"Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-Ki can no longer be separated."
"Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-Ki can no longer be separated."
Lost love and time, can not be rewind.


"No more, inseparable"

long time no see, Song Hye-kyo has a new work to broadcast.

A few days ago, Song Hye-kyo PO stills of a new play on a social platform to warm up the TV series that will air in November.

the photo shows her as intellectually gentle and beautiful as ever.

it seems that time has never left a mark on her face;

it seems that the sad past that was forgotten in the passage of time has never happened.

however, as Tai Jaiji said:

"just as I was about to forget, a strange bird fluttered its wings and pecked the wound of my memory with its beak."

some people, some things, you think you forget, you think you are relieved.

but there are always some spectators who like to help you remember.

use their words, "take" your hands covering your ears, in your ear, gently tell you:

"you and he are inseparable."

"blame you for being too beautiful"

in several hot searches related to Song Hye-kyo, I can't help but see Song Joong-Ki, the man who has been most entangled with her in recent years.

some people say that they are looking forward to Song Hye-kyo's new play and hope that she will focus on her career in the future.

some people say that Song Hye-kyo and this hero do not have a sense of CP, and that the most suitable hero for her is Song Joong-Ki.

some people say that after so many years, they still think they are the best match. Is it really impossible for them to get back together?


it has been more than two years since Song Hye-kyo and Song Zhongji Guan Xuan divorced.

in these hundreds of days and nights, if she and he still have the possibility of getting back together, not to mention themselves, the media that care about them will also hear and see some changes.

but the truth is, after the divorce, they really walked out of each other's lives without hesitation.

all this is also seen by netizens.

and the reason why they still ask these questions is not to look for possibilities, but to cling to the past-

because of the past, it was so beautiful.

in 2016, Song Joong-Ki returned to the TV series Descendants of the Sun with Song Hye-kyo.

in the play, Song Zhongji plays the role of army lieutenant Liu Shizhen, and Song Hye-kyo plays the surgeon Jiang Yuyan, who uses their superb acting skills to play the beautiful love under the beacon fire.

of course, if it's acting, it's not all acting.

after all, there are eye contact between lovers, mood swings, atmosphere rendering, insiders may not feel it, outsiders will definitely notice it.

think of the year when the TV series became popular, Song Joong-Ki came to the mainland for a fan meeting, and Song Hye-kyo raided the scene as a special guest.

at that time, Song Joong-Ki could not help it and was full of love, which could be clearly felt by the audience, us in front of the screen, or Song Hye-kyo himself.

the fact that two people fall in love with each other because of the play, and then choose the fake play to do it, is undoubtedly a gift for some audiences who like the characters and like them.

because of this, when the gift is told that it will expire and be withdrawn, the person who has received the gift will be upset for a long time.

so why not let Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-Ki separate?

to blame, they can only blame their love, which is too beautiful.

it is strange that people who have watched this love are overly fascinated.

"Glass love, beautiful and fragile"

in real life, there are many people who have experienced the "double Song effect".

an Zaixian and Fu Huishan are one of them.

before the divorce announcement, it was hard to imagine that they would go their separate ways and go head-to-head with each other.

Dress and appear sumptuous in our fashionable cocktail ivory attires. Whatever your taste, we have just what you need.

Haruki Murakami said in "South of the Border and West of the Sun":

"just right, see you happy, so happy your happiness."

this sentence is about the former an Zaixian.

in 2015, like the "double Song", they fell in love with each other because of drama.

since then, an Zaixian's social dynamics, in addition to himself, is Huishan.

I still remember the time when they were closest to happiness, the day an Zaixian proposed to Fu Huishan.

an Zaixian prepared a whole trunk of flowers. Fu Huishan sat next to the flowers. An Zaixian clapped and said:

"it's so beautiful."

it must be not only the flowers that are beautiful, but also the one who falls in love at first sight.

maybe many people will think that an Zaixian is the one who loves much more in this love.

but in fact, there is also a lot of love for Fu Hui-shan.

in the Wedding Diary of the Variety, Yu Huishan once told an Zaixian in front of the camera and in front of countless audiences:

"Sister, I am 34 years old, and no matter what I do, I am not moved anymore. You are the only one who makes my heart move for the last time."

have you ever thought that the last heartbeat would end with such an unbearable ending?

just understand that some love is like a glass-beautiful and fragile.

sadly, the person who broke the glass left, and the person who coveted the glass tried to pick up the fragments again and again to reshape them.


the glass can go back to its original appearance, but the irreplaceable crack always makes it beautiful., only a little bit more ferocious.

think about it, why bother.

"Love and time cannot be rewound"

indeed, it is not necessary.

but there are many people who like to do unnecessary things.

there is a topic on Weibo: # how does it feel to know that an ex has a new date #

A netizen shared her experience.

in the contribution, she first wishes each other:

"you are my first love and the best part of my youth. So, please be happy. "

then, with a long passage, I recalled their past:

in high school, when you lived on campus, I went to school, and I hid in bed, racing against time to make phone calls with you.

when you make up classes on Saturday night, you will take a seat for me;

I have rhinitis, and you always take paper with you;

you are never stingy in praising me. You say I have big eyes, which are very good-looking, and you like them very much.

I am afraid of dogs. Fortunately, every time I meet a dog, you always tell me that you are there. Don't be afraid.


it can be seen between the lines that this netizen has not completely let go. After all, those happiness really happened and existed.

but, as Beryl Markham said in the Night Voyage to the West:

"I have learned that if you have to leave a place, a place where you have lived, loved, and buried all your past.

reluctance to leave, or the act of turning around step by step when leaving, is actually a kind of disturbance to those who have decided not to leave.

for this reason, many netizens criticized it after the contribution was sent out.

in their view, people who are separated are not necessary and are not worth remembering:

"Don't think of it when you put it there, even if you think of it, there's no need to feel sweet, because the other person may have forgotten it.

I used to pretend to be affectionate, but now I really think that everyone should live in the present. Don't think about the broken fate, it has nothing to do with the moment. "

I think so.

lost love and time can not be rewound.

if the former can really rewind, it does not rely on the so-called difficult words of others.

so stop saying that Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-Ki are inseparable. The truth is that they have separated. As for the future, is it possible for them to renew their previous relationship--

Song Hye-kyo has already answered in the interview:

"whether it's meant to be or not, let it happen."