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Don't worry about it, laugh for the rest of your life.


"there is nothing to let go of life"

an uncle

have seen an interesting little experiment:

A 10-year-old girl throws out one of the most troubling problems of the moment, advised by a 20-year-old stranger, leaving her troubles while giving advice, and so on until the 80-year-old.

looking at it one by one, people will find that no matter what stage of life we are in, we will have countless troubles.

however, only when you let go of your troubles can you be free.

I think so.

in life, there will always be joys and sorrows; in life, there will always be fate to break up.

joys and sorrows, the world is cool, it is natural.

it is only when you are open-minded that there is a rainbow after the rain, and when you travel light, you can walk easily.

Today, my uncle wants to share this book "nothing in Life can not be put down" with the book friends. I hope we can all learn to look down on the gains and losses of life, lay down the burden in our hearts, and live happily and leisurely.


putting aside obsession is a kind of wisdom

the only knowledge Story says: "there are many kinds of troubles and obstacles. If you do not hold on to me, there will be no annoyance, and self-attachment will be the root and give rise to troubles."

many troubles in life can be traced back to the source, but the word "obsession".

if you can put aside your obsession and treat it in a different state of mind, it will be the great wisdom of life.

there is a short story that happened in the temple:

there are two gardenia flowers in the monastery. Every time they are in full bloom, the fragrance of the flowers is overflowing and refreshing.

however, this year, a gardenia flower is only half-blooming, and its leaves are quietly yellowing, showing signs of withering.

when the little monk found out, he was very anxious.

Master comforted him and said, "it's all right. You can save your life. Go and get a pair of scissors."

however, when the young monk heard that he wanted to take scissors, he was very reluctant.

this gardenia is a treasure he has spent a lot of painstaking effort, and he is reluctant to cut off its branches.

seeing that he was unrepentant, Master explained to him why.

when it blossoms, it needs enough nutrition, and the extra branches will absorb some of the nutrients.

at this time, if the extra branches are not cut off, within a few days, the flowers will wither and die because of the lack of nutrition.

Master bent down, fiddled with the branches and said to the little monk, "you see, these are all superfluous. Just cut them off."

if you cling to it, you will be confused, but if you are confused, you will not realize it, so you will have the saying that you are "unrepentant".

most of the time, we are like this little monk, obsessed with the immediate gains and losses, but often lose more.

in fact, life is like planting flowers, pruning off the extra branches in order to flourish more.

there is a saying in "there is nothing to let go of life":

"when people are most powerful, they are not when they persist, but when they let go."

when you learn to get rid of unrealistic persistence and obsession, you will find that putting it down at the right time can easily solve many problems.

because it is better to let go wisely than to cling blindly.

Learning to let go of obsession is not only a kind of mentality, but also a kind of wisdom of life.


letting go of desire is a kind of freedom

as the saying goes: desire is like salt water. The more you drink, the more thirsty you become.

the more desires people have, the more fetters the soul will have.

put down what should be put down, the heart will release the heavy burden, and life can be at ease.

have seen such a story:

there is a blacksmith shop where an old blacksmith lives.

one day, an antique dealer passed in front of the blacksmith's shop and inadvertently saw a purple sand pot in the old blacksmith's hand.

he saw at a glance that it was a rare antique purple sand teapot, probably the work of Dai Zhengong, a famous kettle maker in the Qing Dynasty. While Dai Zhengong has a reputation of "turning mud into gold", it is said that there are only three of his works left.

so the antique dealer said nothing and offered 100000 yuan to buy the pot.

when the old blacksmith heard the offer, his eyes widened. This pot was left by his ancestor, and he never knew that a clay teapot would be so valuable.

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however, he refused the request of the antique dealer because it was handed down by his ancestors.

he held the teapot and looked left and right. in the past, when he drank tea, the teapot was casually placed beside him, and when he wanted to drink it, he pinched the handle and sent it to his mouth.

now, he is always afraid of accidentally knocking and touching the pot.

his mind was on the teapot, forgetting the taste of tea, listening to crosstalk on the radio and watching the leisurely scenery outside the door.

his door is often pushed at night.

the old blacksmith had to reinforce the gate for fear that the pot would be stolen.

in this way, the life of the old man has been completely disturbed.

tossing and turning, after months of sleeplessness, one day he invited his neighbors in publicSmash that purple teapot to pieces!

from then on, the old man returned to the dull days of drinking tea and listening to the radio, only replacing the expensive purple sand pot with an ordinary purple sand pot.

things change with the heart, circumstances are created by the heart, and troubles are created by the heart.

as the Buddhists say: bitterness is not bitterness, pleasure is not joy, it is just a momentary desire.

most of one's pain comes from desire, that is, the pursuit of what one should not pursue.

letting go of desire is not only an epiphany, but also a kind of freedom.

only when you learn to let go of the heavy burden of moving forward and shut out the temptation, can you feel the sudden enlightenment of "turning the corner but there is another village" and realize the transcendence of "a haze of misty rain for life".


Let go of the past and move forward better

so he found the philosopher Plato.

but Plato did not answer him directly, but told him to walk on the gravel road with a basket on his back.

every step he took, he picked up a stone and put it in the basket, and before he was halfway through the road, he felt that the whole person was getting heavier and heavier and that he could not walk any more.

Plato saw him like this and asked him to throw out all the stones in the basket.

each of us comes to this world with an empty basket on our back.

then in the journey of life, we put some things into the basket while walking. When there are more and more things in the basket, we will feel more and more difficult.

Life is doomed to put down some things, should no longer recall will be completely abandoned, too much nostalgia will only become a fetter.

Master Hongyi once said: there were all kinds of things in the past, such as death yesterday.

means: the past can not be traced, the past can not be left behind, now that things have passed, then we must learn to let go.

the past is like yesterday. Only by learning to let go and let go of the past can we move forward better.

Life is long, who is not stumbling forward along the way, there are joys and sorrows, just like flowers blossom and fall, Yunjun Yunshu.

instead of being bitter about one thing and frowning all day long, it is better to raise your head, stand on tiptoe, let go of obsession and burden, and set your heart free.

because life, nothing can not be put down, there is something to give up, there is something to gain. If you put it down, you will gain something.

May we all learn to let go and reap more happiness in our future lives.

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