Put it down, the heart will not be so tired.
Put it down, the heart will not be so tired.
Do not be infatuated with the past, not afraid of the future, can live in the present.

break up


an uncle

not long ago, my uncle accompanied his friend to the hospital to pull out the wisdom teeth that had been troubling him for years.

he said that at the moment of pulling out, he suddenly felt that he had put down a stone, and the shadow of many years immediately dispersed, and even if it hurt so much that he could not open his mouth, he happily wanted to go to the lobster.

Yes, obviously it is only a rotten tooth, but it has been entangled for many years to bring me a lot of trouble.

everyone must have experienced this:

A closet full of clothes is still bothered by "no clothes" every morning.

the rental house is full of unused items, continue to buy and keep hoarding;

bruised and bruised by feelings, he still clings to it.

in fact, there are many things to be reluctant to give up, but I think it is complicated. If I can get rid of it in time, I will usher in a beautiful life.

Today, an uncle introduces

Hideko Yamashita's "separation"

, let's have a "subtraction" for life together.

throw away unworn clothes and unused objects, let go of unworthy feelings, put yourself in the center of life, and stride forward bravely.



desire to cut off and live a lighter life

imagine how you feel when you come home from work all day with clutter everywhere.

and the beautiful white-collar Yoko family is in such a state.

Miss Yoko is a smart, sunny white-collar worker in her 30s. In contrast, there is a shocking mess in her family.

A large number of materials for work are thrown everywhere;

the cardboard boxes that have been moved and packed have not yet been opened, and several layers of ash have fallen in a corner;

clothes that I can no longer wear, but I am reluctant to throw them away, so I can only keep them, and more and more things are accumulated.

the living environment of "unable to speak to outsiders" is directly reflected in the relationship, and several of Yoko's partners are married people.

when she realized that life should be "separated", Miss Yoko disposed of all kinds of sundries and wastes.

soon after, she met a peer who was the same age and neat. The opportunity is the invitation of "Please come to my house sometime".

now Yoko's house is not spotless, but she can see the mountains, bathe in the sunset and feel the sea breeze.

you can smell the sun when you sleep in a soft bed and put on beautiful clothes every day.

room is a reflection of one's life. How is life and whether life is happy or not can be seen at a glance from the environment.

people with messy rooms are mostly upset and troubled, while those who hoard too much are mostly negative and heavy. Only a bright and clean environment can give birth to bright and positive people.

tidying up a room is like tidying up your mood, cleaning up not only the environment but also the haze in your heart.

when an inch of sunlight comes in, the mood will naturally become neat and bright.


"give up"

know how to choose socially and live a better life

when we are young, we are eager to socialize, and the older we get, the more we understand that not everyone deserves to be invited into life.

book knows this well.

on the day of 30 years of marriage, Minako's husband filed for divorce. Already a housewife, she could not accept this fact at all, so she clung to the old things full of the house and fell into deep pain.

the first love letter he sent 30 years ago;

photos left by two people traveling together when they were young;

save money to buy a camera for him;


these old objects, like a bottomless quagmire, pulled her into deep memories.

after receiving the treatment of divorce, she began to pick up the things symbolizing the love of husband and wife and accept her life again.

working out, reading, going back to work, her smile is warmer and her life is more vigorous than before marriage.

We always say break up, in fact, the most important thing to break up is not the old things, but the people who hurt you.

you know, he who lets go is wrong, he who hugs the right person.

when life reaches a certain stage, you should learn to break up, subtract the people and things that trouble you in your life, and learn to cherish the life you have.

you are your own protagonist. Instead of pandering to the wrong person, you should really face your heart.



give up your emotions and live more freely

the human mind is like a container, there will inevitably be sediment in it over a long period of time, and if it is destroyed by wind and rain, it will be more easily broken.

12 years ago, Ms. Yumi, who gave birth to a disabled child, was such an unfortunate person. To make matters worse, she got a hernia because her husband often worked late into the night and had no one to look after the children.

this 24-hour affliction, coupled with two children who need to be taken care of, even wanted to die when she could not find help.

under heavy pressure, the house becomes a mess, dirty and dusty everywhere, yesFrustrated and insensitive to herself, she muddles along like a walking corpse every day.

when she learned the concept of "separation", she dissected herself, and then she poured out the pain and tears she had held in her heart.

when she regained her smile and cheered up again, her body gradually improved and everything was driving in a good direction.

people are emotional animals, always produce garbage emotions, the key to how to deal with.

listen to a brisk piece of music, go to the gym for a sweat, or go far away to explore unknown territory.

remember to cry freely when it's time to cry, and you can still embrace the gorgeous rainbow by wiping your tears.

the garbage in your heart should be emptied regularly to make room for happiness.

negative emotions, remember clearly, self-rescue is always better than drawing a circle on the ground as a prison.

what can't beat you will make you stronger. If you get through it, anything is possible.

Life is limited, a person's energy is limited, it is precisely because of this, we have to break up.

what is separation? Hideko Yamashita said: break, cut off things that are never needed. Give up, give up the excess waste. Get away from the attachment to the object.

now let go of what you don't need.

Let go of a useless thing and make some room.

if you deal with one extra thing, you will reduce the burden.

Wish for a two piece evening dress for prom with a flair to be the centre of attention? These are the best options for the big day.

if you reduce the waste, you will regain a bit of energy.

simplicity is true. Filter out what should be abandoned in order to taste the sweetness of life.

only by not being infatuated with the past and fearing the future can we live in the present.

as mentioned in "break up": those who can let go of their obsession can be more confident and happier.

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