The 15 secret photos under the surveillance camera exposed the true face of life.
The 15 secret photos under the surveillance camera exposed the true face of life.
What we have now, that is, the most precious, should be cherished.

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in the adult world,

there is no word "easy".


have seen the world cool,

read the cold and warm of the world,

I believe in our hearts,

still has a softness that is hard to give up.


because of company policy,

delivery boy


the aunt who refuses to sign takes the express delivery


as a result, I was slapped and punched by my aunt.

what is even more helpless is that

Auntie also reported to the police and framed her little brother.

delivery boy

had to hold my aunt's right leg tightly,

cried out at the top of his voice:

"I only earn 50 cents by receiving express delivery.

Don't bully people like that! "

some people say,

growth is the mode of muting crying.

however, sometimes

it's really aggrieved.

whose father is he,


you'll never know,

how much sadness is hidden behind a person crying bitterly,

can't imagine,

how hard he can make a living.


Foshan, Guangdong,

an uncle selling vegetables,

fell asleep on a tricycle on the road.

it is getting late and half a year old,

the stronger body,

can't resist the tiredness of the whole day.

countless cars carefully bypassed him.

flashing headlights,

gather warm light,

softens the night of a city.

Thank you for these strange



keeps us going through the hardships of life.


she is a 99A female tank player,

battlefield in youth

the old days are no longer fair and beautiful.

in her opinion,

now standing on the tank,

Let the wind and sand blow across the face,

is the most beautiful appearance.

@ people's Daily

dressed in military uniform, carrying a steel gun,

facing the vast Gobi,

defending the great mountains and rivers.

born like a sonorous rose,

Little sister, in our hearts,

you are the most beautiful Mulan!


takeout boy is driving at a low speed on a motorcycle.

because in addition to the incubator behind him,

and a sleeping baby.

that is the responsibility that a man must bear.

people reach middle age,

there are old and young,

carefully balance work and life.

while surviving in the workplace,

while compromising at home,

even though the heart is already riddled with holes,

also pretend to be light.


rainstorm in Pingxiang, Jiangxi,

22-year-old volunteer Liao Yijie,

after fighting for nearly 14 hours and safely transferring a baby,

when I hear that someone may not be saved,

he sat crying bitterly and blamed himself.

@ people's Daily

there is really such a group of people protecting the world.

move forward bravely in the wind and rain,

desperate to rescue,

racing with death, I have no time to care for my own safety.

you say the best word in the world,

is a false alarm,

I want to say,

if there is really a patron saint in this world,

that must be the embodiment of the kindness of millions of kind-hearted people.


Last class in high school,

the teacher left tears.

"look at the papers again, and I'll look at you again."

@ Jiangsu, China

"your whole life,

I will only accompany this trip, and I can't bear to say goodbye.

but the bus has arrived at the station, I will go back the same way,

you go far away. Goodbye.

most farewells in life,

is silent,

every goodbye is worth remembering forever.


Jiangxi Nanchang Railway Station,

A mother went home with her child in her arms for the Spring Festival.

she, who was overwhelmed by her luggage,

is so weak and so powerful.

"I hear that God cannot be everywhere,

so I created my mother. "

they all say that mom is Superman,

it's just because mom loves you,

force yourself to be omnipotent.


the driver takes his wife with him wherever he goes.

"Don't worry about her suffering from Alzheimer's disease,

you have to take care of it. "

the most moving thing in the world,

nothing is more inseparable than feelings that never give up.

Please cherish it,

that, whether rich or poor,

Health or illness,

people who are always with you and love you.


A car accident five years ago,

took away his health and career.

he didn't give up,

opened a restaurant with his wife,

cook in front of the stove to produce smoke and fireworks.

wheelchair does not limit his life,

became a mount for him to make a comeback.

@ I am the third

when fate plays a trick on you,

Don't lose heart, don't be discouraged.

there is a long way to go,

keep looking forward to and yearning for a better thing,

you are bound to have more luck.


the moment the earthquake occurred,

the husband's first reaction is not to run away by himself,

but go back,

run with his wife.

@ people's Daily

every couple who really love each other,

are all past friends!

the bitterness of life, bear it together,

the difficulties of life, bear together,

disasters and ups and downs, do not leave nor give up!

Thank you. Love me as much as life.

Thank you for making me think the world is worth it.


the streets of Fuzhou at three o'clock in the morning,

A granny with gray hair,

fell asleep on the rim of the fruit stall.

@ JM

shirt is quilt,

plastic baskets are beds,

A plastic bench with a car,

is the support of her whole person.

there are many hardships and difficulties in life.

but we still have to live hard.

pause tonight's troubles,

go get a good night's sleep,

go all out to catch up with tomorrow.


41-year-old female doctor fainted during rounds,

finally declared brain dead.

73-year-old doctor father, sobbing.

took her by the hand and looked at her again and again.

after learning from the bitter experience, he discussed it with his family

decided to donate his daughter's whole body organs to the patient.

Thank you,

countless days and nights race against death;

Thank you,

selfless dedication allows patients to be "reborn".

every medical worker who carries a heavy load,

while saving lives,

Please take care of yourself, too.


the boy walked to the staircase guardrail,

fell down all at once,

head has crossed the guardrail,

the situation is very critical.

between electric flint,

Mom came round,

A swoop grabs the child's ankle,

avoids misfortune.

@ people's Daily

No one can predict,

how much a mother loves her child.

only when unexpected happens,

can you understand the hidden energy.

is there any miracle in this world?

it's just that mom is willing to give anything,

bless your health.


A couple in their twenties,

lie in their respective beds,

the two people hold hands tightly.

the old man said trembling:

"Old lady, I can't stay with you much longer.

you must take care of yourself in the future. "

even if you are plagued by illness,

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the biggest concern at the bottom of my heart is you,

seeing you, it seems that my chest is full of sweetness again.

the most romantic thing I can think of,

is to grow old with you.

hold your hand in this life,

We have to go together in the afterlife.


he pedaled tricycles for nearly 20 years,

19 years of teaching,

silently 300 poor children

donated 350000 yuan to help students.

in a cold winter,

he went to a middle school in Tianjin

pass 500 yuan in the lunch box,

"I can't do it anymore,

you may not be able to donate any more,

everyone present cried when they heard that.

his name is Bai Fangli,

an ordinary old man who has left

he was 93 years old.

Charity is big or small, love is humble.

A small act of kindness illuminates others and warms the years.

there is always something ordinary enough to make us cry.

Life comes and goes,

there is no time to come.

what we have right now,

is the most precious,

cherish it.

Life is really hard,

but there is always a little bit of tenderness and loveliness,

May you live hard and love hard,

to collect the scattered warmth of life,

to take every day positively and seriously.

believe me, no matter how painful it is now,

tomorrow will be better than today.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

May after many years, the story no longer hurts, the sun is still warm, and you are so charming.

Let my voice and other people's stories accompany you every sleepless night.

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