See you in September. Hello, October.
See you in September. Hello, October.
In a good year, you must remember that it is the time of orange, orange and green.

indifferent autumn clouds rise, a little cold at night.

thoughts seem to be at the end of summer,

autumn is getting stronger in the twinkling of an eye.

fallen leaves return to their roots, north geese fly south,

the days also pass in the gurgling water.

Bye, September,

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Hello, October.


October, learn self-discipline

White clouds are all over the sky, yellow leaves are everywhere, the autumn wind blows the dust away from the heart, and the autumn rain gives a joy to the farmland.

in the middle of the night, the cold dew quietly wet the moonlight and silently announced a farewell ceremony.

Rice shaves off stubble, persimmons are crumbling, and falling flowers float away with the running water.

everything is in order, and it's time for us to wave goodbye to the past.

put aside your laziness, hide your arrogance, and live a more wonderful life with a self-disciplined attitude towards life.

in life, control diet, strengthen exercise, stay up late less and exercise more;

at work, improve efficiency, work conscientiously, be less lazy and do more.

when you are busy, take things seriously and work diligently; in your spare time, play less on your mobile phone, go out more, or make a pot of tea for about three or five friends.

Li Zongsheng once said:

"every city that a person has experienced in his life is connected, and every footprint he has worked hard is connected, and it brings me to where I am today step by step and make me who I am today.

there is no road in vain in life, every step counts. "

discipline yourself a little every day, stick to it every week, and set a small goal for yourself, so that you can realize your big dream step by step and find your own sun, moon and stars.

believe that every drop of your sweat will live up to your efforts.

believe that every time you trek, you are one step closer to the future.


October, chasing freedom

in the water of October, the shadows of twilight clouds and autumn are dipped in Xiaoxiang, and in the mountains of October, the maple forest is full of warm sunshine.

the vivid and full colors add some vitality to this season.

it's a holiday. Travel, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and measure the earth with your feet.

take advantage of the popularity of thousands of mountains, pick up a handful of dogwood in the double Ninth Festival, and accompany your parents and elders to climb high and look far away.

stay until the drums sing in unison, enjoy the beautiful mountains and rivers of the motherland, and go to the beautiful scenery.

it doesn't matter whether the journey is far or near, as long as you have a full heart, even if you spend a leaf, sand and gravel, it will leave a rich and colorful stroke in your experience.

on your journey, may you wake up with a kiss from the sun in the morning, walk in the evening with rosy clouds, put your worries behind you and let the past become a flash of light.

I believe that when you have seen the world and read countless human feelings, you will be able to face the ups and downs of life without fear.

when the sun is right and the autumn wind is not dry, go out more often. Only when you have seen heaven and earth and sentient beings can you meet your true self.


October, know how to love yourself

A few gusts of wind cut off the original autumn grass, and several layers of thin frost covered the last look back of autumn.

the day becomes short, bask in more sun and absorb some positive energy; the night becomes long, don't let your worries climb to the edge of the bed, get used to turning off the lights and going to bed early.

the night is as cool as water, remember to add a few more clothes when you go out, don't catch the cold; Cinnamon fragrance is floating and sinking, no matter how bad life is, remember to smile.

you know, you can't lose your health if you lose anything, and you can't give up self-growth if you give up anything.

another year of Spring and Autumn will pass, honor and disgrace, joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows are a thing of the past.

Life is short, don't embarrass yourself, don't live up to the years, open up, open up, you can suddenly be enlightened.

if you are unhappy, please forget it in advance.

Please don't let it run aground in your heart if you can't get over it.

do more meaningful things to drive away the haze in your life.

in the dead of night, read more books, arm yourself with knowledge, and decorate the world with talent.

when you have leisure on weekends, cook more, egg soup, hairy crabs, carrots, and appease your stomach and heart with delicious food.

when you are tired, take a rest, get tired, and get some sleep. In this life, you don't want to be rich and rich, but you want peace and happiness, and you have no regrets.


October, not only love yourself

in October, Rain Water became less and less, the air was dry, and even heaven and earth precipitated a strong background color.

in this cold and hot season, autumn geese take away the local accent, and the dew condenses into homesickness.

in the depths of the world, the fragrance of the golden chrysanthemum, the autumn water, and the warmth of the cold show the tenderness of the ordinary life.

the sky is blue and so on, but the one who loves you is still standing at the intersection, waiting for you with thoughts


the smoke curls up to guide us on our way home. A bowl of warm porridge is enough to cover the whole late autumn.

No matter how tight the autumn wind is, parents' care will not be late, and no matter how cold the weather is, the embrace of a loved one will come as promised.

is it grey and White Dew is frost? is the so-called Iraqi by your side?

if you have gone through ups and downs together, in this happy October, walk into the wedding hall hand in hand and accept blessings with open arms.

May the one you love accompany you to watch the lights of the river, fish and fire, and talk about the short and long feelings of paper.

May the one who loves you, when you need it,Will put on a coat for you to resist the coolness of the world.

Hello, October.

in a good year, you must remember that it is orange, orange and green.

Deep dew in autumn is heavy, clothes are thin,

May you and I still be warm people,

makes all the encounters in the world

all have meaning.