"that night, 30 million people were afraid to go home."
"that night, 30 million people were afraid to go home."
See, a warmer world.

there is no holiday,

represents yearning and reunion like the Mid-Autumn Festival.

people are separated, and the moon is round.

relatives gather and the moon turns round.

the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival, are you with your relatives?

Yes, some people will return home, while others will still travel far away.

I do not know when to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with relatives has become a luxury, people wandering outside, often think of, can not help but red eyes, miss relatives and hometown.

as the Mai family said: hometown does not belong to everyone, it belongs to those who leave their hometown.

with the advent of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the first short literary film, "people chasing hometown," was released at 10 o'clock. Mai Jia, a writer, and Lin Xinru, a film and television actor, walked together into Mai's hometown, Jiangjia Village, Fuyang, Hangzhou, to feel everyone's most secret homesickness.

this short film is dedicated not only to our geographical hometown, but also to the spiritual hometown of urbanites.

the year Mai's family left his hometown, he was 17. Because of a misunderstanding with his father, he thought that the farther away from home, the more successful he would be.

it was not until he had a child of his own that he finally realized his father's good intentions.

27 years later, he chose to return to his hometown and return to his roots.

hometown is the place where we desperately want to escape when we are young, but desperately want to come back when we grow up.

Xinru Lin also happened to be 17 when she entered the show business. Because of the nature of her work, there are only a handful of days when she goes home every year.

but Lin Xinru says that even if she travels all over the world, she still thinks her hometown is the most beautiful. Even if she eats all the delicious food in the world, she still thinks her mother's cooking is the most delicious.

homesickness, is so deep, so gentle.

17 years old, they traveled far away, saw the world, came back half their lives, and saw themselves again.

on the journey of life, we are busy pursuing success and fame and wealth, thinking that this is a rich life.


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try hard to catch up with your parents' aging speed

@ Mei Yang Yang, 24 years old, taking the postgraduate entrance examination

in the Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon is round and the moon cakes are round. The good intention in all these is that people should be reunited.

and I can't go home to reunite with my parents on this Mid-Autumn Festival, because I have to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination.

before, I could not understand that those people who did not go home for the holidays could not even give their families a few days of holiday time. How can there be so many jobs? There are so many people who can't help it.

and now, I have a lot of experience.

at the beginning of the year, my parents sent me back to school to take me to the station, the car started, they waved to me, my mother's black hair could not hide the white hair and my father's body was so dazzling, yes, they were all old.

this is the first time I feel the pressure of time. I am afraid that no matter how hard I try, I will not be able to catch up with their old age.

when I was a child, like the writer Mai's family, I thought that the farther away from home, the more successful my life was. But when I grew up, I really realized that the greatest achievement in life is to have relatives around me.

people with a full moon will also be full. Next year we will certainly celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together and try our best to be with you so as not to leave regrets in our lives.


not going home is to go home better

@ Dafei, 28, takeout boy

now the population of the social city is increasing, and more and more people have become drifters in the city.

I am one of them. I am the takeout boy.

I deliver meals more than 7000 times a year, but I haven't been able to deliver meals to my parents once.

the annual holidays are the busiest time for us. We should not even think about asking for leave to go home for the holidays.

I am so homesick. I miss my parents, my children who have just turned three years old, and the way to school every day.

I told my daughter that I would not go home during the Mid-Autumn Festival. My daughter said, "Dad, don't you like me anymore?" so that I really didn't hold up and cried like a fool in the street.

I remember delivering food to an old man on Mid-Autumn Festival last year. As it rained heavily that day, I delivered the food more than ten minutes late. I was afraid of customer complaints, so I was busy dozens of times a day.

I called to explain that it didn't matter, and he told me not to worry on the way. Take your time and be careful.

when he arrived, he didn't let me go. He gave me a towel to wipe Rain Water and gave me some moon cakes. How could I take things from my clients and refuse them?

the old man suddenly choked up:

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival. We miss our son. He is a courier like you, but he is in another city. Today, my wife and I ordered takeout because we missed our son. Seeing you is like seeing my own child.

at that moment, I thought of my parents who were expecting me to miss me. They felt the same way.

every extra meal delivery, one more night, but in order to earn more money, better filial piety to parents, raise a wife and children to support the family.

in the face of this city, tired in the non-stop pace, I hide my thoughts deeply in every cloudy and sunny circle.Qiu doesn't go home in order to go home better one day.

I will definitely go home, because that is the place where I was born and raised, loved me and the people I loved.

even if it is backward and poor, even if it is thousands of miles away, it is still the deepest, warmest and most powerful support in my heart.


accompany is the most affectionate confession

@ born like a summer flower, 35 years old, judge

my father left us in March this year because of advanced liver cancer.

We are not going to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival this year. The Mid-Autumn Festival without a father is not a complete Mid-Autumn Festival.

I remember that on the Mid-Autumn Festival, my father planned to buy all kinds of dishes and moon cakes a week in advance. On that day, he must have his best sauce fish and fried prawns, and then forced each of us to drink a little wine and speak from the heart.

Dad, this is the hardest thing for me, when you forced me to drink and talk. I was so annoyed and lost my temper with you. But now, I really want to have a drink with you and say a lot of things from the bottom of my heart, but I never get a chance again.

if I had known you had left us so early, I would have come to drink and talk with you every day.

Dad, you said that on the day I was born, you were anxious to see me. You drove into the ditch and the people and cars were all right. Don't they all say that if you survive a disaster, there will be blessings to come? Your future blessing hasn't arrived yet, why did you leave?

on the day you left, my brother and I were like madmen, shouting in a hoarse voice: dad, let's get together again in the afterlife.

Dad, did you hear that? Remember to find us, we will still be a family in the afterlife.

I really hope you are all right. I hope you can bless your mother.

Lin Xinru said in the film that she always owes her grandmother a favor because she died before she was able to take care of her grandmother. I also feel like I owe you forever, and I haven't repaid you for your upbringing.

some time ago, someone offered to buy your and mom's old house and offered a high price. My brother and I didn't even think about it and refused.

because no matter how convenient and spacious the place where we live now, the sharp house in our hometown is our home.

I want to go back to my old house in my hometown every Mid-Autumn Festival, but I can't do it this year. I still can't face my home without you.

Dad, I really miss you. If God gives me another chance, I will try my best to go home.


Why do we feel and miss so much during the Mid-Autumn Festival?

because there is no holiday that represents hometown and relatives like the Mid-Autumn Festival.

the Mai family said that hometown is childhood.

and childhood is our most pure and beautiful memory. Rather than talking about the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is better to miss the carefree self, the simple, kind and loving world.

now the Mai family lives not far from Jiangjia Village, in order to better accompany his mother, but also represents the 16 years of indifferent reconciliation between him and his father, the completion of life healing and a simple return.

now Lin Xinru has deliberately slowed down the pace of her work. Although she will set out again and again, she will be able to go home in time, because she has the deepest concern at home.

once read a "Home Survey" online, which said that 70% of people do not live in the same city as their parents. 54% of people do not go home for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

in fact, if you don't go home on the Mid-Autumn Festival, this thing itself contains everyone's ups and downs.

although the development of science and technology allows us to interact with our loved ones at any time through mobile phones and other ways, we also know that nothing can replace the steadfast and familiar happiness of returning to our hometown.

this Mid-Autumn Festival, if you don't go home, please pick up your phone and say "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival" to the one you love most.

if you still have time, go home for the Mid-Autumn Festival. After all, returning to your hometown and coming back to your life is the gentlest thing that time has given you.