Really smart women are often very good at spending money.
Really smart women are often very good at spending money.
May you have the ability to prop up the sky above your head.

some time ago, Li Xueqin and Mao's new variety show "Mao Xuewang" was launched.

in the latest program, Yang Di came to be a guest at home and asked Li Xueqin to guess how much his clothes cost when talking about ways to save money.

Li Xueqin thought for a moment and then said, "79."

Yang Di looked at her in shock and asked, "how do you know that?"

Li Xueqin said:

"I'm also the one wearing 79 yuan trousers on the show.

although the clothes are cheap, they are of good quality. "

although they are not short of money because of their economic strength, they can't spend it indiscriminately even if they have money.

there is a good saying:

"you have what you think of money



for a woman, the way she spends money determines her quality of life.

Women who spend money and women who don't spend money lead a different life.

A woman who doesn't know how to spend money, her life is a mess

the most sad thing in life for a woman is not that she is short of money, but that she never knows how to spend it.

not long ago, a woman with a monthly salary of 8000 yuan and a loan of 600000 yuan to buy private lessons went viral on Weibo.

the woman thought she was too fat, so in order to lose weight, she bought herself 747 private fitness classes, which were once scheduled until 2034.

she spent 630000 yuan on these courses, most of which were paid for by loans.

after buying the class, with a monthly salary of 8000 yuan, she has to repay the loan of 30,000 to 40,000 yuan a month, and the pressure to repay the loan makes her overwhelmed.

later, instead of getting healthier and healthier, she was diagnosed with liver hemangioma during a physical examination, and the doctor advised her to avoid strenuous exercise.

if you don't plan to spend money, the result of impulsive consumption is to make a mess of your originally comfortable life.

A woman who can't spend money is always burdened by money.

excessive consumption, so that their future life without security, without the ability to resist risks.

but excessive frugality and suppressing your desires will also lower your quality of life.

once saw a news report that a foreign girl saved three apartments in 15 years.

her life is extremely frugal in order to buy a house.

not willing to eat, eat the cheapest noodles every day.

I don't want to wear it. I wear clothes that others don't want.

not willing to buy bowls, eat with pots, and pick up furniture.

15 years later, she bought the house she wanted, but there was no quality of life in these 15 years.

what's the point of living in a mansion if you have a house but no life?

people often say:

"the woman who spends more has more money to spend, and the woman who saves more money will save it for others."

Women who don't know how to spend money are always trapped to death by money, revolve around it, and fail to manage their lives properly.

the ancients said that a thousand hectares of fertile land can only eat three meals a day, and ten thousand rooms in Guangsha sleep only seven feet.

to live a lifetime, one should know how to live with money, not for money.

spending too much money and enjoying the present is the most correct way of life.

Women who spend money have a high quality of life

some people say that women spend money in three ways:

being greedy for bargains, buying things you don't need is called a waste.

spending money without thinking and buying some luxury goods that are not practical is called consumption.

using money to improve yourself and make yourself better is called investment.

what does spending money really mean to a woman?

if you regard life as a trip, you can live your life to the fullest and live up to the scenery along the road.

Women who can spend money can always plan their priorities clearly, invest their money in themselves, and always spend their money in the right place.

I once saw a story shared by a netizen on Zhihu.

she said she was once ridiculed by her colleagues for a 50-yuan lipstick.

her colleague said that she had never seen the world and dared to talk about lipstick worth dozens of yuan, so she really didn't know how to enjoy life.

when they heard this, netizens thought it was funny. Since when has material value become the standard for a person who has never seen the world?

it is true that I have never used expensive cosmetics, but I save a sum of money to travel once a year to see the breadth of the world.

will also learn new skills, develop themselves in an all-round way, and make life fresh and interesting.

when the netizen was in Cangshan Erhai Lake, enjoying the natural beauty, her colleague was wearing lipstick of several hundred yuan to paint the drama at home.

when she reads books, arranges flowers and works out, her colleagues carry designer bags and deal with one client after another, repeating the same life.

Dong Qing said:

"the beauty of a woman's appearance is short-lived, and only by decorating herself with knowledge and self-cultivation can she be beautiful all her life.


the more women spend money, the more they know how to plan their lives with money.

if you can save extravagant and useless things, you can save them; if you enrich your own things, spend as much as you should.

making money is an ability, and spending money represents a person's level.

Real lifeTo live is not to be enslaved by material things, not to be lost by vanity, to know what kind of investment is most meaningful to yourself.

A woman who will spend money knows life, loves herself, and gets happier and happier.

A woman who can spend money will also make money

Carina Lau once said:

"without economic independence, there is a lack of self-esteem; without ideological independence, there is a lack of autonomy; without personality independence, there is a lack of self-confidence."

Women's biggest sense of security comes from economic independence, can spend money and earn money, in order to live a more confident life.

recently, in Luoyang, Henan Province, a woman selling pork became popular on the Internet because of her outstanding appearance.

her name is Yue Xiaomei. She is not only beautiful, but also able and quick to do things.

from the age of 13, he followed his family to sell pork, chop meat, cut meat, bone and knife skillfully.

some customers are willing to wait in line for more than an hour as long as she cuts the meat, or even to buy it.

in fact, Yue Xiaomei didn't have to work so hard.

her husband runs a car repair shop, and even if she doesn't go out to work, she doesn't have to worry about life.

but she said she was happy when she made money and spent it.

use the money you earn to buy beautiful clothes for yourself, wear exquisite makeup, and live with the best posture, even if you sell pork.

writer Su Cen said:

"the woman who can earn and spend money is blessed.


know that it is not easy to make money, so you should be extra careful with your money.

spending money is not spending money indiscriminately. In order not to regret spending money, you can try these three ways:

Don't spend money blindly

some people say:

"the easiest thing in the world to earn is the money of babies and women.


when Singles Day ends every year, it enters the stage of returning goods.

one netizen said: "I was going to buy a few hundred yuan, but it cost 3000 to reduce it by 300."

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at that time, I just wanted to be cheap. I was happy when I bought it, but I regretted it after I bought it.

most of the things that have been "taken back" by themselves are "useless" to themselves.

after blindly following the trend of spending money, not to earn, but to lose more money and energy.

Buy things, buy only the right ones, not expensive ones, and spend within your ability.

make wish list, delay consumption

people always want a lot, but can buy little.

for something that is expensive and you really want it, you might as well put it on your wish list.

delay your desire to spend just like saving money to buy your favorite toys when you were a child.

on the one hand, when you save enough money to buy it, there will be no burden in your heart.

on the other hand, there are some things you want right now, but after a while you may not need it, so you don't have the desire to buy it.

make a wish list, give yourself more time to think, and rule out a lot of ineffective consumption.

learn to keep accounts and make budgets

do you often have the question: it's like you haven't done anything, but you spend money like water, and you don't know where you're spending it.

record every income and expense in your ledger.

knowing your balance and allocating your property reasonably can improve your spending habits.

make a budget every month, and everything you buy is within your plan.

in this way, you can not only buy what you like, but also not worry about overspending.

money is something outside the body, and life is how you feel.

Smart women all know how to use money to improve their lives, rather than "treat money like life" and ruin their lives for money.

Don't be stingy to save money, don't waste money.

Women who can spend money often know how to increase revenue and reduce expenditure.

not only can you earn money for your sense of security, but you won't be caught off guard when things change in your life.

can also use money to invest in themselves, so that they can live gracefully and freely in the present, and be less confused.

, may you have the ability to prop up the sky above your head, and may you spare no effort to improve the quality of life and live a quality life.