Signs that a person is getting better and better: few words, physical diligence, peace of mind
Signs that a person is getting better and better: few words, physical diligence, peace of mind
May everything go smoothly and live in the present.

everyone yearns for prosperity, but few people think about the logic behind it.

in fact, there are always traces of things moving in a certain direction.

the so-called good luck also comes from daily practice.

A person is getting better or worse, and one or two things can be seen from many details of life.

those who live well all have these three good habits. I hope you can also develop them.

few words: be humble and keep a low profile

Xie Juezai wrote in the Collection of No doubts:

"those who have little knowledge are not modest; those who are knowledgeable and capable must be modest."

half a bucket of water shakes loudest.

people who make a fortune are silent.

Xunzi says: "neglect to forget oneself is a disaster."

the more arrogant and unrespectful society is, the easier it is to offend people and suffer great losses in the end.

Bai Juyi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, often wrote poems with humility.

every time he writes a poem, he reads it to the cowboy and the old woman first.

if none of these people understand, Bai Juyi will revise it over and over again until everyone can understand it and praise it.

it is precisely because of such an open mind that Bai Juyi is known as "Poetry Devil" and "King of Poetry". He wrote a masterpiece through the ages:

the red flowers of the river at sunrise are better than the fire, and the river water is as green as blue in spring.

the sea is at a low potential, so it holds everything.

the mountain is silent, so it overlooks sentient beings.

"when it is full, it is easy to be a disaster, but modesty is always blessed."

humble and low-key for the rest of my life.

physical attendance: self-disciplined exercise, reading in spare time

I have heard such a sentence:

"exercise makes you healthy and reading opens your horizons. A person is either busy with sports or studying hard. "

people who love sports will not be in poor health.

people who study hard will not have low horizons.

Ouyang Xiu put forward the "three calligraphy" in the Book of returning to Tian Lu.

he said: "most of the articles written in Yu's life are on the 'three', which are 'immediately','on the pillow 'and' on the toilet', but this can especially belong to Sier."

Ouyang Xiu likes reading and writing all his life, even on horseback, on pillows, and on toilets.

the thinker Zhu Xi said: "read a hundred times, its meaning is self-evident."

Modern people's life is fragmented, inseparable from mobile phones, immersed in hot news.

maybe we are not as diligent as the ancients, but we can set aside 10 minutes before going to bed to read some classic books.

after a long time, their thoughts and horizons are naturally different from those of others.

read wisely and exercise to strengthen your body.

both soul and body need to be taken into account.

Mr. Yuan Longping still keeps on exercising at the age of 90.

he likes volleyball and swimming, and won the championship in the school sports meeting when he was young.

usually, no matter how busy he is at work, he will walk along the edge of the field and not let himself relax.

A person's true self-discipline is to spend time on himself.

good luck will naturally gather around you if you are not wasted, decadent, or lazy.

peace of mind: being confused is a blessing, looking down on gains and losses

the writer Yi Shu said in the Rose Bubble:

"to be a man, you should be reserved, muddle along, and you don't have to haggle about. There are no fish in the water, and there are no apprentices in the water. If you don't stay with whom for a lifetime, just keep some things in mind."

it is easier to be clever than to be confused.

put it aside, take a step back, and feel at ease right now.

Hanshan was a poet monk in the Tang Dynasty, and no one knows his real name.

when he was a teenager, Han Shan lived the life of a rich family. He went to Beijing many times to take the imperial examination, but lost the election.

with a lot of pain, he traveled the world with cold mountains and waves, and finally lived in seclusion in Guoqing Temple in Tiantai Mountain.

talk with eminent monks every day, with a light meal and a refreshing breeze in the bamboo forest, which is quite interesting in the mountains.

he wrote:

Wear popular red and gold homecoming dress and feel your extremely best . You are sure to find the design that will fit you perfectly and red and gold homecoming dress will be just the addition your wardrobe needed.

"the spring water of Bijian is clear, and the moon of cold mountain is white. Knowing that God is self-evident, watching the sky surpass the silence. "

Hanshan looks down on fame and wealth, being a confused person, half awake and half dream, half hidden and half obvious.

"if you don't understand, you will never be worried about sitting still."

all things in the world, peace is better, some things, some people, do not have to be bitter about it.

appearance is easy to grow old, years are easy to pass, and all gains are due to loss.

for the rest of my life, I will be a confused person, live in seclusion in Linquan, keep company with poetry and wine, and do not compete with the world.

I have heard such a passage:

"No matter how important face is, it can't compare with the days. No matter how good-looking the face is, it is not as comfortable as being at ease. "

the sign that a person is getting better and better is to put himself first.

humility and good fortune;

read books and exercise, enrich yourself;

it is rare to be confused and at ease.

the so-called way uphill is to be diligent and down-to-earth, not to keep up with the comparisons, and to go further and further.

, may everything go smoothly and live in the present.