Saving money is the highest level of self-discipline
Saving money is the highest level of self-discipline
Although money is not everything, it is absolutely impossible without money.


save money in order to have the strength to live

if you buy clothes no more than 100 yuan a year, daily necessities are basically free.

the transportation expenses depend on getting coupons, and 90% of the salary can be saved.

bought the first suite of life before graduating from college, and saved two suites in Nanjing at the age of 32.

this is not the storyline in the novel, but the real life loved by Douban's famous female "stingy" god.

in her own words, "stingy" has been engraved into her bone marrow.

although Wang Shenai knows that being "stingy" does not make her family rich, in her heart, saving money has become a way of behavior and a way of fighting against life.

and all this comes from her childhood, which is extremely short of love and sense of security.

when Wang Shenai was very young, her mother always threw money on the ground and asked her to pick it up, and then told her:

"money is very difficult to earn, and every penny should not be wasted."

I remember that every time my parents quarreled and my mother went back to her mother's house, my father would leave her at the home of a colleague or leader.

when she was at the leader's house, she only dared to eat the food in front of her, and dared not go to the toilet during the day, so she had to hold it back until midnight.

in order to please others, she imitated the scene of a quarrel between her parents at the dinner table to amuse the leader.

when she was a child, Wang Shenai lived in a small room built in a small courtyard of a bungalow. For a long time she felt that she was living in a cardboard box and fell down as soon as the wind blew.

maybe she is scared and poor, maybe she doesn't have sense of security. She got into the habit of saving desperately early.

before graduating from college, she used her work-study income and the money she had saved from primary school to buy her first apartment in a nearby small town.

in the program "talking to strangers-the True Story of stingy God", Wang Shenai confessed:

the house is her sense of security. With the house, there is a way out.

and the money saved is her lifeboat, which means she doesn't have to be as careful to please others as she did when she was a child.

there is no doubt that such a life is unfortunate because of the abundance of childhood, the lack of love, and the fear of home.

but she uses every penny she saves to fight this memory and hold her fate by the throat.

as she said at the end of the video:

"it's not that easy for life to destroy me."

Yes, with savings, we naturally have the strength to fight against fate and the courage to live a good life.

it's like the line in the movie Parasite: "money is an iron that can iron out all the wrinkles."

in this uncertain world, your savings are your strength, your ability to resist risks and control your life.

because, adults' sense of security is all given by money.

once you need money, you will understand

"there are estimated to be 900 more."

"900 yuan is definitely not enough."

"I get paid on the 15th."

"all your salary is spent on seeing a doctor, isn't it?"

"I haven't sent it yet. I haven't got it yet. Send it on the 15th."


this is a scene from the documentary "the Story of the Emergency Room", which makes people sad.

28-year-old Xiao Bin is a tallyman in a supermarket. He usually depends on his father and earns more than 2000 a month.

but the moment my father was sent to the emergency room, his quiet life was completely broken.

my 65-year-old father is suspected of having a heart attack and has a host of other problems, such as high blood pressure and hyperglycemia.

the hospital issued a list of examination items, including CT, blood test, post-examination and so on.

but Xiao Bin made it difficult to pay the fee.

because he borrowed all the 1300 yuan my father spent in the hospital when he was ill.

now, he has only a few hundred yuan left on his whole body, which is not enough for his father's expenses in the hospital.

on the one hand, the father's illness is uncertain, on the other hand, there are only a few pieces of money on him.

these two difficult problems are like two swords hanging over his head, making young Xiao Bin suffer a lot.

he wanted to borrow money from his friend on the phone, but he still couldn't come up with the word "borrow money" after walking around for a long time.

have heard a heartbreaking remark:

"for the rich, a diagnosis means fighting the disease, but for the really poor, it means a direct death sentence."

how important is saving money? If you are short of money, you will understand.

just went out to borrow some money, and my father left. Xiao Bin could not accept this fact at all.

he asked the doctor over and over again whether it would be a fake death or a sudden resuscitation after cardiac arrest.

however, as we all know, this is only a plot in a TV series, which is impossible in real life.

everyone says that the collapse of adults begins with a lack of money.

because we have money, we have the choice, the ability to fight disease, and the strength to live a good life.

but without money, we are left with collapse and helplessness in the face of disease and risk.Heartache and bitterness.

although money is not everything, it is absolutely impossible without money.

once is enough for us to suffer without money.

Saving money can cure all hypocrisy

there is a question on Zhihu: "when did you suddenly realize it was time to save money?"

one of the anonymous netizens replied as follows:

A few years ago, he was working in the company when he suddenly received a call from his father.

he said he was at work and asked if there was something wrong.

but my father hesitated for a long time, but refused to say it. He was in a hurry and asked what had happened.

it was only then that my father told the truth, saying that he had hurt his eyes on the construction site and was now in the hospital preparing for surgery. The money was not enough, and there was still a shortfall of 30,000 yuan.

at that time, when he heard these mixed feelings, he thought about the money he had saved, and there was only 20,000.

but he couldn't say no, so he told his father that you would wait for me for 10 minutes and I would transfer you.

after hanging up the phone, he hurriedly asked a colleague to borrow it, asked a leader to borrow it, brazenly borrowed it around, and finally collected 30,000 yuan and transferred it to his father.

although the matter has come to an end, my father has been discharged from hospital in good health.

but every time he thought about borrowing money at that time, he secretly made up his mind to save as much money as he could.

Yes, a penny beats a hero.

only when people are short of money can they realize more deeply how helpless life is, how ruthless the disease is, and how cruel the world is.

if you have savings, when your loved ones are suddenly seriously ill and need to exchange money for their lives in ICU, you will not be helpless but resigned to fate.

if you have savings, you won't worry about your child's tuition, monthly mortgage and car loan when you lose your job.

if you have savings, when you need to accomplish important things in life and are ready to marry and have children, you will no longer ask your elderly parents for money.

in the past, I always felt that life was so tired, so I should reward myself, so I swiped my credit card without scruples, went to hi, went to dinner, and went on a shopping spree.

but only after suffering without money can I understand.

saving money is the strength to live a good life and the highest level of self-discipline for adults.

Franklin said a sentence that is worth thinking about.

he said, "the waist of two people with empty pockets is not straight. Why?" Because he can ask for help. "

that's why we try to save money.

I just don't want to compromise and bow to life easily because I have no money.

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three suggestions for each of you who want to save money:

set yourself a clear and achievable goal.

for example, if you save enough 100000 in two years, you need to save 50, 000 a year, and you need to save about 4000 a month.

quantify your goals so that you can clearly know how much you need to save each year, every month, or even every day. Of course, the goals we set must be combined with our own actual situation and can be finally achieved.

when saving money, open the source.

it can be to improve your working ability and strive for a promotion and a raise, or you can look for a sideline and take one or two part-time jobs, so that your monthly income will rise, and the money you can save will increase accordingly.

save money and save money at the same time.

advocate a minimalist life, be clear about your desires and needs, and don't buy things you don't need. In short, buy only the things you often use. If you don't use something once a month, don't spend money on it.

, every sum of money you save today is for the future of yourself and your family.

in one's life, how much beauty you want to have, you need to plan in advance.