Take this little blue pill and the whole world turns blue
Take this little blue pill and the whole world turns blue
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Green Blood

in October 2005, several Canadian doctors were startled by a patient in the operating room.

this is a 42-year-old man who needs emergency surgery because of osteofascial compartment syndrome in his calf. What really puzzled the doctors was not the condition of his leg, but his blood-during the radial artery intubation, the doctors found dark green blood flowing from his veins.

these "green blood" samples were sent to the test room, and the results showed that the source of green was sulfide hemoglobin, which should come from sumatriptan, a migraine drug taken by the patient. Over the past few months, patients have been taking the drug and taking a lot-200 milligrams a day, which is the 24-hour dose limit. Doctors speculate that the drug, which contains sulfonamide groups, causes hemoglobin to be vulcanized. Later, the patient's condition gradually recovered. Five weeks after he stopped taking the drug, the thiohemoglobin in his blood disappeared.

sometimes, taking a blue pill may make the world turn blue. Sildenafil is the active ingredient of the small blue pill Viagra, the most famous prescription drug for erectile dysfunction. This drug and several other similar drugs may cause a relatively rare side effect-blue vision, that is, seeing things with some blue hue.

the side effect of visual abnormality is related to the principle of sildenafil. It improves erectile dysfunction by inhibiting an enzyme called PDE5, while the drug also suppresses another somewhat similar enzyme, PDE6, but to a lesser extent. PDE6 exists in the cone and rod cells of the retina, and it participates in the transmission and regulation of visual signals.

indulge in gambling

ropinilol is a drug for Parkinson's disease, and doctors use it to relieve tremors. At the same time, the drug also caused strange things to happen to some patients-they suddenly became addicted to gambling.

this condition is called "impulse control disorder" (Impulse Control Disorder) by medical experts. It is not just gambling. People who develop this disorder may also become so addicted to shopping, food, sex and other things that they can't control themselves. In addition to ropinilol, another drug, Praxol, which acts on dopamine receptors, is also associated with these problems, which may have an effect on the "reward system" in the brain. To this end, FDA also added a warning in the drug manual.

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fingerprints disappear

capecitabine is a chemotherapeutic drug for cancer treatment. Capecitabine is more likely to cause skin side effects on people's palms and soles, including pigmentation, erythema, pain-and fingerprint thinning and disappearance. Patients sometimes find that they can no longer use fingerprint recognition to unlock doors or unlock smartphones. In some cases, missing fingerprints can be recovered, but some patients are still unable to recover their fingerprints after they have stopped using the drug.

straight hair

Sodium valproate is a drug to control epilepsy and mania, and it has a problem with the patient's hair. The drug sometimes leads to temporary hair loss, and in more rare cases, it changes the texture of the hair: people with smooth straight hair may turn into curls after taking the drug.

the principle of curling hair is not very clear, which may be the result of drugs affecting some enzymes in the body. This side effect doesn't always turn into an annoyance: in the medical report, a patient with curly hair said she liked the new hairstyle and had no problem not changing her medication.

Chrysanthemum Oil

there are only a few approved legal weight loss drugs in the world, and orlistat is the most famous one. Clinical studies have shown that on the basis of controlling diet and exercise, it does make people who are overweight lose a little bit better-that is, lose a few more kilograms a year. However, the effect comes with a price: if nothing else, the gastrointestinal side effects of the drug are embarrassing.

Orlistat works by inhibiting fat absorption, while unabsorbable fat is left in the intestines and often flows out along the chrysanthemum. Reducing fat intake can help improve the problem.

doctors often prescribe a sleeping pill called zolpidem, which makes people fall asleep quickly, but sometimes causes strange hallucinations and sleepwalking side effects. According to past reports, drug users may sometimes eat in a daze, make food, make phone calls, turn on their cell phones to place orders for strange goods, and even drive out for a drive-and when they wake up the next day, the person usually doesn't remember what happened before.

these situations are not only confusing, they can also pose security risks. As a result, the drug manual also gives a special warning about these side effects-yes, this is a drug that includes cooking and driving in a dream.

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the color of green blood and blue vision does not represent the physical object. Because I've never seen a real thing before. There's no picture of the green blood medical record.

Blue Vision's picture is inspired by a rainbow toothbrush. I like this stem very much, but if I really have to say, I don't think red hair is purple if the vision is blue as a whole, because the human visual system is very good at adjusting color perception according to the environment.