Stable mood is the best upbringing.
Stable mood is the best upbringing.
A person's greatest ability is to control his emotions.

emotional self-control


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people is not only full of fighting spirit, but also full of bad mood.

due to traffic jams and being late for work, this month's full-time work has been ruined, and I can't feel at ease to work all day.

he was criticized for his poor performance at the regular meeting, and on the surface he was submissive, but it had already rained in his heart.

you were angry for a long time when you made an appointment with your boyfriend at 8 o'clock, but he was an hour late.

when I was chasing the drama, I saw the heart-wrenching plot in the play, and I wanted to run up and scold myself in order to relieve my hatred.

every day, we wake up with emotions and go to sleep with emotions, surrounded by emotions all the time.

just like the unexpected events in the sky, the moon will be full and missing, people's emotions are constantly changing, either happy or depressed, if they can not stabilize, they will hurt others and themselves.

but that doesn't mean we're going to be pulled into a whirlpool of emotions. As long as you have the right way, you can completely control your emotions.

so, how do emotions come into being? How do we manage our emotions?

Don't worry, in today's emotional self-Control, an uncle will come to share with you all kinds of little secrets about emotions.

I believe that after reading the article, you will better deal with the ups and downs of life, thus becoming the master of emotions.


Bad emotions are demons

there are always a few moments when people feel powerless, resulting in a sense of powerlessness of anxiety.

when you encounter a thorny thing, and you can't overcome it, you will hold your head and beat your neck, because "it really hurts my neck."

when I watch a horror movie or get scared, I will blush and have a thick neck and shout, "my heart is going to my throat."

what is more, it will cause "flatulence" because of negative emotions.

emotions and nerves are closely linked, and even a small amount of tension can magnify the sense of pain, not to mention exuberance and anger.

there is a headmaster in the book who used to be cool-headed and adaptable, but one day he felt dizzy and stunned.

it turned out that out of face, he promised to guarantee a loan to his friend. But there was an unexpected situation in the sky, this friend was seriously injured in a car accident and was hospitalized, but his business plummeted.

the headmaster is ill in bed. After all, if the other party doesn't pay back the money, all his savings and house will come to naught.

but when a friend told him that he had paid off the bank loan, the headmaster recovered at once and went to work the next day.

in fact, most of the time, when a person is sick, it is very likely that his mood has been affected.

Medicine has proved that 76% of diseases are emotional.

although it sounds incredible, emotions can really affect people's health. once the taut nerves are relieved, the stone in your heart is put down, and serious and minor illnesses will leave you.


A good mood makes a good life

Napoleon once said:

"A man who can control his emotions is greater than a general who can take a city."

this may seem an exaggeration, but in fact it makes a lot of sense.

take the recruitment of the company as an example. Although smart, capable and conscientious can attract the attention of HR, in the end, it is always the employees who are emotionally stable.

because shopping malls are like a battlefield, there are too many uncertain factors. Only by maintaining emotional stability can we resist pressure and deal with it calmly.

see such a story in moments:

someone asked Alibaba's permanent partner Cai Chongxin: what has saddened you most in the past years?

he made the following answer:

are you asking about something sad or difficult to deal with? There seems to be nothing sad, but I have experienced some difficult things to deal with.

you can think about this sentence carefully, no sadness, no complaints.

because whether it comes as scheduled or unexpected, what happens is what happens, you can only face it calmly, and it's just difficult to deal with at best.

I remember that Kazuo Inamori once said, "success does not mean senseless emotions."

I think so.

Alibaba can achieve what he is today, in addition to the wisdom of the leader, but also inseparable from the calm and mature character of the employees.

everyone in the workplace should understand that one's greatest skill is to control one's emotions.

"if you can do this, you can take control of your life, on the contrary, your life cannot be controlled."


emotion is the barometer of the family

psychologist Gary Smeyer once did an experiment:

he put an optimistic and cheerful person with a sad face, and in less than half an hour, the optimistic person became unhappy.

experiments show that as long as 20 minutes, a person will be affected by the low mood of others.

there is a theory called Festillo's Law, which says that when a grumpy wife gets up early, she finds that her husband and son have broken their beloved cup, so she scolds them with a cold face, and then the family is overshadowed by emotion all day.

my wife went out to work in a fit of anger, only to find out that she didn't take any important documents.

the husband was in such a bad mood that he knocked over the fruit stall by the side of the road and had toLose money before leaving;

my son was eliminated in the baseball game because of his anger.

just imagine, how can children taught by such a family teach happy children?

emotions influence each other. If you are happy, your family will be happy. By the same token, they will also pass on the good mood to you.

in this way, what lingers around you is naturally a better and better emotional field.

when you can master and manage your emotions and learn to deal with the bad emotions around you, you will find that the weather is clear, those unpleasantness will be far away from you, and a bright life and future are beckoning to you.


manage your mood, take care of your mood

"the beginning of life trouble literacy", everyone has wisdom, trouble comes, the mood is not comfortable, the temper is also getting bigger and bigger.

but it is these troubles that promote people's progress. So don't worry too much.

there are troubles all the time, but if you don't pick them up, you won't have them.

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if happiness is too difficult, tell yourself that all experiences are a game. Learn to rejoice in bitterness, and the haze will gradually dissipate.

even if you drive a squeaky Chevrolet, you can feel the coolness of watermelons in the hot summer.

maybe you end up in a shack and you can enjoy eating peanut butter.

people must control their emotions instead of relying on external things.

after all, looking back many years later, the things that disturb you, break you down, fear and fear will become a small footnote in your full and busy life.

mindset determines your life.

Life is short, things are impermanent, they are not afraid to have them, and they are not afraid to lose them. Remember, control your emotions.

you should know that suffering encourages a bad temper, but there is endless joy and happiness in life.

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