Taobao double 12 popular style list exposed! No, regret for a whole year!
Taobao double 12 popular style list exposed! No, regret for a whole year!
Super money-saving fashion, baby, it's all here!

looking forward to, the annual Taobao double 12 is coming!

are you guys ready to start a new round of chopping hands?

after all, it is a rare discount opportunity, if you miss it, you will have to wait until next year!

however, there are so many good things on Taobao that it is even more difficult to choose phobias to buy a cost-effective and desirable baby.

but don't worry, the sweet uncle has arranged a copy of "

Taobao double 12 internal popular style list


even Ali's waiter is buying. It must be right to chop his hands. Hurry up and take advantage of the cooling to hoard goods.

long press copy below


you can purchase ▼ on Taobao


if there is anything most distressing about winter, the answer must be cold! No matter how much you wrap up, you can't bear the cold wind, and you always feel hands and feet tied.

and this down jacket can be said to be a blessing for patients who are afraid of cold. It fills in

90% white duck down

, described in one sentence:

Super light, super warm, super comfortable


coupled with the buckle of the folk style, it is not only full of design, but also very versatile, which can be called the magic weapon in the cold winter!

the original price is 706 yuan, now

only 494 yuan

, you can throw away the bloated weight and warm your whole winter.

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in addition to a down coat, a set of comfortable and traceless thermal underwear is also a must.

although it looks particularly frivolous, it is

imported German velvet fiber

, whether it is thermal insulation or thermal insulation, it is excellent. When wearing it on the body, it is tailored and slim, no matter what kind of coat you wear, it is very convenient to wear.

original price 158 yuan, Taobao

double 12 price 79 yuan

, there is a second discount of 69 yuan for the first hour. Come and chop your hands!

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there are tens of millions of warm stickers on the market, but there are not many of them that are both easy to use and good-looking.

you only need to post one tablet a day, and you can

keep warm for 10-12 hours

! You don't have to worry about being frozen anymore! Moreover, it is also rich in moxa essential oil, which is especially suitable for girls, which is equivalent to hot compress on the stomach with moxa grass, which is very comfortable.

double 12 prices

only 12.8 yuan

, friends who are controlled by Yan should not miss it.

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speaking of being a good partner for lazy people in winter, it must be this multi-functional small saucepan!

it is divided into 3 gears, regardless of whether it is

Fast stew, slow stew or heat preservation

, it's all within easy reach.

Uncle usually likes to boil an egg for himself when he gets up early. In my spare time, it can also be used to cook porridge, make soup, make scented tea and make desserts, and my happiness has increased by more than n times.

is also a very pleasant surprise. The original price of 138 yuan saucepan is now

only 53 yuan

you can get it. What are you waiting for?

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now that there is a pot, the ingredients are also essential.

this Tremella comes in handy ~ its roots are all cleaned up, so don't cook it

too convenient

, after simmering over low heat for 1.5 hours, the glue can be released.

boil a pot of Tremella red jujube soup after work

keep good health and carry hunger

, it simply warms the stomach to the bottom of my heart.

the original price is 59.9 yuan, now

only 19.8 yuan is needed

, an oversized bag is a great bargain.

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for health coffee, this

only 9.9 yuan

Xinjiang seedless jujube is not to be missed!

it is so big that it bites

crunch crunch

, moreover, because the core of the jujube has been removed, it is convenient to take it as a snack.

Uncle has a friend in his office. He stores a lot of bags in one breath, and he doesn't get tired of eating. Uncle was quickly in love with Amway, and quickly hoarded it together!

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Dangdang and this three squirrel snack gift bag, I believe it is the heart of many cute little ones.

Taobao double 12 period has a special welfare price, originally 115 yuan, discount period

it only costs 59.9 yuan

, saved nearly 60 yuan!

the first item can also be reduced by 25 yuan


Nuts, preserved fruit, pot bread, twist, spicy gluten, potato chips. All can be bought with one click, but you can't imagine that no three squirrels can't do it. To tell you the truth, uncle can't help looking at attractive pictures

drool is straight down 3,000 feet


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of course, while loving yourself, don't forget your parents!

on Taobao Shuang 12 this year, my uncle bought a pair of woolen shoes for each of his parents. Because my parents are old, they always feel cold in winter, and these shoes are real

plush leather wool

, especially suitable for winter wear.

the original price is 699 yuan, double 12

only 135 yuan

, it doesn't go down at all when you wear it out, and it's full of heart to your parents!

long press to copy the password below to Taobao to purchase ▼


in winter, it is undoubtedly very comfortable to soak your feet warm before going to bed.

so my uncle also prepared a fully automatic foot massage bathtub to send to my parents. The combination of white and red is my parents' favorite color, plus

flexible water temperature adjustment and massage mode

, it can make parents feel comfortable and relax and fall asleep.

although the price of 398 is a little expensive, children still feel

white mermaid prom dresses gives women the unique style and comfy gowns and outfits. Enter our online catalogue to find that perfect gown.

Super value


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because he usually works at his desk for too long, many children have shoulder and neck pain, which makes them feel sick all over.

this shoulder and neck massager is my uncle's heart. It

only 160g

, the weight of a pair of headphones is about the same as that of a pair of headphones. You can hang it around your neck when you go to work or play, as if someone is really massaging you. It's amazing.


3 massage modes

you can choose: soothing, energetic, automatic, uncle will usually turn on the automatic mode, and then go about his own business, the rest can be left to it. The original price is 258 yuan,

current price 178 yuan

, it's also good to give it to parents.

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Uncle is going to talk about its price this time, a whole case

only 9.9 yuan

, on average, a packet costs less than 10 cents, which is simply the price of cabbage.

moreover, despite its cheap price and quality, it is also leveraged. Every tissue has

3 layers

, paper is also very tough, when used

Don't worry about dropping confetti

, you can rest assured to store it ~

long press to copy the password below to Taobao to purchase ▼


I have to say that the price of this sunny umbrella shocked my uncle first.

because it is co-signed with the British Museum, the original price is 398 yuan, but this time Taobao has a double 12 discount.

only 69 yuan

you can get it, which is more than 300 yuan cheaper!

shading the sun on sunny days and taking shelter from rain on rainy days can be called killing two birds with one stone. And

the face is also super high

after watching Uncle Amway,

is it super heartbeat?

hurry up to take advantage of the discount,

hoard a wave of goods for yourself!

the whole audience during double 12

200-20 per full


if you don't cut your hands, it will be too late.

tell you in secret,

Taobao Shuang 12

there are more popular styles waiting for you!


1. The "original price" shown in this article is the "underlined price" on the commodity details page. Please refer to the price description on the commodity details page.

2. During the double 12 period, the "double 12 price" of a small number of goods may fluctuate, please take the final price of the goods at the time of purchase.


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