Poke a short film on moments: excellent children are "accompanied".
Poke a short film on moments: excellent children are "accompanied".
No matter how busy you are at work, you should spend time with your children.


Today is Father's Day, and the moments are full of love and blessings.

but in the same gratitude for a thousand times, there are also some different voices.

friend Shaddock said: "I also want to tell my father about love, but because the relationship is not close, I do not know how to express love." Even a little intimacy can make each other feel uncomfortable. "

recall that Yan Rujing also talked about a similar experience in the "wonderful work Theory" of the variety show.

since childhood, her father seldom accompanied her because he was busy with his career. Later, one grew up, the other was no longer busy, but there was a lot of time.

"if I were to stay with my father for 12 hours, I don't know what to do. I feel long when I talk to my dad for more than a minute. "

the gap between each other is precisely caused by the lack of love and company in childhood.

in nearly 60% of families, mothers are the main companionship of the family. Families with more dads or as many parents accounted for only 12.6% and 16.5%.

I believe that many people think that companionship is the mother's responsibility.

do not realize that many of the father's influence can not be replaced by the mother. Because compared with the gentle companionship of women, their teaching will be more powerful and help children develop qualities that benefit from life, such as self-confidence, exploration, tolerance and so on.

do you remember Li Yan, the daughter of diva Faye Wong?

was labeled "defective" at birth. But in this child, we do not see any "inferiority complex" haze. She is even more sunny and optimistic than many children her age.

especially when she appeared in Paris Fashion week and walked the catwalk, she was full of confidence and demeanor.

and all this is inseparable from the love and company of my father Li Yapeng.

he will spend all his time growing up with his child and take her to live in the country to experience a different life. He will also care about his child's heart, actively guide him, and constantly encourage and praise his daughter.

it is this kind of care that sets up a strong spiritual world for Li Yan and supports her to open up her own small world bravely.


although love and companionship are necessary, we have to admit that dad is also an ordinary person.

when they want to earn money to support their families and accompany their children, there is always a time when they are willing but powerless. Many times, in order to support the whole family, fathers have to sacrifice the time they spend with their children.

picking up work can not accompany you, giving up work can not afford to support you, it is also a dilemma in front of many fathers.

No wonder there was a public service advertisement video "sharing Dad" that became popular some time ago.

there is a company called shared Dad in the short film. As the name implies, "shared father" is to provide a rental service for families who need their father's company.

at first glance, the idea sounds interesting. But can it really solve the problem of "lack of fatherly love"?

is there really no way to help dads balance work and family?

of course not! Uncle's good friend Dahua is an example of a "good father". While working hard, I can not only spend time with my children, but also have a better way of bringing children than my mother.

and his secret is to be good at finding a reliable "little assistant" for himself--

Intelligent car Internet brand "OnStar"


OnStar, which covers more than 20 car federation services, such as security, emergency rescue, and remote control, is not only the "patron saint" of family travel, but also helps busy fathers solve many pain points in their lives and accompany their children to grow up.

accompany the child, really should learn "he"

many parents know the importance of companionship, but they find it hard to find time to watch their children play or stay next to them with their cell phones. There is no communication, no interaction, such companionship is better not to accompany.

in fact, it doesn't matter if you have less time. The important thing is to make full use of your time together. Reading and playing with children, these seemingly inconspicuous little things, in the eyes of children, is the expression of love for themselves.

for example, every time my good friend Dahua sends his children to school, he uses the OnStar listening function to tell his children a story. The child was fascinated along the way, and the father and son were able to listen together, discuss together, and have a happy parent-child time.

sometimes when you go out to take a bus, the baby cries impatiently, and even the mother can do nothing about it, but Dahua can think of a way to appease him.

Press the OnStar blue button and ask the witty customer service to recommend some songs that the child likes to listen to, and the child will be quiet immediately.

over time, the relationship between children and Dahua becomes better and better.

many parents have a headache to pick up and send off their children, which has become a relaxed and happy thing for Dahua and his wife. Isn't this a better way to communicate than to keep a straight face and tell your child to "shut up and be quiet"?

can afford a job and accompany the children

many readers leave a message with their uncle backstage that they want to spend more time with their children, but busy work often makes peopleinvoluntarily.

for example, on the weekend, what should I do if I not only want to go out with my children, but also worry about suddenly getting an emergency job? Let's take a look at how Dahua, my uncle's good friend, "Senior Baby Dad", does it.

