See you in October. Hello, November.
See you in October. Hello, November.
May you have peace and joy and get what you want.


there are only two months left in 2019.

the leaves on the branches are blown off by the wind,

bring frost into late autumn.

Bye, October,

Hello, November.


November, think a little bit

the cold wind is bleak and the leaves are falling, so there are always some regrets accumulating slowly. Hung-chien walked away from the window, leaving the sunset glow in the sky to look after the bright beauty.

the dew is not inferior, holding on to the mountains, lakes and seas that have been away for a long time, and then evaporating into the vast twilight.

when all the colors fade, when all the enthusiasm cools, only the vast expanse of earth is left.

the leaves have fallen, the flowers have withered, leaving the song is sad, it is difficult to sleep at night, but fortunately, when I am melancholy, there is still a bright moon.

thin time is always unbearable to hold, waving sleeves, it is the setting sun at dusk, looking back and turning around, it is already thousands of mountains and rivers.

the eastern corner is gone, and it is not too late for Sangyu. Even if there is only 1/6 left in this year, there is no way that the years are ruthless.

sometimes, if you think of a road, you won't look back even if you hit the south wall; if you fall in love with someone, you won't let go even if you are scarred.

but life is not as good as nine times out of ten, and it is better to wait for what you have lost than to bear it in mind.

when the road is impassable, we turn a corner, and when people no longer love, they leave freely and easily.

you have to believe that everything lost will come back in another way.

Life is a game of chess, winning or losing. Life is a play, you can't laugh or cry.

all experiences are self-cultivation, keep a normal mind, keep an open mind, open up, let go, can you find the existence of happiness.


November, be strong

late autumn wind and rain gracefully into a poem, the quiet night blurred earthly fireworks, cold, has been quietly immersed into the bone marrow like fog.

A journey in the mountains, a journey in the water, a shift in the wind and a shift in snow.

the cycle of the four seasons, the passage of time, the tenderness of spring, the warmth of summer, the quiet beauty of autumn leaves, everything will precipitate in winter.

looking at the warmth and coolness of the four seasons, I know that real growth is silent.

when everything is silent, take a stroll around your heart, get rid of unnecessary troubles, and leave a pure land for your soul.

step out solid steps when the vegetation is thin and sparse, and enjoy White Dew's frost in the place where light dreams linger.

you have to believe that as long as you have a tiger in your heart, you can smell the flowers at any time; you have to understand that in every twilight, there is an expectation for tomorrow.

Zhang ailing once said, "laugh, and the whole world laughs with you; cry, and you cry alone."

in fact, those lonely or aggrieved times are all necessary on the road of life.

in this world, there are no completely strong people, but after going through the wind and rain, they learn to suffer without saying anything and suffering without saying anything.

No matter how cold the weather is and how far the road is, a person can live as a team and be invincible.


November, be nice to yourself

the day is getting cold, the snow is beginning to fall, watching all the fishing lanterns and fireworks, sighing the waves and shadows of the yellow sand, it is the end of another year.

From classic to trendy, our pale yellow bridesmaid dresses are an essential pieces for any wordrobe. In every style, you can now choose your style.

years are fleeting, Huafa is growing, and the past is embedded in the rings of time like old photos.

dumplings eaten by the Beginning of Winter, bacon from Lesser Snow during the solar terms, steaming steamed buns for breakfast, steaming hot pot in the restaurant, and a bowl of porridge to warm the spleen and stomach at home.

the sea of life is full of ups and downs, and only then do I know that the greatest taste in the world is Qinghuan.

sometimes we are always in a hurry, with eyes full of sixpence, but forget to look up at the bright moon.

years are long, clothes are thin, remember to take care of yourself. Cool down, add a piece of clothes to yourself; late at night, go to sleep early.

sparse rain, sharp wind at night, may you drive away your thoughts of parting, not thinking, and not being bound by the thoughts of the past.

No matter how bad life is, you should also learn to smile, eat on time, rest on time, and don't wronge yourself.

May the new November be warm in three springs and not cold in winter, cherish your body, cultivate yourself, and live up to this good time.

in the new November, may every time you cry, you cry with joy, and may your laughter come from the bottom of your heart.


in November, love others a little more

time is always in a hurry, before it can sing a song, it has already passed the tip of the eyebrow, and the falling leaves have already returned to the roots before the wind whistles.

the splendor of the original experience must be repaid with companionship, and the chic years must be made up for by peace.

the cold winter days are getting shorter and shorter, wandering around the world in this cold night of frost and snow, in the cooling season, give others more warmth.

No matter how busy your work is, please set aside some time to spend with your family; no matter how tight the task is, please spare some energy to spend with your children; no matter how little time you have, please squeeze out some space for your lover.

the rest of my life is short. Be grateful for every encounter and cherish everyone who loves you. It is precisely because of these moments of gathering and dispersing that ordinary life becomes more meaningful.

in a few wisps of hometown fireworks, sip a bowl of tea and smell a few vegetables; when the wind and rain are about to come, open an umbrella for those who love you to block the wind and cold.

there was a poem:

"Snow falls at the beginning of heaven and earth, dust in the world is low, and when the snow falls silently, there are white heads in the world."

perhaps, companionship is the most lasting confession. I hope that in the long rest of my life, someone will be able to depend on you for the rest of your life.

Hello, November.

near the end of the year,

everything seems to end here,

but the future is still on the way.

New November,

May you go through all your joys and sorrows and keep calm.

be safe and happy and get what you want.