Qixi Festival, this picture is crazy. After reading it, I burst into tears.
Qixi Festival, this picture is crazy. After reading it, I burst into tears.
With you by my side, life is full of comedy.

what is the best appearance of love?

is it a solemn vow of love, vigorous and vigorous?

or romance, till death do us part?

maybe as Mu Xin said:

once upon a time, the horses were very slow, and the letters were far away.

you can only love one person all your life.

first get along well with each other, then spend the rest of your life together,

from the beginning of the sky to the dusk.

in the days to come,

two people in one room, three meals and four seasons,

No more ordinary days,

can be romantic and poetic.


Valentine's Day,

an old man with gray temples,

sit in the bus with a bouquet of roses carefully,

although it is bumpy all the way,

but the smile on his face never disappeared.

when asked by others,

he is actually shy:

"my wife likes flowers. This is for her."

it's easy to fall in love at first sight,

it is too difficult to know each other,

companionship is the most lasting confession.

I will spend the rest of my life

continue to love you.


on the subway in Chengdu,

Grandma's cloth shoes were drenched by the heavy rain.

Grandpa took off his dry shoes and socks.

change the granny gently,

but put on wet women's shoes.

there is still a long way to go.

there may be wind and rain,

it may be muddy,

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Don't be afraid,

I will walk slowly with you.


A couple sat back and forth on the bus

the sun shines in through the window,

the husband remembered that his wife was afraid of the sun.

trembling to take out an umbrella,

hold it on his wife's head silently after stretching it out

block out the strong sunlight.

I don't know how to say I love you,

but I will, when you need it most,

open an umbrella for you.


this KFC is fully heated.

an old couple are sitting face to face,

each has an ice cream in his hand.

the husband looked out of the window at the heavy snow.

distressed to ask his wife:

"is it cold? Why don't you just eat two bites?

shall I buy you a cup of soy milk? "

wife shakes her head and says no,

continued to lick the ice cream happily.

A barrel of ice cream, a word of advice,

the wind and frost outside the window can be turned into spring water.

maybe I can't pick stars for you with my bare hands,

at least in the cold winter,

be wayward with you.


on the way,

Grandpa found Grandma's shoelace untied.

"Oh, I don't even know if the shoelace is open.

you're gonna wrestle. "

this life,

can make me bow my head and bend down willingly.

just you.


the resignation letter written by an old man in his sixties has become popular.

the words on the stationery are vigorous, vigorous, free and easy:

"I'm taking my wife to Lake Baikal to shoot my wedding dress.

this has always been her wish.

at my age, I will understand,

wife is the most important thing. "

used to focus on settling down,

but now only yearns for the softest time,

Twilight with you in my spare time,

smile in front of the kitchen and ask for porridge can be warm.

Life is like a dream, Baiyun CangDog,

I would like to spend my whole life,

to keep the promise I gave you.


A lovely old couple,

dressed in Mickey Minnie's lovers' outfit,

walking on the road wearing the same Mickey Mouse headdress.

the old man saw that his wife was physically weak.

hold her hand tightly,

trying to give her some strength support.

wander around for a lifetime,

you are still the little girl in my heart,

even if the white hair is grey and stumbles,

I still want to make a princess dream come true with you.


at the counter of a shopping mall,

an old man is accompanying his wife to pick out cosmetics.

the granny looks like a shy girl,

I don't know which one to choose.

Grandpa has been patiently comforting her,

until I accompany her to buy suitable cosmetics,

how is beauty in the twilight?

how about that time is gone?

in my eyes,

the wrinkles in the corners of your mouth are beautiful.


lose to him on purpose every time.

the old lady said that her wife likes to be competitive.

then let him go,

just to make him happy.

saw the old man grinning after winning the chess game.

the old lady herself was in full bloom.

the chess game of marriage,

I don't care about winning or losing,

I only care about you.


the couple have been walking hand in hand for more than 60 years.

wife suddenly went blind after a serious illness.

the mood is getting worse and worse.

in order to rekindle the hope of life for his wife,

Grandpa took ten years to plant a sea of flowers for her.

although the eyes can't see,

but granny who loves flowers can smell Fangfang every day.

finally showed a happy smile.

cruel years give you pain,

Don't be afraid,

I will be the gentlest antidote,

whether poor or rich, healthy or sick,

will accompany you until you grow old.


A hot afternoon,

an old couple of sanitation workers are still wearing heavy overalls.

I saw the old man riding a shabby tricycle.

behind the car sat his hard-working wife.

as long as you are around,

even if fate is wandering,

I will never give up.


an 83-year-old man went to the market with his 86-year-old wife injured in a fall.

the two met through introduction,

after nearly 60 years of marriage, there has been no quarrel.

"her feet hurt, her feet hurt, so care about her."

the old man's simple words are full of spoiling.

there are no good years in life,

but there are always people who are willing to carry the weight for you.

I want to carry you on my shoulder,

Let's go to see the mountains, the water and the world.


in a small country town,

an old woman pulled her blind husband with a stick.

this is the way they are used to walking.

both of them were bent under the pressure of time,

but walk with extra solidity.

fall in love with someone,

it's like suddenly having a weakness,

also has armor.

even if fate has bad intentions,

Love is also invincible.


37 years ago, the old couple divorced on impulse because of a quarrel.

after the divorce, although the body is far away, the heart is still there.

the electrical appliance at home is broken, so he goes home to fix it.

there were not enough things, so he went home to buy them.

Grandpa said:

"37 years later, the moment she smiled and nodded,

I think it's worth it, and it's finally perfect. "

I don't envy couples who play small games.

only envy the love from hand in hand to white head.

time is bleak, time goes by,

I will only be with you all my life.


he suffers from Alzheimer's disease,

forgot everyone,

only don't forget your wife.

his wife has taken good care of him for many years.

the two men quarreled and grew old together.

when asked why he was chasing his wife, he said:

"you see how she likes to say,

asked why he agreed, and he went on to say:

"she's so talkative, can I say no?"

A lot of forgetfulness in old age, but never forget Acacia.

with you by my side,

Life is full of comedies.


July 27th this year,

in the ward of a hospital,

an old lady in her seventies who has just regained consciousness after rescuing

is gazing affectionately at his unconscious wife

she took her husband's hand and called,

"Don, Don."

this less than 10-minute reunion,

may be their last face.

it is enough to be with you for the rest of my life.

if there is an afterlife, I want to hold hands with you again.

you walk with me until I have nothing,

I will accompany you to the end of the years.

it's easy to be a couple,

it is very difficult to be an old couple together.

gentle years are the hardest to find,

would like to go through firewood, rice, oil and salt, one vegetable and one rice,

the story starts all over again,

and I still love you.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.


end of the film:

Eason Chan and Faye Wong "because of Love"