings and let her swallow all her grievances alone.

We need to understand:

Marriage is maintained by two people. Parents can give advice, but they should not influence your choice. You can follow their advice and make a choice, but you must have your own principles.

therefore, before marriage, you must see clearly: the person you want to accompany for life is an adult with an independent personality, or a huge submissive baby.

A messy, disorderly family

as the old saying goes, "rise at dawn and sweep the court."

A clean and tidy house has a really great impact on a family, and it is even related to the good luck and happiness of a family.

if you want your children to be happy after marriage, you should look at each other's living conditions. after all, everyone will be influenced by the environment imperceptibly.

if the whole family is diligent, life will be harmonious and beautiful, parents will pay more attention to their children's education, and their children will become better and better if they receive a good education.

if a home is particularly messy, it can only show that the owner of the house is lazy and unenterprising, not only frowning and sighing every day, but also easy to make mistakes, then why can he make the future family happy?

has always liked this sentence:

"only at homeOnly when it is clean, can you look at it comfortably and live smoothly. "

when a person lives in a clean and tidy home, he must be in a good mood and full of positive energy.

in such an environment, even if couples encounter conflicts, they will give way to each other and support each other, so that life will not only get better and better, but also the whole family will get better and better.

therefore, before marriage, we must pay attention to: think twice about families whose rooms are untidy and disorderly.

there is such a phrase to describe marriage:

"Marriage you do not marry someone, but all the social relations of that person. The union of the two of you is the union of two families. If he marries you, it means everything to you, including your social connections and your parents."

it is true that the relationships involved in marriage are complex, and even the perfect marriage is somewhat unsatisfactory.

but marriage is a matter of a lifetime, and the authorities can be "fascinated", but bystanders must be "clear".

as parents, they should take good care of their children's marriage in order to prevent their children from suffering from marriage in the future. if you encounter the above four kinds of families, please stay away!