See you in June. Hello in July.
See you in June. Hello in July.
May you wear colorful stars and rely on the years to grow savagely.

the trees are verdant, the day is tilted,

koi play in the hibiscus, cicadas disturb old dreams.

in the middle of summer, in such a prosperous manner,

reunited with us after a long separation.


is about to say goodbye to the past,

start the second half of 2019.

Bye, June.

Hello, July.

the earth is shrouded in heat,

try the coolness of sour plum soup and chilled watermelon.

A trickle of glowing fireflies,

you can gently shake the feather fan and sit alone.

on a night patronized by Meiyu,

sit on the windowsill and listen to a piece of music played by plantains in the rain.

New July,

stop wasting your time,

stop sighing that there is a long way to go.

those who want to meet, hurry up to see,

do what you want to do.

would like to be in this vibrant season,

you can meet a kinder, magnanimous and better self.

Hello, July.

fill the inner dryness and heat with rock candy and lemon

reward lonely taste buds with barbecue and crayfish

it is better to put the pot on top of the hot sun,

stew a bowl of mung bean soup to quench thirst.

New July,

May you heal yourself with delicious food,

measure the earth with footsteps.

hovering between diesel, rice, oil and salt,

can still live a lively life.

has experienced sinister experiences,

can still hold the gentle evening breeze in the twilight.

Hello, July.

the fever promotes the growth of flowers and plants wantonly,

Pond ripples diffuse hazy poetry,

the wheat waves in the rice fields roll with the heat.

all things in the world are lovely at this time,

there is only one torrential rain.

New July,

I hope you can catch the bus home when the dark clouds gather gently and slowly.

after the storm, we can meet the sky after the rain.

busy and tired,

No matter how difficult it is,

also set foot on the solid native land to revisit the Pumo mountains and rivers.

Hello, July.

when the haze is entangled among the green moss,

when my farewell music is played in graduation season,

put the wild rose given by a friend on the skirt,

sit alone on the bank at dusk and enjoy the sparkle.

New July,

I believe that the coolness of the sea can not wash away the memories of the past.

thousands of rivers and mountains can not stop the affection.

True friend,

is missing for a long time, seeing each other occasionally,

if you have anything to do with Wechat, you will be happy.

Hello, July.

cut off a gardenia cloud to decorate the world.

put on a light skirt and let the corners of the clothes fly.

walking hand in hand with her under the orange street lamp,

to smell the fireworks in the world.

or take off all the fatigue,

lie in his arms and count the secrets in his heart.

New July,

May your love be sweeter than ice cream

May the one you love love you too.

even if it is foggy in the morning,

she will also boil drowsiness into a warm and pure taste.

have no intention to overturn the candle,

the days to come,

be a love charterer,

the tenant is a husband or wife,

the lease is for the rest of my life.

in July,

trees are shady and summer mountains are as green as blue.

the sun is strong and the waves are gentle.

whatever you see in your eyes can be included in poetry.

all dreams are full of sweetness.

in July,

pets begin to hide, scrolls become fragrant,

busyness brings hope, melons and fruits overflow fragrance.

Life is clear, even breathing is the taste of orange soda,

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Life is so vigorous that even time can hardly catch up.

New July,

May you laugh happily and live freely and easily,

May the bright sunset give you brilliance,

would like someone to tell you that the paper is short and the love is long.

May you be dressed in colorful stars,

rely on time to grow savagely.

ending song: "time is a museum"