Stefanie Sun is the son of tomorrow: women who live well have done this.
Stefanie Sun is the son of tomorrow: women who live well have done this.
You need this more than P map and beauty camera!

since the broadcast of "the son of tomorrow: the Crystal Age", there has been a heated discussion about the mentor lineup among countless netizens.

in addition to Huahua (Hua Chenyu) in one or two seasons, rookie Mao is not easy and Meng Meiqi, as well as long Dani, who has been behind the scenes, and the well-known teacher Song Dandan.

Stefanie Sun, who has been out of public view for many years and has been repeatedly complained about her bad skin,

in the life photos posted on Weibo:

A face becomes full and moist, full of collagen, hitting everyone in the face with strength.

what is even more shocking is that

in the program

when she and Hua Chenyu, the little fresh meat "Huahua", were in the same frame, there was no sense of disagreement, and their exquisite little V-faces really occupied a wave of hot topics.

I don't know if you have such a doubt: is it very uncomfortable that you will look fatter than a person of the same size just because your face is bigger than others?

in fact, you should start from the root rather than P-map and beauty camera.

Yes, if the pace of life is too fast, it will do more harm to girls than boys, such as daily exposure

Free radicals released by computer screen, mobile phone screen and exhaust dust

, will directly make the epidermis quickly dehydrated, dark yellow, inelastic.

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and for example, sugar and carbohydrates eaten every day

, will also invade the dermis every day, eroding your dermis elastic fibers, so that the skin quickly dark and dull, pores large, puffy and sagging.

so the skin looks very flabby and the pores are very thick, which is actually

saccharification + edema

together, the combination of these two problems will cause the face to sagging and sagging more obviously.

Big S has been resistant to oxygen and light aging all the year round, and Zhang Shaohan has completely given up sugar. These are all stories told by everyone. In order to maintain the delicate little V-face, the star

eating and skin care

A lot of attention has been paid to these two matters.

abstaining from sugar, lots of carbohydrates, everything will happen

Free radical erosion

, this is standard.

but the sugar and staying up late of contemporary youth are the rigid needs of the soul, and it is difficult to quit. For this reason, I have acquired a lot of anti-oxygen and anti-aging products, recently this one

double explosion table of price and efficacy


A leaf small V face lift noodle mask

, physical lifting and the addition of primary anti-aging ingredients must be recommended to you!

in addition to the basic functions of applying facial masks such as hydration, insisting on daily maintenance for 15 minutes has brought unexpected improvement to women like me who are extremely afraid of aging:

especially when applying for the first time! It was the most amazing moment when I first took off the membrane. After 15 minutes, the skin was real

the edema subsided, the pores shrunk and the skin was transparent.

long-term use is more stable!

is so efficient is that

① membrane paper improves the speed of blood circulation, physically slimming face and efficient penetration; ② brightens skin tone and reduces pores by antioxidant ingredients; ③ is tightly lifted by anti-saccharification components, and the three functions work together.

it's a little abstract to say that, let's do it one by one


how powerful it is.

High elastic pull film cloth

"physical pressure to lose face"

diaphragm cloth must be talked about carefully, there are many mysteries in it.

after opening the mask bag,

there is little essence left in the bag

, a large amount of essence stays evenly on the film cloth.

unfold the mask is heavy, the middle of the mask paper is cut, feel

obviously absorbed the essence

cloth, super soft!

because the mask paper is based on the Asian face shape, combined with mechanics

3D clipping

, super obedient, not even a bubble. Even if you don't need to hang up the ear, it can provide upward and inward lifting pressure to the skin.

how else can I say

Special mechanical design

, even if you don't need ear-hanging pull, you can still lift something as heavy as an apple without deformation.

remember to apply facial mask

small ears on the left side of the face

, 7 steps to complete the whole face wrap, pressure will promote rapid blood circulation, so that overnight edema quickly eliminated.

pay attention to figure 8 above, small V face pull noodle mask

double chin position can be completely wrapped

, this part of the change is obvious.

if you have a double chin caused by edema, the mandibular line will

tighten quickly


the prolapse of the lower jaw and mouth due to edema will also be improved quickly,

looks like a smaller face


Natural antioxidant and antisugar essence

"component regulation enhances cell regeneration"

unlike ordinary hydration anti-oxidation masks, small lift antigravity masks also add anti-saccharification ingredients.


Antioxidant essence

-Alpine snow lotus, Edelweiss

Anti-saccharification essence

--silane alcohol

skin toner

-- Alpine, carnation essence

three types of anti-aging ingredients, from the bottom, middle and outer layers of the skin, antioxidation, anti-saccharification, rapid reconstruction of dermis and epidermis,

the skin will swell up immediately.

after all, the three levels work together, and the lifting effect is certainly much better than that of an ordinary mask! You can feel the elasticity, swelling, compactness and clarity of the skin in 15 minutes.

because the effect is fast, I am quite worried about whether some penetration enhancers have been added to make the effect obvious.

because I

I have never used such a fast and effective mask!

in fact, this is also similar to the

membrane paper

has a certain relationship.

High permeability "sandwich" film

"180% absorbent performance-to-price ratio is super"

I didn't think there was such a wet mask, but I didn't expect that there was so much essence in it!

cut the middle part of the mask paper, which is similar to the OLAY film paper, using a special


structure. There is a layer of sandwich in the middle, leaving a large number of effective essence.

the essence with 2 times its own weight is beneficial to unidirectional intensive infiltration

, so that the essence infiltrated into the skin will not be re-absorbed by the mask,

is 80% higher than that of ordinary mask!

use it up without any burden,

very breathable!

while slimming the face, the essence of antioxidant and anti-saccharification ingredients will also be continuously "injected" into the skin, resulting in higher absorption efficiency.

Note here:

because there is a lot of essence in the mask paper.

smear the remaining essence on your face, and now focus on making circles where you want to lift.

then massage in places that are easy to be dark, and then wash your face after waiting for the essence to be absorbed!

after more than a month, you will find that you do feel that your skin does have

pull tight

feeling, the skin becomes

Super puffy

, there are also dark places

obviously brighten up.

the corners of the mouth, apple muscle sagging, small fine lines and double chin have been improved to a certain extent, the performance-to-price ratio is super high, and the effect is comparable to that of the beauty meter!

since facial masks have to be applied every day, why not kill three birds with one stone to moisturize, lift and resist sugar in one step?

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