Dahua will first explain to the child that "Daddy is going to play monster and upgrade" and let the baby wait for him for a while; then open

listening function of OnStar

, play some stories for the child.

I started to deal with official business by using the 4G wifi on OnStar.

in this unique parent-child time, Dahua has set an excellent example for children and cultivated their enterprise and sense of responsibility imperceptibly.

good company is to protect you all the time

Dads may not be good at words and can't say emotional words. But the love they didn't say is hidden in action.

just like OnStar's "vehicle condition check" function, it will silently guard your every journey and protect the health and safety of the whole family.

sometimes, when Dahua drives home after working overtime at night, the mother and children are always very worried. But since OnStar, they feel much more at ease.

Onstar is like a considerate butler sent by his family to accompany his father home safely.

before leaving, press the blue button of OnStar to know the condition of the vehicle.

for example, if there is something wrong with the engine or airbag, it will tell you in advance.

and when you are driving and suddenly feel unwell, press the OnStar red button and you will get timely medical attention.

in fact, the father's safety is the greatest responsibility for the child. And the health of the baby is also the most important aspect for dads.

the summer vacation season is coming soon. I believe that many baby dads will encounter a painful problem among giants.

that is, if the car is exposed to the sun for a while, it will be like an oven. At this time, adults are on pins and needles, not to mention children.

but my friend Dahua is very clever.

before driving, he will remotely turn on the air conditioner in the car through OnStar's mobile phone app.

when the child gets on the bus, a cool breeze is blowing in his face, which is very comfortable.

these seemingly small actions often hide the father's deepest love.

you see, what we thought was "you can't have both", there has long been a solution. Watching Dahua strike such a good balance between career and family, I can't help but wonder about OnStar.

so I took the opportunity to experience a "one day on OnStar" and really felt what the Smart + connected lifestyle of "people, cars, and life" was like.

after a circle of experience, I can't help but sigh: it is technology that really changes life. From travel to office, from driving to home, every link is quite intelligent and convenient.

before the experience, the staff demonstrated a very practical feature for Uncle. After installing OnStar APP on iWatch, you can use it to remotely open and close the car window and check the car condition.

the most amazing thing is that it can also detect the driver's physical condition, always pay attention to your driving condition, and when it detects an abnormal body, it will issue a warning and prompt you to rest by the side of the road or ask for help.

the father who guards the family also needs to be guarded. Uncle feels that this is the most meaningful gift for Father's Day.

when I came to the "Smart Life" experience area of the exhibition area, my uncle found another surprising cool techs-

OnStar "car controller" technology

. Through the voice control system in the car, you can command the smart home in the home.

when you drive a car and say "turn on the air conditioner" and "turn on the floor sweeping robot".... You can arrange the housework in advance! This can not only save a lot of time doing housework, but also spend more time with your family.

according to the staff, this technology will be on the market soon. Anyway, Uncle can't wait!

Proper cocktail evening wear with long or short sleeves at low price! Happy to help you to choose your dreaming garments.

another thing that makes Uncle curious is

AR intelligent transportation experience of OnStar

. What will the future navigation look like?

before departure, it will automatically plan the best travel route for you, and there is no need to stare down at all at all at the mobile phone or car screen. All you need is an AR glasses, and the sign of turning left and right will automatically appear in front of you. It is clear at a glance, and you don't have to worry about turning the wrong way at all.

and it will automatically remind you of the dangerous road conditions you may encounter around you, and take precautions.

afraid of missing the green light? Can't find a parking space? These problems are all taken into account by intelligent navigation for you! You don't have to worry about the whole journey from departure to arrival!

seeing this, Uncle can no longer restrain his affection for OnStar, and there are only two words in his heart: buy it!

but a friend said before that OnStar is only suitable for GM cars? Uncle threw the question to the staff. According to him,

OnStar is about to launch a post-loading solution

, this relieves the worries of many car owners.

OnStar currently has more than 2 million active users in China, and it is expected that in the second half of this year, no matter what brand or model is installed, as long as OnStar is equipped with intelligent hardware, you will be able to enjoy a super convenient and super intelligent life! Both work and life, set aside more time for you to spend with your family!

years are fleeting. Don't wait for everything to be missed, to make up for it.

even ifNo matter how tired your life is and no matter how busy your work is, you have to spend time with your children.

and the years you accompany him through will become the strength and glory for children to resist the vicissitudes of life.


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, let life be "star" from now on!