Seven signs of a person getting better and better
Seven signs of a person getting better and better
In the long life, it is very important to explore a way of life that you like and benefit from.

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an uncle

have seen such a fable:

A crow met a pigeon coming home on its way to flight.

the pigeon asked: where are you going?

the crow said: actually, I don't want to go, but everyone thinks my cry is not good, so I want to leave.

the pigeon told the crow: don't waste your time!

if you don't change your voice, flying anywhere will not be welcome.

when I was a child, I only smiled as a joke, but now I have a different feeling: in my life, many troubles are in vain, and all the problems are rooted in "myself".

if we want to change the status quo, we must first change ourselves; if we want to change ourselves, we must first change our views on problems.

it is better to change than complain.

if you want everything to be better, start by changing yourself.

Today I want to share with you this book "Seven habits of highly effective people". May you take responsibility for your every choice and take control of your life.


the world is changing everywhere

Spencer Johnson said, "the only constant in the world is change itself."

from green hair to white hair, from verdant vegetation to bleak eyes, everything is constantly changing.

the world is vast, people like ants, walking alone for decades, in a hurry.

Long for a perfect crop top wedding dresses that flows around your curves, flattering your height? They are perfect for any occasion.

some people are afraid of change, others are indifferent to it.

in the movie Shawshank's Redemption, Brooks, 68, spent most of his life in prison, accompanied by only one bird.

he never thought about the changes in the world he would face when he got out of prison, and although he had many chances to get out of prison, he was never happy about it.

when old Brooks got out of prison, he was filled with fear as he looked around at all kinds of well-dressed men and women and at things he had never seen before.

most of his life in prison has infiltrated his whole body, and his thoughts and actions are fixed by various systems in prison.

he could not accept such a change at all, and he thought in his heart that he would not be able to adapt to such a change.

so he hanged himself in the small hotel he rented.

there is a saying in the movie:

these walls are interesting, at first, you hate them, then you get used to them, over time, you start to need them, and that is to be solidified.

Life is constantly circuitous, and time goes by like running water.

and change itself is inevitable. Only by choosing to face it and study it can we overcome it and not lose the courage to move forward.

you may be able to finish today's work easily, but you can't guarantee that you can maintain and improve this ability for the next 5 or 10 years.

change the pain, but it will be more painful not to change!


Wisdom of turning

Thoreau once said: it is better to cut down a thousand axes than to cut down the branches and leaves of an evil tree.

means that when you do something, you have to grasp the key points in order to have the effect of dialing a thousand pounds.

and whether a person can grasp the key point does not depend on his superior skills, but on whether his way of thinking when facing problems is more effective.

there is such a short story:

the British Library has built a very beautiful new building, ready to move there as a whole.

but there are too many books and so heavy that if you move in, the initial budget is $3.5 million.

where to raise so much money?

when the curator was at his wit's end, a young man said to the curator, "give me 1.5 million and I'll take care of it for you."

the curator thought that he had saved 2 million, so he quickly agreed to the young man's request.

the young man sent out an amazing message in the newspaper:

"from now on, the British Library will borrow books from the public free of charge, on condition that it be lent from the old library and returned to the new library."

in this way, the young man had a fortune of millions by changing his mind.

when people encounter problems, they want to solve them quickly, but restlessness can be counterproductive.

if you can turn your brain when thinking about a problem and look at it from a new perspective, you will often make a lot of unexpected discoveries.

in history, the story of Sima Guang smashing vats to save lives is still being told as a story.

his companion slipped and fell into the water tank, and the other friends ran away one after another, but Sima Guang picked up a big stone from the ground and smashed it hard into the water tank.

finally, the water gushed out and the child was saved.

sometimes, the mind turns and the problem is solved at once.

Life is like a road, often hindered by mountains and rivers.

A wise man can win the goal faster by turning a corner.

learn to let your thoughts roll around and integrate them into the problem in order to enjoy real success and lasting happiness.


good habits make life

Confucius said: few become as natural, habits as natural.

good habits do not necessarily make everyone successful, but successful people have a good habit.

"High"The seven habits of effective people "tell us that times are changing rapidly, people are constantly making progress, and we need these seven good habits to be company in order to succeed."

1. Be proactive

proactive people tend to have a world of their own. They will take the initiative to learn the strengths of others instead of focusing on their weaknesses; they focus on solving problems rather than creating problems.

most people just wait for the arrangement of fate or the help of dignitaries. In fact, good jobs are earned by themselves.

2, start with the end

before you do anything, you must recognize the direction and work toward this goal every day, so that you won't go astray and waste your time in the process of pursuing.

do not forget the original ideals and aspirations, can always be achieved.

3. Important things first

only by dividing priorities and setting out with sincere beliefs and goals can the work be greatly improved.

Wisdom lies in prioritizing everything and knowing how to choose.

4, win-win thinking

Life is a stage of cooperation, not an arena.

some people regard the world as a big cake. If others take an extra piece, they will suffer losses, and life is like a competition and a game.

in order to achieve a win-win situation, we must have extraordinary insight, enough courage and a mind to be kind to others.

5, know each other and explain yourself

the most important thing to know each other and understand yourself is to listen, which is also the key to interpersonal communication.

you don't have to judge others by yourself, nor do you bother to guess. Listening is for understanding and a deep communication between two hearts.

6, integrated comprehensive effect

if you plant two trees very close together, both plants can grow more healthily than when they are separated.

just like one person's wisdom is not enough, two people's wisdom cannot be used up.

although honesty is often accompanied by risks, your gains and progress will be incredible.

7, keep updating

the most worthwhile investment in life is to invest in yourself.

there are no shortcuts to self-cultivation and determination. When we grow up in a spiral, the clearer our thinking becomes.

Xunzi said in "persuading Learning": "the nature of a gentleman is not different, and his goodness lies in things."

people who can constantly sharpen themselves, the more they can find the direction of life, actively change and pursue a better self.

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Stephen Covey

Seven habits of efficient people

A copy,

May the road ahead be like a long song,

May you still have sunset at sunset.

Seven habits of efficient people

A copy,

May the road ahead be like a long song,

May you still have sunset at sunset.