See you in August. Hello in September.
See you in August. Hello in September.
​ September, may you cut through the difficulties and live a wanton life.

the words are like face to face, and it is already early autumn.

the years have gradually slowed down,

can't bear to take away the scattered feelings of summer.

the weather is getting cooler and plants are shaking down.

Goodbye, August,

Hello, September.

September, new departure

September is a new season.

with the passage of time, the leaves of sycamore trees began to fall, laying a golden yellow for the earth.

the September breeze tiptoes over the top of the tree, dyes the maple leaves in the middle of the mountain, and then sneaks into our sleep.

the footprints of summer rush by, and the steps of autumn become clearer and clearer.

at the end of the summer, it's time to press the pause button for the past.

bid farewell to the noisy singing of cicadas and discard the impetuosity of August;

bid farewell to iced watermelons and ice cream and correct irregular habits;

bid farewell to the roses full of shelves and forget the bitter old things.

Don't spend the summer flowers gorgeous, approach Akiba Jingmei, take advantage of the cool sky, pack your bags and start again.

in the books of the new semester, write down the dream that has been stranded for a long time, in the long way, full of ardent expectations, walk along the Xuehai corridor hand in hand with your classmates.

or get together with three or five old friends, warm a pot of wine, taste a cup of tea, say that the years are still the same.

May you embark on a new journey in the new September, with more smiles, more farewell reunions, and more good luck.

September, work harder

September is the time of harvest.

the purple grapes are covered with vines, the golden corn stands in the fields, and the orange persimmons hang high on the treetops.

all things in the world have been dormant for half a year, and begin to change into colorful, decorated with ten miles of lake light.

in the Autumn Equinox's interface, even the thunder became gentle, silent and docile, and could not bear to disturb the growth of all things.

in the boundless fields, all you can see is the ecstasy of harvest.

you have to believe that the sweat and efforts made in spring will bear fruit in autumn.

from now on, put idleness aside, put aside the hypocrisy, complain less, be more open-minded, be less snub, and pay more.

when you pack up your suffering silently, those who have been hurt will eventually become medals in the future.

in the new September, you just work hard and leave the rest to fate. I believe that when you get through a difficult time, you will always be rewarded by the years.

September, thank you

September is a warm time.

the continuous autumn rain followed, washing away the summer heat of August.

Luoxia flies with loneliness, the autumn waters grow together and the sky is the same, and the silent lotus pond is gradually filled with hazy poetry.

three-foot platform to cultivate peaches and plums, it is said that the heart is as pure as ice jade pot.

when you meet a teacher again in such a season, everything looks like a quiet time.

Dong Qing once said, "everything in the world is met." When cold meets warmth, there is rain; when winter meets spring, there is time; when heaven meets earth, there is eternity; when people meet people, they have life. "

all destinies are doomed, and all encounters have cause and effect.

people who love you bring you warmth and emotion, people you love teach you courage and giving, people you don't love let you feel respect and understanding, and people who don't love you let you know how to reflect and grow.

in the new September, say thank you to those who have helped you, those who have accompanied you, and those who love you, and let those generous kindness become a constant source of strength.

September, spend more time with

September is the time for reunion.

sweet-scented osmanthus floating jade, the night is as cool as washing, the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, the moon is thousands of miles.

the mackerel began to wither, the autumn geese began to return south, and it was time for people from afar to go home.

in the days of wandering, don't forget that there are parents and relatives at home, and don't let them down for their hard work.

for them, the day is very short, just drinking a pot of tea, sitting in a chair rickety, you can see the track of the sunset.

and their day is so long that every time they wait, they almost have to look forward to it, and every time they watch, there are only sporadic lights and shadows left.

there is no future in this world. Go home often, talk to them, talk to them, and don't let waiting be forever.

the generations of life have been endless, and the years of Jiang Yue are similar. While parents are not old, while the time is right, in the Mid-Autumn Festival, enjoy the beauty of the moon and taste the sweetness of moon cakes.

May you have heaven and earth to talk about, distance to catch up with, places to miss and memories to return to in the new September.

in September, go out more often

the sun, moon and stars jump into the autumn water together, leaving the reflection of time.

A ray of breeze is held up by the autumn waves of the sweet potato, which brings about a romantic encounter.

Life is like a tree blooming, either quiet or warm, or ordinary or bright, every day has a special posture.

when you are alone, enjoy Qinghuan, go out to see the mountains, lakes and seas, and release the worries that have been accumulated for a long time.

when flying together, enjoy the autumn colors of the lake and watch the colorful clouds chasing the moon, which can not only protect each other's fragility, but also understand each other's joys and sorrows.

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Golden Wind gives you pleasure. I hope you can hold hands with your loved ones, watch the lonely smoke in the desert, the sunset in the long river, and listen to it.Listen to the secrets of wind and sand;

or walk together in the early autumn moonlight, intoxicated do not know the way back, the bottom of the eyes floating autumn.

in the new September, may you be like the fresh wind in the mountains, the warm sunshine in the ancient city, and the clear stream on the stone, be the best of yourself and love the most comfortable people.

Hello, September.

May you cut through all the difficulties and live wantonly,

you can also meet with understanding and gain tenderness.

may you also be in the twilight,

hold a long pole full of autumn colors,

shake hands with the past.